Minister, we are with you!

Since I am still recovering from Pat Martin’s vile verbal assault on Minister Bev Oda in yesterday’s Kangaroo Court on the Hill, I can’t imagine how Ms. Oda herself is feeling today.

However, I’ll use this blog as a platform to let Bev Oda know that she has a lot of support in our BLY family here.

Pat Martin’s lack of gentlemanly decorum said more about him than Minister Oda.

Whatever the outcome of this sideshow, Canadians have witnessed a contemptuous act indeed  – but it is NDP  MP Pat Martin rather than Minister Oda, who should be hanging his head in shame today. This is not the first time he has unleashed his foul mouth on a female Conservative MP and I’m sure it won’t be his last.

I hope Pat Martin’s constituents let him know exactly how they feel in the next election. If I were in his riding I’d be angry and ashamed.

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  1. Dirt says:

    I watched her testimony, she was honest, humble, respectful and oozed integrity something few of the committee members exhibited towards her. Stay strong Bev, women like you are rare in politics.

  2. Richco says:

    O/T – something eerily positive for the PM from the Star (sorry to be so early in the o/t post Joanne but it’s another notch on the PM’s belt as he continues to do his job).–walkom-libyan-war-could-be-a-winner-for-harper?sms_ss=blogger&at_xt=4d84a64e28c22d97%2C0

  3. WCT says:

    The CPC war room better be ready with a hard hitting advert to play in Martin’s riding during the election that shows the voters what he is really like.

    Stay Strong Minister Oda. We will win!

  4. Richco says:

    Joanne – sounds like the same virus. I’ve never coughed this badly – I even wondered at one point whether I had an adult version of whooping cough because of what I describe as coughing fits. I have octo-cough medicine too.

    Hope no one else gets it.

    • Joanne says:

      octo-cough medicine

      lol! But you had your cough before me. And you’re still coughing? That’s not good news.

  5. Sandy says:

    H/T to Gabby in the previous thread. I want to expose the duplicity and culture war that is going on.

  6. Richco says:

    What do you guys think of the new Iggy ad where he passes his family off as supposed poor immigrants? Talk about trying to pull a fast one on Canadians this spin is really desperate.

  7. fh says:

    Bev Oda is a stellar Canadian
    I pray for her and hope she holds strong
    she is a role model for ALL Canadian women

  8. Richco says:

    “But you had your cough before me. And you’re still coughing? ”

    Yep – it’s been a good month – I started to get better, had a few days of mild coughing but then it seemed to come back worse than the first few weeks.

    It was the lack of sleep getting to me that prompted me to get to the doctor – and the non-stop hacking.

  9. Liz J says:

    As Richco mentioned in a comment in the previous thread, the stimulous money would stop if we go into an election and those who cause it should be soundly aware and be punished at the ballot box.

  10. Ruth says:

    “the stimulous money would stop if we go into an election”
    after all the screaming in Question Period to extend the funding so more jobs could be completed, the opps would pull the plug on it all. Are they really that dumb?

  11. batb says:

    I wrote Bev Oda last month to let her know that I totally agree with the withdrawal of government funding for KAIROS, which has a radical leftist agenda and has been using taxpayers’ money for years to underwrite their political (not faith-based) initiatives.

    Perhaps the only good thing about these kangaroo courts within the halls of Parliament, is that they reveal the Opposition for the bunch of unprincipled hyenas they are. It appears that Pat Martin has totally lost it and, in the long run, the lifting of the veil to reveal a vile, raging, frothing-at-the-mouth, leftard misogynist will harm the Disloyal Opposition (NDP, Liberals, Bloc) far more than it will the CPC.

    The wheels of the gods grind exceeding slow but exceeding fine.

    We need patience, perseverance, and prayer to ride this wave.

    ‘Hope all the coughers get well soon! (Have you tried gargling often, zinc citrate, Cold FX, oil of oregano, fully immersing yourself in as hot a bath as you can and soaking for at least an hour with, preferably, a few very strong (dark) rum toddies? They all come highly recommended. O, yes, and lots of sleep …)

  12. Sandy says:

    I have now given the H/T credit to both Gabby and Wilson. Plus, I found the original piece in the Embassy magazine here:

  13. jad says:

    I guess those F-18s are being sent to Europe in those big transport planes, you know the ones the Conservative government insisted on buying even though the opposition thought they were unnecessary :)

  14. Sandy says:

    I am going to login and see if I can get access to the whole Embassy article.

  15. Sandy says:

    Oops. Can’t. It costs over $100.00 a year for a subscription to Embassy.

  16. Can we expect anything different from the clowns on the left? Pick up the paper or tune into a political show. The same cast of angry, over caffienated personalities repeat the same attack lines. A few lines are changed insert Conservative ____ MP or associate.

    Pat Martin attacked a Christian organization regarding funding project in Winnipeg? Called Opus Dei “creepy” and pushed the vast right wing republian Christian conspiracy on CBC in 2010 along with the author promoting her book?

    He reminds me of that Liberal MP Mark Holland. A really bad actor funded on taxpayers dime to do outrage on cue. I have seen better acting at my children plays.

    The upside is M.H. is unlikely to keep his job after we have an election this Spring or 2012. I don’t think Pat Martin is in a contested riding. It’s too bad, it would be a loss for the NDP to lose such a pro that does “outraged for tv” so well.

    Bev like many that have entered public service for the right reasons will have to accept bullies exist and deal with them accordingly. She could have handled this affair better but ^NOT everyone is as capable as Jason Kenney/John Baird in verbal jousting.

  17. Bec says:

    What a wonderful group here……I hope that we are helping the Conservative researchers and war room because I swear, without this stuff……so many Canadians would be in mushroom dirt!

  18. Richco says:

    check this out – BEAUTY! The True Ignatieff Family Story

  19. Ontario Girl says:

    The coalition mob committee was exactly what Bev Oda said…”Allegations and name calling was not asked of ME by this committee”. Just have to take it for where it was coming from. Its all the opposition have. Pat Martin, David McGuinty, Scott Brison..etc..the bad and the ugly. Bev Oda was “the good.”Real Canadians are waking up to the nasty left and its all on video now for all to see.
    Bev Oda showed class. A word lacking the knowledge of the coalition of “smear and fear.”

  20. maz2 says:

    The treason of the intellectuals**.

    A search* for: “embassy magazine” and “CIDA revamp models coming fast amidst fear, anger over Tory plans” has led to: Ottawa University, the home of infamous Liberal Alan Rock.

    >>> “CIDA under assault: What next for Canada’s aid program?”, Group of 78 Luncheon Speaker Series, Ottawa, ON, June 24, 2009.”



    “** Treason of the Intellectuals”

    “Treason of the Intellectuals was the title of a 1928 book by Julien Benda, originally published in French as La Trahison des Clercs. The term Clerc has an obvious similarity to the word cleric, and Benda used it in the sense of people who devoted their lives to ideas and thought without necessarily being concerned with practical applications. Benda was distressed at the way intellectuals of the early 20th Century had been increasingly seduced by the appeal of power, and by the possibility that men of ideas might have a real role in shaping human events. Some devoted their energies to justifying nationalism, others to fanning class rivalry. One group would soon furnish an intellectual basis for fascism, the other had already been swept up by early Marxism, dazzled by the Russian Revolution. Benda warned that if these political passions were not reined in, mankind was “heading for the greatest and most perfect war the world has ever known.”

  21. maz2 says:

    “Richco says:
    March 19, 2011 at 11:00 am

    check this out – BEAUTY! The True Ignatieff Family Story”.

    >>> Did Iggy Ignatieff highlight his great-grandfather Count Ignatieff?

    Here’s what PET Cemetery has exhumed re Count Ignatieff:

    Count Ignatieff was an anti-semitic Russian Tsarist aristocrat who organized pogroms, mass murders of Jews in Tsarist Russia.

    Here is a sample of Count Ignatieff’s blood-soaked words:

    “If you have lived in South Russia, you know
    what the Jew is,” replied Ignatieff. *’ He is dirty,
    he dresses differently from anybody else, he forms
    a society of his own, and he oppresses the people.”






  22. Liz J says:

    Speaking of Pat Martin, the entire country, including the media should be condemning the dreadful behaviour of that individual. The way he spoke to and of Minister Oda was beyond anything we should let slide. It’s abuse yes, but it’s beyond the pale by the standards of decent, civil people in this fine country.

  23. Liz J says:

    BTW, why hasn’t Layton hauled him aside or at the very least distanced himself from his vicious verbal attacks?

  24. frmgrl says:

    Speaking of Pat Martin, the entire country, including the media should be condemning the dreadful behaviour of that individual.

    The media should but they’re not going to. Minister Oda is a Conservative you see, that’s OK. For them it’s OK to abuse Conservative women. Abuse for any woman of any stripe should not be tolerated period!

  25. Mary HInes says:

    I couldn’t believe the display Pat Martin put on…. If he thought he was gaining points, i wonder if he would be pleased to show that segment to his children and show this what his father is like! It was written that he lives in BC but runs in a riding in Winnipeg… Is this correct? Also, this whole display was a set-up – a final act of kindness to his liberal party – the speaker gave them a ruling knowing full well the coalition had a majority on that committee and would find her in contempt… The speaker is not running in the next election – so his final pay for all his perks…. The liberals go on and on about this being the first time in history – a member has been found in contempt… What about Brison spilling his beans before a budget to a friend – and Goodale being charged with contempt. The only difference, they had a majority on the committee and found them self not in contempt. This was a complete set-up and why the Speaker ruled the committee find their decision before the budget was brought down. That was also why the member of the Bloc stated at the end of the hearing the document had to be ready for Monday and why the liberals are begging for the cameras to be allowed on the Monday hearing. They think they have a big announcement. We must expose them for what they are and hopefully Sun Media will help. Did we hear anything about the Pat Martin story on the liberal media….don’t think so!

  26. wilson says:

    h/t Commentor Martin at Sandy’s blog brought a 2007 Senate report on CIDA’s 40 year failure, and said it should be DISBANDED. Ms Biggs was appointed by PMSH in 2008 to revamp CIDA.
    (note too in the CIC anti-Con report, they are recommending that CIDA become a Crown Corporation….no wonder these money suckers are going nutz, eh)

    “…A Senate report delivered more than a year ago called on the government to consider disbanding the $3-billion agency because it had failed to make a difference in Africa during the past 40 years. It criticized CIDA as slow, top heavy, “ineffective, costly and overly bureaucratic.”

  27. Bec says:

    The centre of Winnipeg is the financial and theatre district, if my memory serves me correctly and if anything like my city, tends to draw the fringe crowd too. My constituency is referred to as “Centre” as well and depending on the civic, provincial or federal, can be challenging to read. I suspect that the voting pattern for Winnipeg Centre is nothing more than habit and apathy. However, there is certainly a strong sense of entitlement, imo.

    Having a spouse from Winnipeg and having just been there and discussing this, I can see why this crass bully is their guy. It’s also NDP country but Manitoba is nicely waking up from their slumber (nightmare) with the Dippers.
    How fabulous it would be to keep this guy from his Salt Spring digs in the dead of a Winnipeg winter to campaign against a ball of fire Conservative….. sigh…

  28. Ontario Girl says:

    Contempt of parliament in Liberal years so why do they say its the first time in HISTORY? More lies??

    Radwanski and Shapiro
    Punishment for contempt of Parliament could land the person in jail, but usually consists of a stern rebuke, assuaged by a profuse apology, which has happened from time to time to both MPs and civil servants.

    In 2005, for example, Bernard Shapiro — then the federal ethics commissioner — was accused of contempt of Parliament by a Commons committee over his investigation of a Tory MP. The committee concluded Shapiro violated MP code of conduct rules and also made inappropriate comments in a media interview, but it recommended no sanctions.

    In another recent high-profile case, in 2003, a Commons committee accused George Radwanski of contempt of Parliament, saying he provided misleading information about his spending while federal privacy commissioner. The committee accused Radwanski of lying to Canadians, altering documents and falsifying records. Radwanski apologized in the House for his behaviour but MPs later voted to find him in contempt.

    In the George case, the committee suggested no further action be taken beyond the finding of contempt by the House of Commons, saying that would be enough of a serious sanction.

    The committee’s report on the George case provides background information on contempt of Parliament, which it describes as “…conduct that tends to impede the House, its members, committees, or officers in the performance of their duties and functions. As the ways in which operations of the House can be obstructed are diverse and possibly limitless in character, the scope of possible contempts is necessarily broad and cannot be enumerated or classified.”

    It continues:

    the House retains the power to punish contempts against it or one of its committees. This power is rarely exercised.

  29. Soccermom says:

    Sent a note to Minister Oda yesterday, congratulating her for remaining classy in the midst of the bully session she was thrown into yesterday. And thanked her for stopping the funding to KAIROS. Also sent a note to Layton, and well…you can imagine what I had to say, it wasn’t easy but I managed to stay respectful.

    Re this anti-semitism found in Count Ignatieff’s words….not sure where I heard this but, with progressives, it always starts with anti-semitism….then it works it’s way into anti-religion (anti-Christianity, especially)…..then individual’s rights get tossed aside for the collective….just look at all the communist nations – and take a look at progressives like Bill Maher, that commentator on MSNBC who calls Revelation a “work of fiction”….

    Progressives truly are a dangerous lot. People need to wake up.

  30. maz2 says:

    PM Harper on the world stage.

    “Included among the leaders at Saturday’s summit were the host, Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and the leaders of the Arab League and African Union.”

    “Harper joins world leaders to discuss actions against Gadhafi”

    “PARIS — Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other world leaders ended a crisis summit on Libya Saturday with a pointed public declaration for Moammar Gadhafi: military jets have begun patrolling the skies of his country to stop attacks on Libyan civilians, and the intervention won’t end until the ruler’s aggression ends.

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy emerged from a meeting of leaders to read the toughly-worded joint declaration.

    “Arab people have chosen to free themselves,” he said.

    “It is our duty to respond to their anguished appeal.””

  31. NB Tory Gal says:

    I posted this on another thread yesterday. I do so again on this one. Just in case you would like to contact Minister Oda.

  32. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal Iggy’s O’Harvard buddy: o is touring Brazil.

    “There’s a vacancy at the top of the world. And his name is Obama.”


    Rex Murphy:

    “An absent America”

    “There’s a great vacancy at the top of the world: A retreat by the American government from its global leadership role.

    From the end of the First World War right up until about a year ago, there could be no gainsaying the predominant role of the United States in the world, the product of its economic and military power, and its active, however spotty, promotion of the core concepts of liberty and democracy. The tired metaphor of the United States as a beacon to the oppressed has been no less true for all its fatigue. Similarly, the style, vigour and continuously innovative broad popular culture of the United States has proved to be a benign contagion to the young of the world, meaning that America also has had an enormous secondary or “soft” influence on the great events and broad currents of an always changing and dangerous globe.

    But since the election of Barack Obama, there has been a subtle, un-articulated, but quite definite withdrawal from the United States’ earned stature as a pre-eminent and shaping influence on the key events and forces of our time.

    This week, for example, is surely one of the most eventscrowded since the terror attacks on the Twin Towers. Japan, a country which after its defeat in the Second World War became both a ward and creature of the United States, till its own full emergence as an economic and political player, is in a ferocious crossfire of crises. The country is economically the third major player on the world stage. Its success, or lack of it, in dealing with the series of threats thrust upon it by the earthquake and tsunami is of vital importance not only to itself, but also to the world’s economy.

    I know the United States is there institutionally.”


    “The narcissistic leader prefers the sparkle and glamour of well-orchestrated illusions to the tedium and method of real accomplishments. His reign is all smoke and mirrors, devoid of substances, consisting of mere appearances and mass delusions. In the aftermath of his regime – the narcissistic leader having died, been deposed, or voted out of office – it all unravels. The tireless and constant prestidigitation ceases and the entire edifice crumbles. What looked like an economic miracle turns out to have been a fraud-laced bubble. Loosely-held empires disintegrate. Laboriously assembled business conglomerates go to pieces. “Earth shattering” and “revolutionary” scientific discoveries and theories are discredited. Social experiments end in mayhem.”

    “Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?

    Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. – 8/13/2008″

  33. wilson says:

    Last month I surfed thru the various articles under the search ‘Harper, funding cut’.
    One link led to another and another, because these money suckers network with each other, the new non-recipients were easy to find.
    Anyways, my list got so long, publishing it would have helped the opposition.

    My hope is that Ms Biggs works well with Minister Oda, and CIDA can be revamped to get ‘results’ rather than another 40 years of failure.

    • Joanne says:

      One link led to another and another, because these money suckers network with each other

      It sure does seem that way.

      I left a few comments at Sandy’s latest post that I hope you guys check out.

  34. Ontario Girl says:

    Remember how this went no where because it wasn’t Conservatives

    Contempt of Parliament
    MP wants NDP Leader Charged After Protest in Visitors’ Gallery
    Oct 30, 2009 Arthur Weinreb

    Jack Layton – Global TVThe CPC House Leader wants a contempt of Parliament charge brought against Jack Layton after his invited guests disrupted proceedings and forced a brief shut down.

    On Oct. 26, 2009, Parliament’s Question Period came briefly to a halt when over 100 environmental activists disrupted the proceedings. The demonstrators were the invited guests of NDP leader, Jack Layton and they were present to champion Bill C-311. C-311 is a private NDP member’s bill that, among other things sets stringent targets for greenhouse gas emissions.

    The protesters were removed from the visitors’ gallery in small groups and there were reports of injuries to both some of the demonstrators and security guards.

    Despite the fact that some of the proscribed conduct, such as insulting a member occurs frequently, contempt of Parliament findings are extremely rare. Nevertheless there have been a couple of high profile instances of this procedure being invoked in recent years.

    A Lack of Evidence
    Jack Layton denies that he had anything to do with the disturbance in the visitor’s gallery in the House of Commons. Barring any concrete evidence to the contrary coming to light in the future, Conservative House Leader Jay Hill’s call to have the NDP leader be found to be in contempt of Parliament is unlikely to get very far.

  35. Liz J says:

    “Does This Parliament Deserve Contempt?”

    IMO the entire opposition coalition are the one’s who are contemptible. They’re not there to work for what’s best for the country, it’s all about themselves, trying to score points by digging up dirt , faux scandals and personal attacks in an attempt to gain power. As far as brain power, they haven’t got it on the level of PM Harper so like bullies they band together and lash out in the only way they can.

  36. Soccermom says:

    a must see…. re the fusion of the far left and radical Islam (I guess Glenn Beck isn’t so crazy after all???)

  37. jon says:

    David McGuinty on Bev Oda…

    “If you live by the lie you’ll die by the lie”

    That from McLiar’s brother.


    Seriously, when he spews that kinda s**t, does any reporter ever stop to think that maybe he could and should be challenged by asking how he feels about McLiar‘s record of broken promises? No! That’s what a responsible news reporter would do, one who actually takes pride in his/her profession and doesn’t want to be tagged as a Liberal shill… none of those in Ottawa, though.

  38. wilson says:

    The attack on Minister Oda was sheer abuse of privilege, it was mean and ugly.
    When Jennifer Ditchburn says on At Issue, ‘the Opposition lost credibility’,
    the coalition cooked their own goose.

    turning to the other contempt charge,
    the Harper Govt could and should turn this last episode of Kangaroo Court into policy change, imo.
    The opps are not ready for prime time, or that is what they should have done with this committee, recommended changes.
    Instead they turned it into a 3 ring circus.

    Yes, the Govt followed the rules, but docs considered ‘cabinet confidence’ appear to be too general and sweeping, and need to be more clearly defined.
    A clearer definition would also cut down time and cost in the hands of the ‘redactors’, thusly getting these docs to Parliamentarians, which they are entitled to before they vote on legislation about to be sent to the Senate.

    This would also clearly define what info/docs Parliamentarians (and access to info complaints) are entitled to.
    Walsh said Ms Biggs advice to the Minister should not have gone public, so the system failed Minister Oda.
    Is this the first the Opps and civil servants knew of that rule?
    Where’s the hand book, rules and definitions for every sector in government to follow?
    Is it there and ignored, or like the EC rules, up for interpretation?

    The CPC won’t be in govt forever,
    and these changes should be made now, for future Parliaments.

    • Joanne says:

      Wilson you made so many great points there I barely know where to start.

      But my overall comment would be to agree with you that they all need to look at the big picture. I forget who said it, maybe Ned Franks that they need to put partisanship aside and see what can be done to fix things because they will switch sides of the House eventually.

  39. Liz J says:

    Yeah, jon, that’s pretty rich, some good advice for David McGuinty to pass along to his big brother.

  40. Ontario Girl says:

    Some “reporter” (ahem) should ask David McGuinty about this..

    Even on a provincial level the LPC continues to deceive the taxpayers:

    “The Ontario PC Caucus challenged Dalton McGuinty to publicly account for the relationship between his government, the Ontario Liberal Party, and the ‘Working Families’ organization which has spent $7 million on surrogate Liberal attack ads over the past two Ontario election campaigns.

    Members of ‘Working Families’ have received multiple taxpayer-funded payments from the McGuinty Government. Contributors to ‘Working Families’ have, to date, received $23.5 million from the McGuinty Government. In addition, ‘Working Families’ ad-men and pollsters have received over $5.6 million in taxpayer-funded contracts from the McGuinty Government.”

    It seems the LPC learned nothing from ADSCAM.

  41. Martin says:

    Ontario Girl:
    “Contempt of parliament in Liberal years so why do they say its the first time in HISTORY? More lies”??

    I think the spin is this would be the first GOVERNMENT and first Cabinet minister to be found in contempt, the individuals you mentioned were not MPs. Still this involves some qualification, as both Anne McLellan and Art Eggleton were found by Speaker Milliken to demonsrate prima facie evidence of contempt, (2001, 02). As now, the 2 cases were referred to committee, where they were exonerated by their majority colleagues. Minister Oda unfortunately does not enjoy that advantage. It would be good to see anyone from MSM at least mention these cases, but do not expect to ever hear of them. An enterprising reporter might want to get Anne McLellan’s reaction to this case, don’t hold your breath.

  42. wilson says:

    Thanks Joanne, this is an excellent opportunity (missed opportunity for the coalition) for the Harper Govt.

    Note to msm
    those who are salivating over busty new scandals (that’s you Tasha K), check out the 8 most viewed CTV articles (not on the list, govt scandal and a gruesome murder)
    bottom of page

    similar results for most viewed CBC.

  43. wilson says:

    Note too that the vote on Minister Oda in contempt, will follow at least 2 non-confidence votes in the House next week.
    Minister Oda may be spared the humiliation if the coalition vote down the govt, and PMSH thusly dissolves Parliament.

  44. lisa says:

    Thank you NB Tory Gal for that link on how to contact Bev Oda. I did write a note of encouragement to her, she needs to know that there are people who stand by her for doing the RIGHT thing. Thank you to BLY posters who watched and posted on that awful committee yesterday, because I can’t. I can not bear to watch the face of that NDP MP. I saw him several weeks ago, the way he spoke to Shelley Glover, I just could not stand him anymore, everytime I see his face on TV, I flipped the channel right away, I get angry, reason I don’t watch CBC anymore. To you all who have a strong stomach, and strong heart, BRAVO to you all.

  45. Fay says:

    Hang in there Bev Oda, Canadians need you.

  46. Sandy says:

    If Phantom (Victor) comes by, I tried to leave a comment but his “captcha code” wasn’t showing so I couldn’t. I voted “yes” that the parliament was in contempt because of the antics of the opposition. I actually would like an election so that the Cons gov’t can win a majority. It is the only way the Liberals will be forced to renew their party.

  47. Sammy says:

    So,we have PMSH on tv..on the world stage,with Hilary,with Sarkozy etc..speaking intelligently on REAL matters of world concern! What does the opposition have to offer? Screeching lunatics arguing over an F’n piece of paper..looking like raging bullies in the face of numerous world tragedies.Gee,wonder who looks most credible?
    BTW,for all you ‘coughers’ out there,I have dealt with this constant whooping-cough like illness prev(thank God I missed it this yr).I was given a prescription for Tussaminic cough syrup..a clear awful tasting substance..but man oh man it did the job almost instantly.Also,it is loaded with Codeine,so maybe I just didn’t care if I coughed! Not sure if still available,but it was great stuff.
    Also,thanks Jo for the new thread! That last one was terrific,and loaded with info (I was at work most of yesterday,and thankfully missed that puke-fest of a Com.Mtg) so appreciate all the updates.
    The disrespect for our PM continues on cbc .. the scroll refers to PMSH as “Harper’……..did you see Mildew Milewski’s column on Libya/PMSH at NNW? What an ass. I wish Adler would take that faker on again..I recall Chuck doing a great rant about Mildew’s ‘fake’ english accent..loved it! Said Terry never lived in Britain,and took on this accent cuz he thot it made him sound ‘smarter! Uh,yeah.

  48. Jen says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised that CBC and some other media got funding from Kairos: too much coincidence are happening at the time: leaks, instant reporting; EC condemming the CPC; the MSM silence on the liberals ndp bloc’s own mess.
    Like we have been saying all along “the opposition and the msm will do anything and everything in their power to bring down the CPC to replace it with the ‘PROGRESSIVES’
    Socialists. Very much like Obama’s own, of whom we know very well that the OP and their media support fully over the CPC.
    A conspiracy we are seeing blodly displayed in front of our eyes.
    Look at the way they treat OBAMA, giving full coverage while our PM gets a peep here or there. He also has to go to the States in order to get his message to his own canadian citizens.
    I also have the strangest feeling that the Speaker is aware of the going ons but chooses to say nothing much- I smell a ‘huge’ rat.

  49. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Martin
    I think the spin is this would be the first GOVERNMENT and first Cabinet minister to be found in contempt, the individuals you mentioned were not MPs.

    I thought that could be the case. Of course no other Govt. in History would be so slimy as to work as a mob coalition that includes the BLOCK, to take power of an elected Govt.

  50. Ontario Girl says:

    Wilson comment
    Minister Oda may be spared the humiliation

    But the coalition regimes will have 5 hours on Monday on TV to get their mugs in the news. Actually it will be a good thing. The more Canadians see of them the more they are turned off and tune out.

  51. wilson says:

    Surfing around yesterday wondering who’s who in the CIC group and possible connections to KAIROS,
    I did find connections to what could be woven into a conspiracy theory, but, chalked it up to ‘it’s a small world’.
    If you want, google
    ‘cic, jim balsillie, george soros’

  52. Ontario Girl says:

    CPAC has Kevin page on from the committee if anyone can stomache it.

  53. Bec says:

    “I voted “yes” that the parliament was in contempt because of the antics of the opposition. ”

    I agree, Sandy but I wondered if the opportunity to misunderstand the meaning of the term “parliament” is there for some with that question?
    I know many that follow politics somewhat and “government” and “parliament” implies the same because of majority govts, being the majority of parliament.
    In todays scenario, the Coalition is the majority of parliament and on committees however I know many that would not grasp that fact until it was explained.

    Indeed they are in contempt,imo and in particular what I find so grating is a party that cares nothing about the rest of Canada or the Westminister system is behaving so high and mighty as though they respect it.

  54. wilson says:

    I think Monday is the introduction of ‘Govt in contempt’ motion Ontario Girl, debate on that set for Wedsnesday;
    which could be over shadowed with PMSH bringing ‘Canada joining the war in Libya’ to Parliament.
    Perhaps there will even be an emergency debate and motion/vote on our forces being involved in this war…?
    And all next week there are proceedural games playing out.
    Flaherty tables Budget on Tuesday,
    could bring in a ‘ways and means’ motion related to the Budget, which MUST be voted on within 24 hours.

    So it may be that the coalition of losers never do get to vote on, and thusly forever have scribbed into the history books, any contempt of Parliament motion.

  55. Ontario Girl says:

    CBC Katy on The House this morning gave out this info of events for next week

    Mon…..5 hour meeting with media
    3pm…report can go to the house
    Wed….3 hour debate if the house will support the motion
    Friday….Oda report due
    Wed…afternoon…budget debate

    Quite a mix up but she said it will be a BUSY week for CBC….yeah I bet.Cherry picking their clips.

  56. Sammy says:

    JASON KENNEY ON ROY GREEN NOW…on Trudeau.Justin had been invited..lily-liver refused.

  57. Ruth says:

    “KAIROS unites eleven churches and religious organizations in faithful action for ecological justice and human rights.”
    how much does each church give to this group, and why do they need govt. funding when it’s supported by 11 churches.

  58. Sammy says:

    If you really want to see who is following/friends of Kairos,check out their list of ‘followers’ at twitter site! A rubber-room of loons indeed..Bob Rae,Paul Dewar,Stephen Lewis,Stephen Staples (now there is a slimeball if you ever saw one),and..Rabble! What a bunch of leftwing morons indeed.Interesting too,if you read all the tweets,lo and behold,what do I see..a big ‘thank-you’ to Kady! CBC helping out their friends,or friends helping out cbc????

  59. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Sammy
    JASON KENNEY ON ROY GREEN NOW…on Trudeau.Justin had been invited..lily-liver refused.

    He just deals with emails to the Globe and Mail…….He’s a mouth piece behind the scenes and QP.

    On CPAC another showing of Vic Toews and Rob Nicolson on their second appearance at the mob Kangaroo court…….Brison and Martin antics on display.

  60. Martin says:

    I also noticed that KAIROS includes all mainsream protestant churches, plus representation from Conference of Catholic Bishops. These churches have nominal membership far greater than 7 million Canadians. I supose some of their funding comes from member donations, but a simple request for $1 or $2 more next Sunday would easily replace taxpayers funding. Why does no one point this out? That would be $1 or so annually. Is this too obvious?

  61. Sammy says:

    From the Torstar on Dec.21/2009:–dimanno-agency-s-anti-israel-role-is-obvious
    Good read,and good on Min.Oda for NOT funding these idiots.

  62. Sammy says:

    PMSH responds to the Carson story (while in Paris,cuz the Can.msm reporters are more interested in crap than our military over in Libya)..National Enquirer MSM that couldn’t tell an important fact-based story if their lives depended on it.Link at NNW

  63. maz2 says:

    “Libya: Canada to send fighter jets for no-fly zone”

    “Canada is sending six fighter jets to help enforce the UN-backed no-fly zone over Libya, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said.

    The CF-18 war planes are being deployed from the Bagotville base in Quebec.”


    >>> The CF-18 jets were built between 1982-1988. Would you drive to/from work in a 30-year old car?

    Where is Liberal Iggy re the new F-35 jets*?


    >>> “Ignatieff vows to scrap F-35 jet deal *

    Michael Ignatieff says a Liberal government would cancel the Conservatives’ multibillion-dollar purchase of F-35 fighter jets and hold …”

  64. skipper says:

    Bill Phipps went on a hunger strike against the “Tar Sands”! Those folk should support Kairos themselves; not our tax $$$.
    “We the undersigned are deeply concerned that Canada would abandon its values and its support of internationally recognized human rights in order to gain economic advantage for its companies at the expense of millions of displaced, impoverished Colombians,” said the letter, which was signed by Maude Barlow, Stephen Lewis, Ed Broadbent, Alex Neve, Mary Corkery, Paul Moist, Rev. Bill Phipps, Farley Mowat, Sarah Polley, Naomi Klein, and others, as well as organizations like KAIROS, the Council of Canadians, Greenpeace, the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, the National Union of Public and General Employees and many more.

  65. Ruth says:

    the worst part is…how many more groups like Kairos is the government supporting that we know nothing about. I don’t even agree with the Federal Govt. giving money to snowmobile clubs. Local municipalities can fund those if they wish to and the summer festivals also. Let’s clean up a lot of this waste.

  66. Sammy says:

    Skipper,I wish the whole works of those loons would go on a yr.long hunger strike! CBC today can’t seem to decide which side to go with on the Libya attack..that bimbette host on now (not sure who she is..she reminds me of one of those puppets that are all mouth and teeth)..has wondered if Can.being in on this attack is wrong..did we move too fast..Oh! By golly, she wonders ..’is it too late??’ This is confusing indeed for the cbc they aren’t sure if this will make PMSH look good!!!!!!!!!
    Compare the FIRM stance our leader has taken,as opposed to Mr.Wishywashy Obama. What a disgrace. I just read at a US blog,that Hillary is the out-front person on this,as she will take the ‘hit’ if it goes badly.

  67. NB Tory Gal says:

    Hunter has a post up…regarding Bev… [Bev Oda – unedited]
    here is the link…

  68. Sammy says:

    If you want to follow Operation Libya (unfiltered from our own slanted msm),the BBC News is at:

  69. maz2 says:

    Latest twit from the tweet:

    “Expect Tories to brag in budget
    Toronto Sun – David Akin”


    Att. Mr. Akin/MSM:

    >>> Let Canada’s deeds/actions brag/speak.

    “a coalition including the United States, France, Britain, Canada and Italy had begun launching strikes on Libya designed to cripple Muammar Gaddafi’s air defenses.”

  70. Liz J says:

    The opposition coalition might want to consider when they decide to take down the government how it will adversely affect the economy. If the Liberals get anything close to power due to some insanity from the voting public or via the desperate act of coalition things will not be too rosy.

  71. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal Iggy’s O’Harvard buddy, Liberal Ad$SCam MartinJr*, and the Libyan Mohammedan*.

    *Liberal Iggy’s Liberal Ad$SCam MartinJr*, and the Libyan Mohammedan*.

  72. NB Tory Gal says:

    Well look at this… isn’t this illegal…the writ has not even been dropped yet !!!

    this is a tweet from twitter from a former liberal mp turned journalist…in Quebec…

    Jean_Lapierre Jean Lapierre
    by stephen_taylor
    If the NDP doesn’t know how to vote on the budget, Mulcair has made up his mind; he has begun putting up his campaign signs in Outremont
    36 minutes ago

  73. Sammy says:

    From Jackie Perrin at cbc on the CF18’s: ‘I had the honor of flying in one.The CF18 has served Canada well,and our pilots ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST TOP GUNS! I hope they go over,get the job done and come home safely!’ ..finally someone at cbc I can agree with!
    And now on the cbc Nat,that fake brit travelling with our PM..Mildew..stressing “there could be casualties!’
    And..for something totally different,from the Windsor Star: Suzuki at 75
    Suzuki: ‘ As an elder now,I hope people recognize I’m not driven by the need to get laid (wretch,barf..GAG)..or the desire for more fame,money or power!’
    Hope none of you kind folk were eating as you read that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Jen says:

    Now we know why the MSM are ‘forbitten’ to utter any or nothing of negative far less to actually research this Kairos thing. They the msm have no credibility what so ever-it is of no wonder they are used for pleasure.
    If this story of Kairos hadn’t come about we would never have heard about its intention of grtting rid of the conservatives. Contempt of Parliament? No Way!
    Thanks Bev.

  75. wilson says:

    Of course our national media was more interested in busty scandals than 400 Canadian forces men and women about to enter the war in Libya!

    Hillary Clinton is not going to run again,
    she said this week, she’s moving on (not quitting tho).

  76. Peter says:

    When Milliken wrote in his report that he had concerns that

    “In particular, the senior CIDA officials concerned must be deeply disturbed by the doctored document they have been made to appear to have signed.”

    it becomes painfully obvious Milliken, was negligent and that he failed to read or listen to Ms. Beggs , president of CIDA , that she had no problem with the minister having the word “not” inserted in the document when Beggs testified before the committee back in December and said the following

    “I think as the minister said, the agency did recommend the project to the minister. She has indicated that. But it was her decision, after due consideration, to not accept the department’s advice. This is quite normal, and I certainly was aware of her decision. The inclusion of the word “not” is just a simple reflection of what her decision was, and she has been clear. So that’s quite normal,” she told the foreign affairs committee.”

    All MP’s and main street media had this information last December at the committee hearings and there is nothing confusing about the answer Ms. Beggs was giving about Oda’s stance and position . Who in the main street media has the guts or intestinal fortitude to address this point with the MP’s who are now mqking the accusations of Oda misleading anyone.
    If Milliken would have got off his a_ _ and done his job he would not have not come out with his ridiculous comment. I have concerns that Milliken was too preoccupied entertaining friends in his speaker’s suite or cottage residence with fine liquors and food provided by the Canadian taxpayer to do his job – more than likely the reason why he was too busy and cou.ld not give testimony at the committee hearings as well.

  77. Ontario Girl says:

    Mulcair has made up his mind; he has begun putting up his campaign signs in Outremont
    36 minutes ago

    And Olivia Chow made an announcment that her campaign office will be opening Sunday 27th.

    Guess working to get things done for the folks around the kichen table is put on the back burner for a coalition POWER take over for a NOT?

  78. Bruce says:

    The opposition fools don’t realize the treasure trove of sound bites they just provided to the Conservatives.

    Just like the Iggy commercials, use their own words and actions against them, show them for what they really are.

  79. Ontario Girl says:

    Who in the main street media has the guts or intestinal fortitude to address this point with the MP’s who are now mqking the accusations of Oda misleading anyone.

    I put that testamony in a letter to the editor to print….they will NOT do it. Doesn’t fit in with the hidden agenda of a takeover of the coalition of the Govt. Can’t print it and show up all the media bias.

    Liberal Proulx was complaining because the finance minister wasn’t at the kangaroo court but not a mention of the guy who made the ruling…Hit and run Liberal coward Milliken. He was the first witness on the Govt. list and he was NOT available. One massive smear job cover up aided by the slimy media.

  80. Ontario Girl says:

    Peter says
    If Milliken would have got off his a_ _ and done his job he would not have not come out with his ridiculous comment

    He knew exactly what he was doing. Going away gift to Liberals.How could he go against all those media reporters that has Bev Oda hung out to dry, tared and feathered, and convicted. The Liberal media were the judge and jury. Its the POWER of the Liberal MEDIA when the little guy has no media to fight back. There is no way all the media, Milliken, the CBC and CTV didn’t know about the testamony.They did a cover up. Right now the Coalition are trying to prevent testamony being shown to the public. BUT they want TV camera’s at the committee when they announce the Govt in contempt.

  81. There must be plenty of Conservative journalist students that could delve into the Right to Information Act,or whatever its called,and find some real,not alleged scandal on the coalition.Gerald

  82. Bubba Brown says:

    Defunding Kairos NOT a scandal Thanks Bev!

  83. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: g.a.mcgarrigle
    There must be plenty of Conservative journalist students that could delve into the Right to Information Act,or whatever its called,and find some real,not alleged scandal on the coalition.Gerald

    Won’t matter…. the media are in cohoots with the coalition. Nothing liberal gets reported. There are lots of examples of things liberals did and nothing happens…its covered up. Look at the Liberal Senator CONVICTED last week. The media couldn’t choke it out to say he was a “Liberal.” They tied the story into the Conservative Senator on Charges from the Liberal Election Canada, still in the courts on the In & Out they all did. CBC showed the Conservative Senator to leave a false impression that the convicted senator was a Conservative senator.Thats how the media and CBC operate. Invented scandals to try and drag the Govt. down to the level of slease of the previous Govt to give them something to take the Govt down for their POWER. Ethics and democracy. What a laugh.

  84. JDot says:

    Interesting tibit from a article by the Guardian on PM David Cameron…

    “Cameron also sought military advice from the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, an ally from the G20, and someone with influence in Washington.”

    • Joanne says:

      “Cameron also sought military advice from the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, an ally from the G20, and someone with influence in Washington.”

      What a great sound bite. This is the Government that Pat Martin and his pals want to bring down?

  85. JDot says:

    Joanne says..

    “This is the Government that Pat Martin and his pals want to bring down?”

    To be fair to Pat Martin…

    ..Pat Martin is Batsh!t crazy…

    • Joanne says:

      ..Pat Martin is Batsh!t crazy…

      Yes I guess we can’t hold him responsible for his actions. 😉

  86. peterb says:

    To Olivia Chow
    In view that Jack made an impassioned speech in parliament a short while ago, about civility in debate and conduct of MP’s in the house, isn’t it more than regrettable that it is the conduct of one of
    your MP’s Pat Martin that has been more than disgraceful and a huge blemish on all members of the NDP caucus and an insult to Jack’s leadership. It is also more than regretable that Jack has been strangely silent and accepting of this juvenile behaviour by a member of his caucus. Was it Jack’s intention that members of the other parties should conduct themselves in a civil and respectful manner while members of his NDP caucus disgraced debate with boorish and insulting comments and behaviour? Don’t you think the least Jack could do is demand that Pat Martin make the same accusations outside the protection of the House and as critic for the NDP repeat statements and worse like “you are either a poor minister or an equally poor liar” in reference to Ms. Oda? I am more than surprised that you and other caucus colleagues haven’t disassociated yourself from Martin’s comments and conduct – a sad time for the NDP party when a demagogue is set free to represent the NDP party to Canadians including children.

  87. Dave says:

    I can’t believe it, but I actually made myself watch most of the “proceedings” on Friday. Many feelings came out during the time I watched in disbelief at the charade that passes for some sort of dignified Parliamentary Commission …

    1. Admiration … for Bev Oda and the way she honestly presented the facts that surround this ridiculous accusation by the desperate Official Opposition. Bev, you are clearly a hard working MP, nose to the grindstone, doing your best for your constituents, your portfolio, and Canada. You are a treasure; please don’t let this unfortunate, well orchestrated (by you know who) turn of events change you in any way. Your integrity is intact.

    2. Disgust … and I mean Total disgust for the disrespectful, unforgivable, gross, mean spirited, bottom of the barrel comments by Pat Martin. The Opposition often criticizes the Conservatives as being disrespectful of the Parliamentary process; after watching the farce on Friday, I would offer that Mr. Martin’s antics defines it. With due respect to his constituents … what the H*LL were you thinking!!!!

    3. Calmness (and the ultimate Payback) … after a time, I settled down, went back to my computer to catch up on email, and noticed one from Shelly Glover for the CPC laying out some facts about the state of affairs. It was well done, imo, and there was also an opportunity to make a Donation. After watching Pat Martin et al and his pseudo-I’m So offended antics, well … I couldn’t push that ‘Donate’ button fast enough. A few key strokes later, and I had made another donation to the party that I know in my heart is steering this country in the right direction. Hey Pat, keep those disrespectful comments coming … it feels so good to give. 😉

  88. Alberta Girl says:

    Craig Smith has a post up questioning whether Shaw is going to carry Sun TV…I have Shaw and IWill be calling them to say that if they do not carry it, I will be changing…I would encourage anyone else with Shaw to do the same!

    why do we always have to work so flippin hard to be heard!!!!!

    as I look over my Shaw line up, I see Out Tv, I see Sex TV, I see 375 CBC stations…but they don,t know if they will carry SUN TV?????

  89. Sean M says:

    Fantastic comments, and very interesting insights from all, thank you. Canada, truly has some awesome warrior woman!! On the dark side we have imbeciles like Pat (“lying his ass off”) Martin making an absolute spectacle of himself and sullying the whole process of committee. Pat Martin is a punk and a coward!

  90. Anon says:

    A Liblog supporter gets taken out behind the woodshed. If this is the quality of their supporters, it is no wonder the Liberals are tanking so badly. Read it before it’s gone:

  91. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Anon
    Read it before it’s gone:

    Its gone.

  92. fh says:

    the allied forces have met and are now taking action to enforce a no fly zone over Libya
    I find referring to these military actions as a coalition offensive

    • Joanne says:

      I find referring to these military actions as a coalition offensive

      Fh – Yes I much prefer “allied forces.”

  93. Ontario Girl says:

    Great comments Dave.
    I too watched the committee(choke) yesterday….a re-run that I hope CPAC runs over and over. It was the second day of testamony of the Ministers and the staffers. When you watch it for the second time, you notice things you didn’t the first time. CBC Katy sitting behind the Ministers and while Vic Toews was speaking she was making these facial expressions,narrowing and squinting her eyes, rolling her eyes etc. This was during his testamony(2nd day) that he was on his way to Wpg. due to the flood situation. Bob Fife was conveniently situated to follow in her footsteps. Something should be done about that. It tends to put a taint on the testamony, to me.I think she was purposely sitting where she was for exactly that. When it wasn’t a witness for the Govt. side she was gone. Conveniently.

  94. Ontario Girl says:

    Alberta Girl says
    I see 375 CBC stations…but they don,t know if they will carry SUN TV?????

    Liberal rot runs deep in this country. I would get a few friends with signs and picket in front of their building, and tell them thats your plan.

  95. Ontario Girl says:

    fh says
    I find referring to these military actions as a coalition offensive

    Me too. Also the word regime that the Liberal regime keep using.
    BTW…good article in Fridays Nation Post called “Jean Chretien’s Final Scandal.” by Paul Tuns.

  96. Ontario Girl says:

    Here’s the link to the story of a REAL SCANDAL…brings back memories not that most people can forget…..

  97. Ontario Girl says:

    Terry Mildew-ski did a story for CBC and had …”Harper goes to paris…Hawkish or Goldielocks??” The article was trash talk.

    I have no clue how CBC’s brain works, but I don’t get that headline at all. It is so pathetic to see CBC and their reporters using this situation, for cheap political games against the Prime Minister.

  98. Ontario Girl says:

    This story by Mike De Souza in all the media papers has my blood boiling. It is a pure example of how the papers mislead the public.(even in the national Post) It says the Conservative committee members ran out the clock and forced the members to adjourn for the day so the opposition members couldn’t declare the Tories in contempt. NOT ONE ARTICLE on this in any paper on the internet said the truth.
    This is the fact the media is trying to hide…..The coalition members wanted to OMIT the testamony of the witnesses on their report to the media and public.They wanted to use a 2 page summary of their own talking points..thats it. Tom Lukiwski was speaking on this fact and the opposition kept interrupting him on POINTS OF ORDER. THEY were running out the clock.
    Is any of THAT in the media? NO!!!!!!

  99. fh says:

    Another offensive headline I found today at the Ottawa Citizen
    “Conservative Spending blitz runs 1 billion
    Half of money to go to Quebec”
    As a taxpayer I want my money spent
    on social housing where needed
    forestry sector where needed
    crime prevention
    and other projects to help Canadians
    and by the way it is the Canadian Government that is deciding where to spend Taxpayer dollars
    Quebec needs bridge construction this costs money I love Quebec and enjoy visiting
    so please improve the bridges before they crunble
    do not spend taxpayer dollars on projects like Sponsorship and adscam scandal as the Liberals did

  100. fh says:

    allies have been asked to go to war with Libya
    NATO has voted to go to war with Libya
    Canada is a Country that has always stood tall when asked to support
    the media seem to be indicating Canada has done something wrong
    maybe the media could further explain how joining our Allies is the wrong thing to do

  101. Ontario Girl says:

    “Conservative Spending blitz runs 1 billion
    Half of money to go to Quebec”

    Where’s the biased lying media headline that should say…”Ignatieff will spend 400 MILLION on Quebec arena and give balckmail money of $5 BILLION to the BLOCK for their support in a coalition.”

  102. batb says:

    I just watched Pat Martin’s unbelievable display of swaggering arrogance over at Dr. Roy’s Thoughts. Here are my thoughts:

    Who the Hell (pardon my French) does Pat Martin think he is? He came across as a potentate, arguing with the chairperson, Mr. Preston, Minister Oda, and CIDA President Margaret Biggs.

    Big, puffed out chest, contempt dripping in his voice, interrupting everyone at every turn, not allowing anyone to answer his rambling questions — and then accusing Ms. Oda of taking too much time to answer his questions: Absolutely unbelievable arrogance and swagger.

    This guy’s first in line for some hubris. You can’t treat people and the parliamentary process with such utter contempt and vile disrespect and think you’re going to get away with it because you’re “special” and above the process.

    I’ve seldom seen such a display of swaggering arrogance as Pat Martin’s in this clip. He’s a disgrace to Parliament and there should be some way of disciplining this sorry excuse for an MP.

    As for where the heck Olivia Chow and Jack Layton are in respect to Mr. Martin’s over-the-top abuse of all of the women he questioned — and his self-important opinions about whether or not they had answered to his liking, which neither had, indicated by his verbal hammer coming down every time one of them opened their mouths — it’s disgraceful that they’ve remained silent. The NDP always talk a good line when it comes to people’s “rights,” but they all too often don’t walk the talk, though they’re happy to live off the people’s looney times about a million and a half.

    NDP = Never Dependable or Polite

    NDP = Nasty, Depraved and Pathetic

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