Pot meet kettle indeed

Tim Powers pretty much nails the hypocrisy and lack of democracy surrounding the Kangaroo Court happening in Ottawa right now – Pot meets Liberal kettle at contempt hearings:

…You see the Speaker said his rulings needed to be studied further by a parliamentary committee. The first set of those committee hearings began Wednesday. However, before the sun even set the Liberals had issued a press release condemning the government, which brought forward new information and a legion of witnesses to address the concerns raised by the Speaker. It is hard to conceive how the Liberals, if they were serious about reviewing the material and testimony to make democracy work for Canadians, would be blasting the government before dusk on Day 1. I am a speed-reader myself and am not bad at multi-tasking, but what the Liberals did in terms of reflection must set some Guinness Book record…

And don’t forget that the Conservatives are in the minority in committees against the opposition so getting at the actual truth is difficult.

Aside from the fact that the Harper Government was never going to get a fair trial here because as Tom Lukiwski said “All they were looking for is a vehicle to try and force an election”, I have to ask the Coalition what they’re ready to offer to Canadians as an alternative government?

Serendipitously, today’s National Post reminds us what a real scandal looks like – Jean Chrétien’s final scandal:

The commission heard testimony from bureaucrats, political staffers, Liberal Party operatives and advertising executives about elaborate plans to funnel money to individuals and companies with party connections. In turn, these people helped the Liberal Party of Canada in Quebec by putting campaign staff on their payrolls (thus circumventing Elections Canada spending limits), and doing undocumented campaign work for the party.

Chuck Guité, the bureaucrat who ran the program, admitted that he received political direction from both the PMO and the office of Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano as to which advertising agencies and designers to work with in Quebec. Jean Brault, head of Groupaction Marketing, provided vivid testimony that envelopes stuffed with cash were left on chairs in restaurants so there would be no paper trail for Elections Canada.

Under the guise of promoting national unity in a province that came within 54,300 votes of separating, the sponsorship program served as a type of money-laundering scheme for federal Liberal Party operations in Quebec. Sheila Fraser said the program was designed to pay commissions for middle men rather than promote national unity. As one newspaper headline put it, “Your money, their friends.”

Chretien was able to shrug off his various scandals because he had majority governments – thanks to a divided opposition.

So now it appears that we are headed for an election – courtesy of an irresponsible coalition of opposition parties that really don’t care about ethics or truth as demonstrated by their own behaviour this week – and taking away focus from the critical world events going on right now. [Please be sure to read both of those links.]

And after it’s all over, how will we be better off?

And perhaps the bigger question – How do we make our Members of Parliament work for us instead of acting in their own political self-interests?

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Defence department says budget watchdog wrong on F-35 costsDavid Akin:

A top defence department bureaucrat jumped into the dogfight Thursday over the cost of the F-35 fighter program, accusing Parliament’s budget watchdog of pulling numbers out of thin air when he tried to tally up what the controversial program will cost taxpayers…

Harper government to be found in contempt; could trigger election call – Steven Chase, Globe (H/T NewsWatchCanada):

…The Canadian Department of Defence, however, stands by its much lower estimates of $70-million to $75-million a plane, saying the U.S. figures include costs that Canada is not paying.

The Defence Department also questions Mr. Page’s predictions that buying 65 F-35s would cost $29.3-billion over 30 years, including maintenance. The Forces say a 20-year life cycle for the fighters is more realistic and the total bill would be about $15-billion.

I think in the real world there would be enough doubt here to declare a ‘mistrial’ regarding charges of contempt. But this is the Ottawa Bubble.

It appears that Chantel Hebert and I agree that there is a disconnect – Our federal politicians are mired in trivia (Star):

This was the week when the opposition parties had hoped to focus public attention on the Conservative government’s cavalier approach to Parliament.

Instead they unwittingly ended up providing voters with another vignette of the growing disconnect between parliamentarians and the public…


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289 Responses to Pot meet kettle indeed

  1. Liz J says:

    There’s the real shame, the scandalous, uncaring and irresponsible behaviour of the entire opposition and the media hijacking the terrible disaster and anguish that is being suffered in Japan.

    It is to weep that we have such nincompoops serving as MP’s in this once proud country. They sure are taking us down a peg and it’s about nothing but gaining power, which is something we cannot allow to happen.

  2. Mary HInes says:

    I watched the proceedings yesterday – it was a farce. To me – it looks like the liberal speaker gave his party one last gift before retiring – knowing full well the coalition had a majority on that committee and could find the Government in contempt. There was no trying to find answers, the Coalition of liberals/NDP and Bloc had their little plan all hashed up…. They have no alternative going into an election, just think they can say the Government was held in contempt – and have to go. It was strange the media never bring up the fact – the liberals were brought up on these charges before, but because they had a majority on the Committee – found themselves not in contempt. This hearing was unbelievable. and the same thing will happen to Minister Oda. If we have an election, we have to expose the Coalition and let the Canadian people know for sure what they are voting for….

  3. Michael Harkov says:

    So the Opposition wanted to cut off testimony, and read all of the information and digested it in order to prepare their draft report in ONE day that finds the government in contempt. Like Tim Powers stated, there is no way that they could have done that in one day; obviously they had a judgement in mind before this committee process even started. The Liberals talk about contempt and issues with ethics, but this is a serious breach of both to use a parliamentry committee for their own political agenda.

    That is why I am not sure which way to lean as far as Bev Oda testifying is concerned. On one hand, when she testifies this gong show is just going to get worse from here, and I wouldn’t help the Opposition continue their farcical charade and abuse of a parliamentry committee; maybe she should refuse to tesify and legitimize this garbage. On the other hand, whatever happens today will most likely further expose the farce that it is. Pat Martin is already skirting dangerously close to the edge with his comments outside of the House. Maybe give them some more rope?

  4. Garfield says:

    David McGuinty and Pat Martin appear to be not only uber partisan but also horrible human beings as well.
    I have always heard that we conservatives are the mean old white guys, so how does the opposition explain these turds?
    p.s. Please include Mark Holland and more than a few others!

  5. Ruth says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere yesterday that Pat Martin was only a guest on the panel. Maybe that is wrong. I just wondered why he is the designated mouthpiece for the opps all the time. Any polling done about Pat’s seat?

  6. Liz J says:

    Bev Oda should not appear to allow the goons to spew their venom on the grounds the outcome is a fait accompli.

    It sure was a pretty slick move by the Speaker to pass the whole thing on to Kangaroo court. He’ll be forever in good stead with his beloved Liberals.

  7. Michael Harkov says:

    From Steve V’s blog at Far And Wide –

    :”Is anyone talking about the economy right now? We have a barrage of Harper ads, government ads, but the paid media is focused on scandals, contempt, etc. That might not move numbers in the pre-writ, but you get a few days of this coverage during an election, past experience paints quite a story, every time, with everybody, in every jurisdiction. Scandal kills!”

    The Liberals and their various blogging friends don’t WANT the next election to be about the economy because even they know they have nothing to offer on that front. They want, they NEED to get into that ditch. Nay, not only the ditch, but to dive into the ditch and see how far down they can dig and expand that ditch. This committee obviously has an agenda as everyone can see, and to get at a finding of contempt before they even started their process, to impossibly file a draft report in ONE day with all the information they’ve been given, to cut off prior testimony that goes against their little prepared attempt at a narrative ………..all that screams how furiously they are digging.

    Keep reading that post of his. You see, scandal sells, it “kills”. They can’t win any other way, so they are going to ride “a wave”. And the media, who love a scandal, notwithstanding if it is a BS scandal or not; wether communion wafers, cheque logos, and all the other “scandals” are going to provide the surf board for the Liberals to try and ride that “wave”.

    We need an ad talking about how Liberals are so weak; that they have nothing to offer on crime, on the economy, on the military, so they offer……..”scandal”. We need to start hitting back -HARD.

  8. Greg says:

    This kind of hyper partisanship won’t affect votes by people that consider themselves either right wing or left wing. They will continue to vote how they always have. It will however turn off those who consider themselves independent, and backfire on the libs.

  9. Mary T says:

    What evidence do the coalition have that all the figures and info provided to the committee or to the HofC is wrong. Where did they get their figures and why don’t they produce said figures.
    I think they know it is impossible to say what something you plan to buy in 2015 will cost for repairs etc by 2035. All anyone can do is give projections.
    Was contempt found yesterday, or did they run out of time to present the motion, as is reported by some. Did they recommend punishment, not yet.
    The committee was to study the new info, but it is apparent they didn’t and by moving said motion so quick, it says they did not read or look at the new stuff. 1000 pages that would take them till July to read, let alone understand.
    ivi come out of all this, now we know for positive that a good majority of staff working in various depts have been there for 25 yrs or more, and have moved from dept to dept in their careers, and worked mostly with liberal majorities. If all the work they have done on these costs are wrong, why. Or is it that all the figures etc they produced thru liberal majorities were also wrong.
    When Page said he was forced to take his job, and had worked for years for liberal govts. shouldn’t he have known how long it would take, the procedures used to get a report. So, either those staff produced wrong info for 13 years, and got away with it, or are deliberately producing wrong info now. (thinking like Scott).
    Remember, PMSH warned us of this years ago. How does Page know he is not getting the information he wants.
    Today it is Let’s get Bev day at the committee. Will anyone ask someone from CIDA why they sent a document that appeared that the Minister was in favor of funding Kairos, when it was known she didn’t. Will they demand to know who used the electric pen or the date stamps. Did CIDA try to scam the taxpayer out of 7 million dollars. If so, how many other times have they done it and what has it cost us.

  10. Mary T says:

    Edit didn’t work to well, ivi–this was supposed to be deleted.

  11. Did anyone expect the Coalition dominated committee(s) to ^NOT find contempt?

    The ongoing circus for the Liberal led coalition and the MSM is eroding their credibility. They have pushed/publicized every issue as a threat to democracy. They both have been relentless is trying to discredit this minority government for five years.

    Canadians are tuning out in larger numbers from political news coverage from the constant noise and song sheet from the MSM.

    A part of Rob Ford success was his refusal to be sidetracked from his message. The CPC have been hammering for months ‘it’s the economy stupid’, this is not the time for an opportunistic election. (The MSM usual suspects in cooperation with Liberal led coalition are ignoring the good news about Canada on the economic front)

    The Conservative ad buy is working because it is seen at prime time during popular show with wide audiences. The newscasts featuring politics? Any bet the shopping channel brings in better numbers?

    The Liberal led coalition are concerned the rising stock in Canada. They can’t afford for Canada to shine at home or the international stage as it diminishes their perceived rightful place in rule.

  12. maz2 says:

    81.3 % Say No! to Liberal IggyRae and their left-liberal MSM shills.

    Stand with PM Harper.

    Here* is the Liberal PET Cemetery.

    “The Prime Minister calling in the RCMP, Ethics Commissoner and Lobbying Commissoner after indications a former advisor to PMs Harper, Mulroney and Clark might have pretended to have influence or sought to have influence with the government on behalf of aboriginal water purification bidder shows …

    1. This PM is serious about enforcing his ethics and anti-corruption rules

    2. This PM has failed to enforce his ethics and anti-corruption rules

    3. Other


    *Liberal IggyRae’s PET Cemetery:

    “My moment with Moammar

    * February 28, 2011 5:56 PM |
    * By Louise Elliott

    As we sprinted across Moammar Gadhafi’s front lawn, we had to swerve to avoid the camels.

    It was a bizarre obstacle course: dozens of the ungainly creatures, sitting, standing, and yes, fornicating.

    It was December, 2004. Our media bus holding a dozen journalists, cameramen and photographers had been delayed after taking a wrong turn on the way in from the Tripoli Airport. Then-prime minister Paul Martin was already in the Bedouin tent inside the compound that the Libyan leader still calls home. If we didn’t hustle, we’d miss the one photo-op: a brief handshake.

    As we jumped off the bus, Alphee Moreau, the PMO’s advance man at the time, shouted: “Run! Run! Be careful, the camels are dangerous!”

    Jet-lagged and culture shocked, we giggled in spite of ourselves as we closed in on the tent. There, in a dimly-lit and incense-clouded corner, was the man of the hour, resplendent in robes and his trademark hat. He was shaking hands with our pale-faced Canadian leader.”



  13. Sammy says:

    Hmm,Fife has just tweeted that the court hearing scheduled to begin today(for the 4 Tories named in the in/out ‘scandal) has been postponed to June 15!

  14. maz2 says:

    Iggy & the MSM’s chorus sings: Don’t look Ethel*!

    >>> Ethel is looking and likes what she sees.

    Message to IggyRae/MSM: It’s the economy, stoopid.


    >>> “UPDATE 2-Canadian inflation eases, core rate at record low”

    “Large gains in food and energy costs have propelled global inflation rates higher for the past few months.

    The Canadian figures contrast with other data showing U.S. consumer prices increased at their fastest pace in more than 1-1/2 years in February and euro zone inflation jumped well above the European Central Bank’s target.”


    (*H/T Ray Stevens)

  15. Ontario Girl says:

    08:59 AM In Committee From The House Of Commons
    Procedure and House Affairs: MPs consider what action to take regarding statements made by International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda on how a document was altered to deny funding for the faith-based aid group KAIROS. (March 18)
    10:00 AM In Committee From The House Of Commons
    Procedure and House Affairs: International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda will respond to allegations that she intentionally misled MPs with her explanations on how and why a document was altered to deny funding for the faith-based aid group KAIROS. (March 18)
    12:00 PM Rockburn Presents
    Ken Rockburn spoke to Randy Bachman at Winnipeg’s Pyramid Cabaret.
    01:00 PM In Committee From The House Of Commons
    Procedure and House Affairs: MPs consider what action to take regarding statements made by International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda on how a document was altered to deny funding for the faith-based aid group KAIROS. (March 18)
    02:00 PM In Committee From The House Of Commons
    Procedure and House Affairs: MPs consider what action to take regarding statements made by International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda on how a document was altered to deny funding for the faith-based aid group KAIROS. (March 18)
    03:00 PM Beyond Politics
    NDP MP Malcolm Allen talks to Catherine Clark about his life Beyond Politics.
    03:30 PM In Committee From The House Of Commons
    Procedure and House Affairs: MPs consider what action to take regarding statements made by International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda on how a document was altered to deny funding for the faith-based aid group KAIROS. (March 18)
    04:30 PM Beyond Politics
    Rick Mercer talks to Catherine Clark about his life beyond political satire on this special edition of Beyond Politics.

  16. Alberta Girl says:

    “Hmm,Fife has just tweeted that the court hearing scheduled to begin today(for the 4 Tories named in the in/out ‘scandal) has been postponed to June 15”

    Well Sammy – you couldn’t have them found innocent in the middle of an election campaign – it would ruin the Coalition’s attacks! LOL

  17. Alberta Girl says:

    ” on how a document was altered”?????????


    perhaps they should focus on just how a minister is to “disagree” with something a beauracrat decided she should agree with!

    I get a kick out of how they are trying to make this out as “fraud”! What a flippin joke this is.

  18. Ontario Girl says:

    Ned Franks again on this committee? He sure is spreading himself around. Who made him an EXPERT? Bev Oda doesn
    t get there for an hour so I guess he is there to set up all the talking points for the Coalition.
    They have complained they haven’t heard from Oda and now they have this BS guy on?

  19. Mary T says:

    Frank is giving his opening stmt on the NOT. He said that when x signed the letter the not was not there, so where is a copy of said document signed without the NOT.
    Gee it will take 6 months to translate some documents from the DND presented today to committee.
    Why is Frank prosecuting her before she has appeared.

  20. Mary T says:

    Now he is onto the guy that resigned re the census. Public servants seem to have more power than a minister, and to go against said advise could be contempt. Yikes. And why is Frank there, he is not an elected official, just some professor. Now some guy is bragging about Kairos. THis is just an effort to get that funding back.
    Biggs should maybe offer her resignation like the census guy did, to show whatever.
    Frank talking that the document was doctored.

  21. Ontario Girl says:

    Mary says
    Why is Frank prosecuting her before she has appeared.

    Exactly…I am boiling already. No one was there to pave the way before I RUBY appeared before the committee….she showed up with her LAWYER. Lets hear from the witnesses….not his Liberal hack. This is headlines for the Newspapers today and we won’t hear what Oda says.

  22. Joanne says:

    Ned Franks is trying to make suggestions for how to improve things in the future but the Coalition parties don’t care about that. They only want blood.

  23. Joanne says:

    Tom L. to Franks – Your statement of fact is not factual.

    • Joanne says:

      Kady’s bias is showing:

      Over to Lukiwski, who quibbles with Franks’ initial assertion that the facts of this case are, for the most part, not in dispute, which he then attempts to disprove by disputing every one of the points laid out by Franks in his opening statement. “Your statement of what you consider to be ‘fact’ is not factual,” he sniffs, and then — oh, he’s just delivering the minister’s, and indeed the government’s defence. I wonder how he’ll manage to end it in the form of a question.

  24. Ontario Girl says:

    Lewisky is great….Franks Facts are NOT facts. First document wasn’t a document but a memo. It was intended to deceive.Now Franks is apoligising for not having the facts. Whats this guy doing there? Glad Lewisky is bring up Mrs. Biggs testamony the media hide. This Franks is there for the coalition to confuse the issue. It should start with Bev Oda and people in the know. NOT this guy.

  25. Mary T says:

    Ted L is doing a great job of undermining Frank’s stmt.
    She (Bev) was not asked the question he referred to at committee, she was asked WHO inserted the NOT and she said she didn’t know.

  26. Mary T says:

    Will Bev get re-elected, I think she will.
    But, it is obvious that the coalition would give the grant back to Kairos.
    Now Paquet is trying to get the PM into the mess.
    Here comes angry Pat Martin. Reil was not guilty.
    Scott is not there today.
    Now Martin is blaming the PM for putting in the NOT
    Basically have you quit beating your wife.

  27. Mary T says:

    I feel so sorry that Bev has to appear today for 2 hours in front of this kangaroo court.
    She has never said she was advised by senior staff.
    One thing is clear, Ministers have no power, it is the senior staff who tell them what to do, and make all decisions. Time to tell senior staff they are there to carry out the will of the government. Not their ideas, not the opposition ideas, but the will of the government. And the opposition are not government, remember when Iggy said If I was in government-
    End of Franks.

  28. NB Tory Gal says:

    Oh my goodness…Bev Oda is just about to become a witness before this committee…errr uhhhh kangaroo court….i just saw her approach the liberals sitting at the table and shake their hands…she shook the hands of the bloc members…and she went around to the chairman and the folks at that table….. this is awesome…. I think she feels fine folks…

  29. Ontario Girl says:

    Ned franks says he wrote his opening statement in HASTE? So it was factually WRONG and he appoligized. Maybe the Liberals wrote his opening statement? Seems he didn’t know anything about the case, so what was he there for? Mark one for our side with his testamony. He did more harm then good for the coalition, I think. Hope they give Bev Oda as much time to speak without interruptions.

  30. NB Tory Gal says:



    ..definitions of prima facie

    the chairman just said he had conversations with the speaker on all motions within this committee and he said on this particular one prima facie is firm… it is what it is….

  31. Dirt says:

    I think it’s time the Conservative party went to a real court room to stop the leftwing witch-hunt, I’ve never seen such a partisan side show in my lifetime. Shame on those who are suppose to be in charge, I’ve seen playgrounds with more decorum and professionalism.

  32. Mary T says:

    Yikes, the opposition trying to condemn the fact that perhaps speaking to the Speaker will pre determine the outcome. What have the opposition been doing for the past few days.

  33. NB Tory Gal says:

    ..question of privilege relating to statements made by the minister of international cooperation….

    …there are wild objections to the chairman of the committee using any words the speaker might have said in a private conversation….

    pat martin… and john mackay…. objections and now a motion to strike chairmans comments from the record…

  34. Ontario Girl says:

    The chair said a comment he got from the speaker and now the coalition are saying the chair shouldn’t be setting the tone to start the meeting? This after the coalition had Ned franks on to set the tone for them all factually WRONG. Maybe the speaker should of showed up instead of hit and run.

    • Joanne says:

      Kady has this on the comment from the speaker:

      it seems that there is some grumbliness on the opposition side over the chair’s comments on a private conversation he had with the Speaker before these hearings had gotten underway. Martin goes further than McKay, who simply questioned the appropriateness of sharing those details with the committee, and suggests that it reveals more bias than this chair has ever demonstrated before. He then proposes that the chair’s statements be stricken from the record — yes, they can do that, apparently — which sends Scott Reid into a tirade over yesterday’s transpirings, and the “unprecedented” attempt to “secretly” write a two-page report that would conclude that the government is in contempt.

      The coalition doesn’t want anything getting out that might favour the government.

  35. NB Tory Gal says:

    Here is Bev… giving a presentation
    she says she takes full responsibility for the confusion in this matter…

  36. Mary T says:

    850,000 of Kairos was to be used for campaigning and wages and other funding for projects IN CANADA. Reason for refusing the funding.

  37. Mary T says:

    Former chief of staff inserted NOT, notice the word former.

  38. Bec says:

    Re the topic……When you consider that the 2 days of testimony involved many panel members slamming the book of detailed breakdowns, several times on their desk as they spoke indignantly about it’s size.

    And then you consider that yesterday, the news broke before the dinner hour that the Govt was found in contempt by the Opps (not the committee, thank you very much) then one can only conclude that the Opps cared only about the optic of this event.

    Conclusion? Tim Powers has nailed it and the Canadian people are OWED a truthful reporting of this kangaroo court because the consequences of what these people have done is frightening!

  39. Calgary Junkie says:

    Further to Steve V’s blog at Far And Wide, Scandalpalooza … The challenge for Iggy is: how to play these “scandals” during an election campaign. The most recent and best comparison is how PM Harper played the Sponsorship scandal during the 2005/6 campaign.

    Most pundits were surprised that he made very little mention of Sponsorship, instead following the format of presenting a policy-a-day, and then wrapping it all up with his “five priorities” narrative. His political judgement was that hammering away on Sponsorship wasn’t going to get him far electorally.

    Politics is obviously a very difficult game to play. I’ll trust Harper’s judgement over Iggy’s, on how best an Opposition Leader should play a given hand–in this case “scandals”.

    The lesson, long ago lost on Iggy, is that an Opposition Leader has to first and foremost present themselves as a Prime Minister in-waiting. This includes presenting a fairly specific platform, with specific legislation, fully thought out and costed. Iggy is a fool, if he thinks reporters will also want to talk “scandal” ad nauseum, and won’t press him on details of his vague policies.

  40. NB Tory Gal says:

    John MacKay trying to upset Bev Oda…he is being relentless…like she is in court…

  41. NB Tory Gal says:

    I love the “Mr Chair” procedure…

  42. The_Iceman says:

    I just watched Bev Oda’s opening statement in committee, and it was exactly what “Stuff Occurs” said it was. It was procedure because CIDA did not provide an option to say no, which has since been corrected. It was a great speech by Bev. Well Done!

    • Joanne says:

      Bev Oda’s doing great.

      Why am I getting the feeling that the coalition just walked into an elaborate trap?

  43. NB Tory Gal says:

    Tom L. rocks !!!!

  44. Soccermom says:

    Pat Martin just said Oda had a “gun to her head”

    What a pathetic, horrible, indecent little man. Evil, too.

  45. maz2 says:

    Liberal Iggy’s O’s Harvard.

    “Harvard Arab alumni buy into dictator charm offensive”

    “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a dictator who wants to be accepted by polite Western society should look for a charming, glamorous wife. That, at least, is what the world’s autocrats are learning from the example of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”



    Present leader of the Canadian Liberal Party:

    “The new party leader
    Michael Ignatieff wins the prize. … left his post as director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard”


  46. Bec says:

    Is Winnipeg Centre full of angry, bullies? Why,oh why do they elect this creep? Sue his butt Bev!

  47. Soccermom says:

    and now Pat Martin is bullying Ms. Oda.

    Shame on him. He is completely out of control.

  48. Mary T says:

    I would say our prayers for Bev yesterday are being heard. MacKay trying to put words into her mouth are not working. She did not put the NOT in after it had been signed.
    Now Paquett again trying to make it a govt decision.
    Wonder if there are documents with a not in it from a liberal govt, as that is the way things were done. Now again trying to say she lied as she inserted the not after the PM told her to.
    Again, have you quit beating your wife.
    Martin up again, and he will attack, with a gun to your head, phantom flunky signed,
    Karios not discussed in Cabinet.
    Martin has been corrected by the Chair.
    Now he is bringing in Jason Kenny.

  49. Soccermom says:

    he is making a complete a** of himself. Is he off his meds? He also believes he is above it all, obviously.

  50. frmgrl says:

    Is Winnipeg Centre full of angry, bullies? Why,oh why do they elect this creep? Sue his butt Bev!

    I’d like to know too and yes, Bev sue the crap out of that angry petulant man!

  51. Sandy says:

    I just can’t watch the proceedings today, for the sake of my blood pressure. So, I am deeply appreciative of the continuous commentary. I have been refreshing this page every five minutes or so. So, keep it up. It sounds to me like Bev Oda will come off looking very professional and MPs like Pat Martin the bullies they are. I can only assume he gets re-elected because his constituents have not seen this part of him. It is unlikely that Oda will sue because all that does is bring the issue to the fore for weeks on end — which is exactly what the Opps want.

    • Joanne says:

      Bev Oda is doing great.

      Pat Martin is acting like a horse’s a$$. His constituents should be ashamed.

  52. frmgrl says:

    The constituents in Winnipeg Center must be ashamed to have Pat Martin as their MP. Time they elected someone who is a little more level headed.

  53. Soccermom says:

    they obviously like him…they keep voting for this guy.

    Big union area or something? There must be SOME explanation for it.

  54. Alberta Girl says:

    The only problem I see is that the majority of Canadians are NOT watching this side show but getting their “breaking news” from the media who are on a witch hunt to “get” the Harper government.

    The Conservatives – including bloggers and supporters – need to get the truth out by whatever means possible!!!

  55. Mary T says:

    Hang in there Bev, Pat Martin is in need of professional help.
    I hope she sues him into bankruptcy.

  56. frmgrl says:

    Big union area or something? There must be SOME explanation for it.

    Maybe they just don’t pay attention to politics and how their MP is acting.

  57. maz2 says:

    “Soccermom says:
    March 18, 2011 at 10:49 am

    Pat Martin just said Oda had a “gun to her head”

    What a pathetic, horrible, indecent little man. Evil, too.”

    Here* is the hate-filled left of Taliban Jack LaytoNDP/IggyRae/Bloc Duceppe, the Separatist Coalition.

    Here** is Iggy Liberal’s hate-filled Liberal Rae.


    “*Helen Thomas: ‘Israelis Want to Take Palestinian Homes and Land and Water and Kill Their Children’

    If you thought Helen Thomas telling Jews to get the hell out of Palestine was anti-Semitic, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    The disgraced former White House correspondent is Playboy magazine’s interviewee in April, and some of the hate-filled nonsense she spewed to her Jewish interviewer should shame those responsible for ever putting this woman in such a powerful press position:”.



    **Iggy Liberal’s hate-filled Liberal Rae:

    “Bob Rae blasts Harper ‘jihadis'”


  58. NB Tory Gal says:

    What I do not get is…Pat Martin now lives on vancouver island…I had that confirmed by someone….maybe he will not run again?

  59. Ontario Girl says:

    Mrs. Biggs from CITA just said this…”The Minister’s decision in this matter was NEVER in doubt or CONFUSING to ME.”
    That should end this goon gong show.

    Martin called the dept a “screwed up dept”….and he called the chief of staff Stephanie Mackel a” phantom flunky.”
    What a waste of time and money because the only “confusion” was being done by the coalition and the media. To think Bev Oda was totally VILLIFIED for WHAT?

    Pat Martin lets Franks go on & on and now he has bev oda there to get answers and he says he wants short and quick answers from her.

    NO she said…I did not mislead the house. No intention to mislead because everything done was common knowledge.
    The coalition are looking for excuses to bring down the govt.

  60. Sandy says:

    If Hunter stops by over her lunch hour, maybe she can figure out a way to put a few select tirades on YouTube. Then Jo and I can put those up for all to see. No one is going to watch the whole proceedings. So, we need that kind of expertise. Or, could someone leave her a comment at her blog. I have tried but my comments never go through for some reason. Maybe because I am not on blogger anymore. She knows my e-mail address.

  61. Soccermom says:

    Pat Martin, the arbiter of what “reasonable people” might assume? Pat Martin calling Jason Kenney “insane” ??? Well, insanity is something we are seeing right in front of our eyes as this guy goes on and on insulting this woman.

    I really wish she would get nasty right back at him. I sure would.

  62. Ontario Girl says:

    Pat Martin just said…”Your either a poor minister or an equally an equally poor liar.”

    He is an angry angry man. Bev Oda asked to be able to” answer the questions” and Martin is talking when she is. He said she is “building a case that she is a lousy minister.”

    Now McGuinty called her a Minister from the Harper” regime”.

    Bev Oda is showing what a witch hunt she has been through and the coalition are sunk and MAD because the truth is out there.

  63. Soccermom says:

    you’re probably right, Joanne. She’s better at keeping her temper in check than I would be, that’s for sure.

    I see Mr. Spare Parts McGuinty is on now, LOL

  64. Fay says:

    Pat Martin represents the corner of Portage and Main. Not sure how many people even vote? Pat Martin actually lives in Vancouver Island.

  65. NB Tory Gal says:

    Pat Martin lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

    I asked this person oh…where does pat martin live then?
    and this was his reply…..
    ManitobaMaz Braydon Maz
    @NBToryGal Salt Spring Island
    7 Mar Favorite Retweet Reply

  66. Ontario Girl says:

    Pat Martin wasn’t sworn in either. Wonder why??

  67. NB Tory Gal says:

    I am sticking right here to watch Bev….

  68. NB Tory Gal says:

    Pat Martin is probably not a member of this committee…he was invited to be there… most probably…

  69. Sandy says:

    N.B. Tory Gal — Those of you who can are definitely taking a hard one for the team. This is painful. I was once, a very long time ago, married to a wife abuser. He is dead now, but the memories are still back there. So, when I watch people like P. Martin and D. McGuinty, it all comes flooding back. Why on earth are the women there from the media not seeing the abuse for what it is? Can you imagine if a Cons MP ever acted like that? It is beyond belief that our parliamentary committee is condoning verbal abuse towards a woman — in 2011!

  70. Sammy says:

    Could some in the msm be getting fed up with this clown show too? David Akin just tweeted ‘ain’t Parliamentary priviledge wonderful?’ referring to Pat Martin?
    I just have one question for all the msm…hoping at least one reporter will have the guts to call Martin out.Where is all the coverage on the ‘mean-spiritedness’ and the nasty tone of the Op.? Oh yeah..that only refers to Cons.As far as I have observed especially thru these hearings,the Cons are the only adults in this insane sideshow.

  71. Ontario Girl says:

    Talk about trying to “confuse ” someone. The Blocks question was so long, with so many different points, i couldn’t even catch up to him.How can anyone answer?

    Martin is mad and he is rude and nasty….. its awful.
    He just called Bev a Liar again.

  72. dolly says:

    GAWD: For two days I’ve been watching this, and I can’t take anymore. What’s wrong with that Martin, I found myself yelling at his face on TV “Your such a s**thead. I think I’m going nuts. How many times does Min. Oda have to explain herself to him. She is the minister, that is part of her portfolio – her decision therefore is CIDA’s decision also. What’s not to understand. I can expect the Bloc MPs maybe not understanding English but Martin. Seems he must have flunked his English course in school. There dancing around in circles trying to get her to slip up.
    Who votes for Martin. I think Ms. Oda needs a good lawyer and she sue the A## of Martin for slandering her. It’s too bad the general population is not watching this Kangroo court.

  73. Sammy says:

    Sandy,regarding your comment at 11:39..Thank-You for saying what I was having trouble with.I just didn’t want to go there,as I too can relate.Having spent 17 yrs married to a man that was so verbally abusive,I too see the similarities with Pat Martin.I really would like to know,how female NDP voters could support these tactics.I wonder too what Layton thinks of him? He cannot be good for the party when he is so very hateful.

    • Joanne says:

      This is going to come back to bite them. Even some progressives on Twitter are criticizing Pat Martin.

  74. NB Tory Gal says:

    Sammy and Sandy – I understand totally what both of you have said. It is probably a good thing to step back – it is not easy viewing. Send all your supportive thoughts of Bev Oda up to the Universe and she will receive it. I am sending much love and peaceful white light (visual) to both of you via the universe. We will get through this.

  75. Ontario Girl says:

    Govt. …Armstrong said…”I have been brought up with manners, so i will ask a question & allow you to answer, not like what has been going on here today.”

    Bev Oda was a previous schoolteacher.

    She is doing soooo goooood. now she is talking about the funding and she said the buck stops here and is going through the funding she gives to other people.

    Mckay will now ATTACK!!!!!!!

  76. Michael Harkov says:

    LOLOLOLOL Marcel Proulx had one minute to ask a question at the end before break and he almost used his whole minute to whine about the time. But just when he was about to ask his question, the chaie said “oh, out of time, let’s break for lunch”.

    Liberal amateur hour, hahahahaha!!!!

  77. Ontario Girl says:

    Looks like the coalition of losers see they lost, when FACTS not inuendo are finally on the record. Now they want to try and change the channel and find fault with the chair. He was giving those who didn’t get a chance to ask questions to do so. Liberal Proux was wasting time with points of order he was accusing the Govt. of doing?The coalition had an HOUR of their guy Ned Franks and no one was complaining then.

    Maybe the Govt. should remind the opposition of Paul Szabo when he (as chair) shut down and disallowed 12 winesses the Govt. wanted to hear on the Election Canada committee.

    Is Ned Franks going to be BACK again at 1pm? What a bunch of bologne.

  78. Soccermom says:

    well it should be obvious to anyone watching that fiasco who the polite, decent people were in that committee room. It sure wasn’t coalition members, that’s for sure.

    they look perpetually angry; wait, I thought it was conservatives who were always angry and “pinched”….! Looks like that’s another popular oft-repeated myth that got flushed down the toilet.

    they are so full of hatred their eyes are almost rat-like. My apologies to four-legged rats everywhere for the analogy…LOL

  79. Garfield says:

    Would it be possible to FLOOD Martin’s and McGuinty’s offices (be polite) with e-mails letting them know we think they are rude bullies and beneath the contempt of fair-minded Canadians?

  80. Ontario Girl says:

    I wonder if the MEDIA and CBC will “retract” all the LIES they wrote in newspapers for months on this issue?

    Bev Oda isn’t the LIAR….its the coalition, the media and the CBC/CTV .

    I don’t blame Oda for not getting up in question period on this. Can you imagine trying to explain all the events? Can you imagine how the slimy bunch would of continued to mis-represent the Facts?

  81. NB Tory Gal says:

    Why are we not surprised…this just tweeted by Fife the Knife…

    RobertFifeNDP MP Pat Martin says opp will move formal motion of contempt vs Oda for misleading Parl. #cdnpoli
    1 minutes ago

  82. Bec says:

    “So, when I watch people like P. Martin and D. McGuinty, it all comes flooding back. Why on earth are the women there from the media not seeing the abuse for what it is? ”

    That’s precisely what has been in my mind too. I am in complete shock and here is a kicker, I have my 2 wee Grandchildren here and have it on in the background. Our 3 year old keeps looking up at the TV and saying, “that man is mean, Grama” everytime these guys get going.

    Out of the mouth of a babe!

  83. Michael Harkov says:

    This is going to come back to bite them. Even some progressives on Twitter are criticizing Pat Martin.

    That is what I said in your last thread. Some day he is going to go too far.

    • Joanne says:

      He went too far today. Anyone living in his riding please do all you can to support Anyone But Pat!!!

  84. wilson says:

    Rats, I only saw the last part! Thanks everyone for suffering thru this.

    Question, Ned Franks apologized, but did he retract his previous public assertion, that Minister Oda forged documents?

    Because I saw the last part only and was not already angry, I saw an Opposition quibbling about how a Minister did her paperwork. Minister Oda was excellent and very composed.
    Couldn’t get a read on Ms Biggs, tho she seemed very stiff, why was she giving such limited answers?

  85. William in Ajax says:

    One hour break …they’ll be back at 1:00 pm est.

    My take …Pat Martin is a liar and an idiot and should be banned from this farce.

    • Joanne says:

      I think we’ve talked about this before but does anyone know if you can donate to a candidate in a different riding than your own? eg. Bev Oda’s?

  86. Ontario Girl says:

    Summary…Ned Franks was frank that he didn’t have any FACTS.Why was he there?
    John McKay leaves the committee and Bev wanted to answer one of his questions, which she wasn’t able to do, because of being cut off.
    Then McKay is back at the table full of vigor(Was he on the phone with the CBC?) with more dumb questions
    Fife the knife has a tweet ALREADY from his buddies in the rat pack to say they will charge Bev Oda with contempt?
    I am not surprised. Nothing ever gets in the way of the truth with these guys. Can you picture the underhanded things that would be going on if the coalition was the GOVT?…….oh yes, we already saw that picture before.

  87. Bec says:

    “Couldn’t get a read on Ms Biggs, tho she seemed very stiff, why was she giving such limited answers?”

    wilson, my assessment is that she was asked limited questions but as well, completely intimidated by this farce.
    THEY have not allowed ANY time for complete answers. Pat MArtin has continuously given his tirade and then asked for “yes or no, just answer, yes or no”. He’s a monster, truly despicable and the others, his participating enablers.

  88. Liz J says:

    What a fine bunch of Commissars to be talking and accusing anyone of contempt of Parliament and lying!! They’re the most contemptible of all, can’t even show respect for heaven’s sake. It’s ridiculous but it’s worrisome to witness such hatred as we see oozing from Pat Martin.

    bothe the NDP and the Liberals are always crying about having more women in their ranks, looking at the way they’re treating Minister Oda, the way they treated Geurgis, they’re displaying just how phony they are.

    This is about as toxic as we’ve seen and it’s going to get worse until the people of this country smarten up and send a message to the Liberals and the NDP at the ballot box. These people should never get near power in their present state of desperation and vicious hatred for the governing party and it’s leader.

  89. maz2 says:

    The left of Liberal IggyRaeMartiNDP: Hate-filled.

    MartiNDP is not blowing smoke. MartiNDP is the hate-filled left personified.

    His leader is Jack LaytoNDP. Where is Jack? Jack’s wife is of Chinese ancestry.

    Conservative MP Oda is of Japanese* ancestry. Where is the “compasssion” and “tolerance” from the left? Is MartiNDP racist? Is MartiNDP a misogynist, a hater of women?

    >>> Bev Oda: “*first Japanese-Canadian MP and cabinet minister in Canadian history”.

    One week ago Japan was struck by a killer earthquake and the ensuing tsunami/nuclear horror.

    Will the leftist MSM bring this out? Where is the leftist MSM outrage as MP Oda is “grilled” by the left?


    “now YOU are a target;” The New Civility Targets Ann Althouse (Update: Possible Pulitzer and Interview with Shankman)”

    “Well, you had to wonder how long it would be before the deranged left decided Ann Althouse was the enemy. Althouse has two posts as of now from a Jim Shankman (here and here). My only peeve is that it’s not obvious how she received these threatening documents and I wish she would fill that in a little more.

    Of course Althouse’s sin has been to make the protesters in Wisconsin look bad. How has she done that? Mostly by picking up a video camera and letting them be themselves.

    The creepy thing, reading the screed sent to Althouse is its familiarity. As many here know, I participated in the Everyone Draw Mohammed protests last year and I didn’t mention it much but yeah, now and then I got death threats. Generally my reaction was to delete it and let them know they have been reported to the FBI. But here you can see a recent example that I haven’t gotten around to deleting yet. I don’t want to make too much of it. I’m not trying to make myself out to be courageous or anything. Seriously, I believe what this really is, is impotent rage. I am fully convinced that these guys are just idiots in their pajamas, in their mother’s basement, who think they can intimidate us this way but are in reality incapable of performing.

    But this Anti-Althouse screed has a certain “American Taliban” kind of feel, especially in the notion that somehow because she had the temerity to show the world how these idiots really behave she has to leave town. If the man was serious, he is proposing a very real totalitarianism on American soil. Hopefully he has the same performance issues as the idiots who threaten me.

    On the other hand, as pointed out in the “The Greatest Blog Post Ever Written” and this handy compilation of Wisconsin threats, violence and other bad behavior, there is a context there that would justify some actual fear and concern on Althouse’s part.

    We all know that in the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting the left tried to tar the entire right as “uncivil” in its dialogue which somehow led a communist to attack Giffords (I think the logic of the argument goes something like the business plan of the infamous Underwear Gnomes on South Park). Indeed I threw up in my mouth a little when I read that the University of Arizona was creating a National Institute for Civil Discourse in honor of Ms. Giffords. By comparison, Judge Roll will get a much more fitting tribute: a courthouse named after him.

    We knew at the time that the party of the Teamsters were just blowing smoke when they pretended to be committed to civility. The events of the last month only verify that.”



    *Japanese Canadians – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia **
    Prominent Canadians of Japanese ancestry. This is an incomplete list, which … Bev Oda, first Japanese-Canadian MP and cabinet minister in Canadian history … Japanese Canadians are Canadians of Japanese ancestry, and are mostly

  90. Liz J says:

    You are right Bec, Martin is a monster, he’s acting like some freak of humanity, that kind of vicious hatred can’t be considered normal directed at another MP. He’s there to intimidate and interrupt the train of thought. The Chair of the Kangaroo court proceedings should hammer him out of order.

  91. Ontario Girl says:

    I wish Lewinski would of brought up all the media abuse that has been put on this women’s reputation, and those pics behind parl. in papers and those u-tube jokes and video’s making fun of the Minister, for months and the false stories reported by CBC/CTV.
    That needs to be said.

  92. Ontario Girl says:

    What a difference in the way Bev oda was treated by the opposition today and the way Ruby Dallah was treated in committee. If the tables were turned the media would be all over this treatment. It was pure bullying, trying to intimidate the Minister.Where’s those women groups??? Conservative men have CLASS……coalition….not so much.

    I can’t believe the NDP put Martin there. Didn’t they see the way Pat Martin treated Candice Hophner on CBC just 2 weeks ago? I guess they condone it.He’s not even on that committee. He’s not sworn in. he need medication to calm down. Guess thats what happens when you lose.

  93. wilson says:

    Joanne, I donated to Chris Alexander’s riding last year, no problem.

  94. Wildrose says:

    Thank-you for keeping me up to date on these “goings-on”. I am working (at home) and can only catch up from time to time. One can only hope that this unseemly ambush by the coalition will find it’s way into public knowledge, as it is very telling. Very good context for what is coming. I now feel that an election is necessary in order to establish who has the authority to govern, as the opposition parties are making a mockery of govt. We need a majority govt.

    • Joanne says:

      One can only hope that this unseemly ambush by the coalition will find it’s way into public knowledge,

      Yeah that’s why I like Sandy’s idea of capturing certain clips and posting them.

  95. dolly says:

    I can’t believe that Pat Martin is allowed to carry on in this manner. If a lawsuit isn’t forthcoming then I am going to believe there is something wrong with our Conservatives. There is so much out there on the net as proof of his slander towards Min. Oda and not in Parliament. If this goes unchallenged then I sure want an answer as to why. It is going to be extremely hard to get any woman to run for the Conservative party if they don’t back up this situation. I would donate to her lawsuit. Pat Martin needs more than anger management or medications.

  96. NB Tory Gal says:

    Have you voted here yet?

    Iceman has a poll question

    Please vote…

  97. Ontario Girl says:

    Next witness Mary Corkery from Kairos….now we hear how wonderful they are and how shocked they are being turned down for funding.What does this have to do with Bev Oda ??

  98. NB Tory Gal says:

    May I please correct you Ontario Girl in which you posted this:

    Ontario Girl says:
    March 18, 2011 at 12:41 pm
    I wish Lewinski would of brought up all the media abuse that has been put on this women’s reputation, and those pics behind parl. in papers and those u-tube jokes and video’s making fun of the Minister, for months and the false stories reported by CBC/CTV.
    That needs to be said.

    you are using the name Lewinski…(that is not the name of the mp sitting on committee today) Lewinski could be referenced here. There may be other persons with this name but this one comes to mind…

    —-the name you want for quoting purposes is:
    Tom Lukiwski

  99. Mary T says:

    Maybe we should all e-mail Jack Layton and suggest (demand) that he not sign Pat Martin’s nomination papers, and recommend he seek help for anger management. Flood the WFP with letters to the editor bringing up how over the top he is. Quebecers voted out the libs when they realized they were being tarred as supporters of corruption and graft and brown paper bags. Tell his voters we are sorry they are such hateful people.
    Tell Jack that if Martin runs he will lose a lot of votes in the rest of Canada due to his party’s hateful treatment of women.
    I would love to see the PM trek over to the GG after the budget and tell him it is impossible to govern with those idiots in the coalition seats.

  100. Ontario Girl says:

    NB Tory Girl
    Tom Lukiwski

    Thanks. He’s no Monica lewinski, thats for sure.lol

  101. Mary T says:

    I missed the last hour of the gong show as had a client. But it was on in the background with sound off. If I was the Chair I would suspend this committee till Sept 2025.

  102. fh says:

    one only needs to go to debates
    to verify Minister Oda is telling the truth about what she said in the house of commons
    Feb 14, 2011

  103. Mary T says:

    Now it seems some gal from Kairos is on and again the questioners are insinuating the decision to defund was made after they had been funded.
    Where is the anger shown to Bev.
    Everyone seems to have forgotten that the original application has 800,000 for projects in Canada.
    I think Martin took some anger pills before he started to question her, he doesn’t look so angry.

  104. Sandy says:

    Dolly — The thing is that there is parliamentary immunity in both the House of Commons and the parliamentary committee rooms when a formal hearing is going on. It was never intended to be used as it is today, but no one can be sued for what they say there. Which makes it even more of an abomination. Maybe Martin will say more on P &P today or in a scrum. Then, he CAN be sued. But, as I said before, do we want to put Oda through weeks of this? In the middle of an election campaign? I don’t think so.

    What I think will happen, is that we will have an election. Then, if the Cons get a majority, P. Martin and others will get their as— sued off and it would look good on them. They have made a farce of the committee system.

    However, I have been reading progressive and Liberal blogs and the difference in the way they see the current government is so different than ours, it is like we live on two different planets. I used to teach sociology and we did a lot of talking about the different “paradigms” or world views. Well, what we are witnessing are two parallel universes in Ottawa and the left is so full of hate it is unbelievable! Hopefully, enough Canadians will see things as they really are to give the Cons a majority because Parliament desperately needs some professionalism and stability.

  105. Ontario Girl says:

    Pat martin and crew arn’t talking over this Mary Corkery from Kairos and where did the yes and no answers go to? She is making speeches about how wonderful they are. So now will bev Oda have to come back to verify anything this woman is saying? Do we just automatically believe what she is saying?

  106. wilson says:

    Wow, Ms KAIROS is certainly being treated like a human being.
    It makes my heart cry, the way Minister Oda was treated by the Opposition Thugs.

  107. frmgrl says:

    In the newest NDP ad Jack Layton says that partisan games needs to be put aside and they need to work on improving pensions etc. If he really believes that, he should have a good chat with his member from Winnipeg Center. It seems like Pat did not get that memo.

  108. wilson says:

    What the h has any of the last 35 minutes of this committee have to do with the motion that resurrected this Kangaroo court?
    KAIROS was not funded, period.

  109. Soccermom says:

    I had to snicker when she said that when Kairos got all the attention in the media re being anti-semitic, they actually got MORE private donations….

    hmmm what does that say…..that there are plenty of anti-semites around? LOLOLOL

    Yes aren’t the attack rats being kind to her….

  110. Soccermom says:

    what’s your definition of anti-semitic, McSquinty Spare Parts?

  111. Jen says:

    Refering to the ‘ chrietien scandal, I want know why Marc Mayrand of Elections Canada never investigated the abuse of election financing by allowing Liberal friendly advertising firms that opportunity to put campaign fund raisers on their staff: which is completely against Election Canada rules.

    second: Why is Election Canada allowing Liberal leadership candidates extension after extension to have their leadership loans paid off. Correct me if I am wrong but party leadership loans if not repaid in a year are supposed to become part of overall election funds allowable to a particular party; and therefore reduce the amount that can be actually spent.

    Also, didn’t Chretien and his majority government ‘prorogued’ parliament, to avoid being investigated by Sheila Fraser.

  112. dolly says:

    That might be so Sandy – that they have immunity in the House as well as these proceedings, but Martin has been on CTV as well as CBC before this spewing this hatred language toward Min. Oda. Now, I know it sounds reasonable to sit back and wait, but it sounds like she is guilty according to media. It’s a catch 22 situation, but there will be hard pressed to get any women to run for districts (Conservative) if nothing is done.

  113. Ontario Girl says:

    Now McGuinty is using this committee to attack Jason Kenny…. calling him a go bot and saying what could make the Harper “regime” smear Millions of Canadians calling them anti sematic.Do do you think the 18 million Canadians have a right to be offended by Harper and Minister kenny?My god.

    After the nasty things Pat Martin said to Bev Oda he asks…Do you think its “damaging” to accuse people of being anti sematic?

  114. wilson says:

    Nothing so far that supports that Minister Oda misled or lied to Parliament.
    This is all about Minister Oda’s decision to not fund an NGO.

  115. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: wilson
    What the h has any of the last 35 minutes of this committee have to do with the motion that resurrected this Kangaroo court?
    KAIROS was not funded, period.

    The Block just told her that her testamony just confirmed the “confusion” by Minister Oda…WHAT?

    This is so out of left field. This has nothing to do with the committee. Its the GOVT’s right to deny funding. Its a way to smear kenny….still going on and the Govt.

  116. Dirt says:

    The Leftwing MPs are exempt and protected from Civil Libel Laws in house and in committee however that legislation can’t possibly include our criminal libel laws that state something akin “If a person’s reputation is irreprably harmed it’s deemed a criminal offense”. Surely our MPs are not above our criminal code?

  117. Jen says:

    I will not be surprise that what I hear and see in the committee via my television in Alberta is not seen in Atlantic Canada or areas where only CBC is only main source channel is sceen.
    I wouldn’t be surpised that the comments from BEV or others who answer the conservative questions is ‘NOT’ shown and/or re-edited.

    for example I may see the whole show but for those who only get CBC that’s when/where the media reporters can manipulate the whole story.

    So, be very vigilant guys.

  118. dolly says:

    Dirt, I agree, and if they let this go by it will only get worse. Someone or something has to stop this slander. They have been getting away with this for sometime now and it has to stop. If it means a lawsuit in the middle of an election – so be it. There are quite a few going on or pending at this time, so why not a conservative laying one. How come we are so patient. Why is it that only members of the conservative party are facing charges. Time to get some balls.

  119. Ontario Girl says:

    That last part about motions being done in or out of camera ,was interesting. Tom Lukiwski pointed it out that what is done in Camera , as far as motions, is being talked about in the HOC. Does it mean it can’t go to media on what is said in camera at committee? Maybe the coalition want to put out their motion NOW before Monday as they talked about MONDAY’s committee meeting?

  120. Lorraine says:

    I think all of us who self identify as Conservatives should sue for defamation as we have been slandered as a group. I won’t repeat the horrible names we have been called.

  121. wilson says:

    Walsh just landed a blow to the coalition. The NOT document was never used by Minister Oda to mislead Parliament.

  122. Ontario Girl says:

    Walsh just said…”I don’t see it as an intent to mislead the house.”

    Before that statement Walsh said…”The “not” is a red herring”.

    Tom Lukiwski said this is an INTERNAL memo NOT a Parliamentary Document.

    • Joanne says:

      Walsh just said…”I don’t see it as an intent to mislead the house.”

      Before that statement Walsh said…”The “not” is a red herring”.

      Ontario Girl – If Bev Oda is hung by this lynch mob they’ll have to answer for it in the election.

  123. wilson says:

    After watching this Kangaroo Court, who thinks Minister Oda was given the chance to fully answer ANY question in the prior committee…

  124. Mary T says:

    Would Martin have allowed Bev to say, I think it might have been so and so who added the not. He would have cut her off.
    They are not interested in anything that will prove Bev innocent. So, watch for iggy to campaign on funding karios Martin just gave his opinion on what, who and why karios was refunded. He said the govt doesn’t like karios. Where did that come from, other than his dreams.

  125. Mary T says:

    Mackay going on about truthfullness and honesty. He should look in the mirror.

  126. Bec says:

    Some Libs and Dippers have used words like fraud, lied, liar…… IN PUBLIC so of course they are going to rule ,against her. They are in this for them, not the truth. God forbid anyone ever have a bad day, not feel well, have health issues with these CLOWNS. They are going for the jugular and human frailties be damned!

  127. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Mary T
    Mackay going on about truthfullness and honesty. He should look in the mirror.

    Made me think of the list of the 199 reasons not to vote Liberal….and those shannanigans wern’t who wrote a NOT on an internal memo.

    This is all so twisted and childish. Digging like rats for ANYthing to get rid of a Govt. Minister. Is this Walsh backpeddling now? I can see CBC clips tonight. it will be like the afghan detainee witnesses. Never seeing anyone except those agreeing with Liberals.

  128. wilson says:

    Did Walsh just say that Parliamentarians have no right to know if Minister did or did not follow the crats recommendations?

  129. NB Tory Gal says:

    If you would like to let Bev Oda know your support…you can contact her here…mind you do not be surprised if she does not read it, and it is one of her staff that will read it..and who knows when she will see it..


  130. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Joanne
    This whole process has been tangled in semantic weeds.

    They would say its NOT barbaric but just makes them “Uncomfortable”.

    I think this is whole Kangaroo court is barbaric.

    Now they have made up their minds and are ready to go in camera to draft their motion. Guess Walsh gave them what they can use to twist as a reason to boot out a Conservative minister. Wonder what Bev Oda’s constituents think of this…the ones who voted for her?Talk about splitting hairs.

  131. wilson says:

    Imo, Walsh and Capp both confirmed, when the minister makes a decision, it is a CIDA decision,
    knowledge of the advice to the Minister is not the right of Parliamentarians.
    So, Minister Oda was not misleading saying ‘CIDA decision’.

    One would have to watch the taped proceedings of the NOT inquisition to understand if Minister Oda was talked over, cut short and bullied the same as in this spectacle, and thusly not given a chance to ‘be fullsome’ in her answers,
    or did she not expand on her answers, in essence leaving the wrong impression, knowingly.

  132. Ontario Girl says:

    So now the BLOCK(and the rest) don’t care to have their report done in both offical languages, after the coalition through this whole thing were ranting and raving that everything had to be in BOTH languages?

    The coalition don’t want witness statements included on the report.
    Armstrong…”At the end of reports is where the evil is presented like in Cuba and Iran because they are dictators. Using the majority to sensor the Canadian public to hear evidence. Contemp of Parliament is from the coalition asking to leave Canadians in the dark.How do you like the coalition so far?”

    Block….”This is more work for researchers & they don’t care about evidence. They just want the “Crux”.”

    Now the coalition are fighting tooth and nail to get their “report” Monday at 8:30am with media cameras? Proulx said “the committee rooms should make “Priority” for this .

    This will be a media hayday…just what the coalition want….to heck with truth and justice. Power by any means and the media to accomadate them.

    Where’s my checkbook for the donation to the CPC.

  133. Ontario Girl says:

    Wilson says
    or did she not expand on her answers, in essence leaving the wrong impression, knowingly.

    What they will use is” the time from the day she knew who put the not in till the committee hearing.” They think Bev Oda should of told them this in question period and outside of parliament. That will be their excuse to call her in contempt and I bet the whole Govt. by the time this rat pack of slime is done. They don’t want that budget read…bottom line.

  134. Richco says:

    Bec @ 2:47 – “Some Libs and Dippers have used words like fraud, lied, liar…… IN PUBLIC so of course they are going to rule ,against her.”

    If I’m not mistaken some of those words can be found in the new Liberal ads which make the LPOC fair game for a lawsuit. I also vaguely recall one or all of those words being used in scrums outside of the legislature and therefore enough that if those who have been slandered wanted to they could take legal action.

    I didn’t watch the committee goings on today and only partially yesterday. I’m also confident that outside those political junkies few did. I’m also not convinced that the general public is falling for the liberal media spin on things so let me suggest that what they headline tomorrow or later on will not phase Canadians.

    It’s always been obvious to me that the continual use of pet words and phrases of the opposition are bait intended to be said often enough by the opposition so that they are believed by the average Canadian. It’s not.

    These issues still are issues that Canadians care nothing about.

    I will also bet you that the PM and those close to him knew before going into these committee hearings what the outcomes were going to be – that the Coalition came in to these proceedings with their minds made up and will find against the government and Oda.

    Remember that the PM is a guy who is many steps ahead of things and plays over every possible scenario and plans a suitable response.

    There are ways that I believe the PM and gov’t can tie the opposition up for months without an election being the outcome.

    If an election does happen, what’s happened here in committee will help him and the CPC greatly because it continues to define the Coalition by the PM’s terms not the other way around. Every vote where the Lib/Bloc/NDP lends itself to the whole Coalition framing.

  135. billg says:

    There is such irony in all of this. First, Conservative coffers will bulge because of this idiotic display in front of cameras of such small minded “progressives”. Second, the very people the NDP and the Liberals need to come out and vote have yet again found a reason to stay home. The TorStar will do what it always does and distort the story, the CBC will edit tape and make Martin look like Clarence Darrow, but, when the dust settles and it will, the people the Conservatives need for a majority will react with their wallets and their votes, and, the people the Liberals need to eek out a smaller Harper minority will become more apathetic and simply turn off the news. Ironic, no?

  136. wilson says:


    So, if the Harper Government NOT getting a seat on the UNSecurity Council was sooooo important,
    why isn’t Portugal on the short list of countries that are sending int fighter jets to Libya to enforce the no-fly zone…, is Portugal included in the emergency meeting in France tomorrow? Prime Minister Harper is.

    PM heads to Paris meeting on Libya

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper is heading to Paris Friday night to attend a summit with other world leaders to discuss the ongoing crisis in Libya.
    The meeting on Saturday will be hosted by French President Nicholas Sarkozy…

  137. billg says:

    And another thing…seeing as Im adding something positive. How come no one in the MSM or Blogger has equated the Justin Trudeau “barbaric” remark with losing a UN Security Council seat? Seems to me the tradeoff for a UN SC seat is to always find a way to not stand for Western ideals and, for real Canadian values. I think we would have a UN SC seat right now if we had a Liberal govt, mind you, “honour killings” would be “unacceptable” instead of “barbaric”….nice trade off eh?

  138. Sandy says:

    Richco — This is one time that we MUST speak out if we are to value our democracy. Yes, the PM is doing his job. He’s off to France tonight to discuss Libya. Yes, he is a strategist. But, we can take nothing for granted.

    No matter how the media is spinning all this, we cannot even be sure this is all about an election. I wouldn’t be surprised if the coalition leaders paid a visit to the GG next week asking for an opportunity to govern. I have no doubt they are that sneaky. And, we have no idea what the GG would do.

    So, we must be vigilant, positive yes, but vigilant and as aggressive and noisy about this as we were in December 2008. This is no longer totally within the control of the PMO or PM.

    And, by the way, parliamentary immunity is complete. It was meant to protect members from speaking their mind, but it has become a monster. I think it was Wilson who said Oda could undertake a Charter challenge. Or, perhaps take the issue to the Supreme Court to change that law. Truly, something has to be done when reputations can be dragged down to this level.

  139. Jen says:

    Mc Guinty was found to get his infor from WikiLeaks which he apologized for. What a lazy…….
    That Kangaroo committee of the Coalition would sooner find your mother in contempt than themselves or their buddies.
    This whole this is a disgrace utter sham and disgusting.

  140. Ruth says:

    I agree Sandy…it’s time for parliamentary immunity to be gone…enough of this nonsense. I’m sure hoping that Bev has a lawyer proceed, especially with all the words that Martin used last night on the panel on CBC.

  141. Jen says:

    correction: this whole thing

  142. Ontario Girl says:

    Now I see why the coalition didn’t go ahead with the “URGENT”Wed evening committee meeting of Jason kenny. They used today to smear him, when that Kairos woman was there. So they get to smear Minister Kenny and no one hears the testamony against Murphy, Duncan and the Block person on their using Govt. for fundraising. This just keeps getting worse. Don’t bother asking me how CBC Julie van Dusen is spinning this. What a case of non democracy and NO ethics by this mob squad called the coalition. They are in a hurry to get media BEFORE the budget. ummmmm .

  143. wilson says:

    I’m not getting why Tasha K and Brian Lilley think the Carson ‘scandal’ is a game changer…

    Carson tried and failed to get the ear of a Minister or the PM, only got the bums shuffle from the Ministers staff.
    Is it the busty hooker thing again?
    Haven’t the LibDipBloc all been attacking PMSH in the House, for dumping Helena over the busty hooker thing that turned out to be nothing….?

    I see the Federal Accountability Act doing what it was intended to do.
    What am I missing?

  144. Ontario Girl says:

    Wilson says
    What am I missing?

    Not sure ,but what the media is once again conveniently missing to report is that “Prime Minister Harper called the RCMP”.

  145. Richco says:

    Sandy – I didn’t watch the proceedings so can’t get too excited about the opposition doing EXACTLY what everyone has predicted in committee – grandstanding.

    I believe that there is more that the PM can do and will do it.

    If the Coalition forces and election………..Harper wins.
    If the Coalition support the budget……….Harper wins.

    I have much more faith in Canadians and respect for their intelligence to fear that they’ll fall for anything the media has to crow about these committee hearings.

    With so much else going on in the world that’s affecting our country the PM’s on the job when he’s here and when he’s not.

    I read a very good article this morning about how right the PM was to connect what was happening in Japan to the finances and economic recovery – I believe it was Michael Den Tandt’s column.

  146. frmgrl says:

    Carson tried and failed to get the ear of a Minister or the PM, only got the bums shuffle from the Ministers staff.

    David Akin on with Adler said the PM was furious when he found out and immediately called the police. He also agreed with Adler that this is just another “nickle and dime scandal.”
    Dave Rutherford this morning stressed that it was the PM who called the mounties in which the MSM are leaving that information out.

  147. Ontario Girl says:

    Dave Rutherford this morning stressed that it was the PM who called the mounties in which the MSM are leaving that information out.

    And CBC are cherry picking the Coalition testamony and Bev oda’s testamony..(Not showing her answers).

    They are running the Liberal ads on P&P calling Bev Oda a fraud. Bet the ads are running for free , courtesy of the CBC.

  148. Alberta Girl says:

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if the coalition leaders paid a visit to the GG next week asking for an opportunity to govern”

    Sandy, that has been in the back of my mind – why would they be forcing an election with the polls as they are – what is to stop them voting non confidence and then going to the GG and saying – Canadians don’t want an election – let us govern.

    We may never get rid of them.

  149. Sandy says:

    Well, nothing can be done now. I am going to sign off and try to think of positive thoughts all weekend, as NB Tory Gal says to do. 😉

    Life will go on. Canadians will be outraged. It may be nasty for awhile, but the truth will eventually come out and the Conservatives will get their majority.

    Let’s hold that thought!

  150. Ontario Girl says:

    Alberta Girl says

    We may never get rid of them

    If they try to overthrow this Govt by a coalition ,I think Canadians will really wake up, and it won’t be pleasant.

  151. Richco says:

    ““I wouldn’t be surprised if the coalition leaders paid a visit to the GG next week asking for an opportunity to govern”

    Think about this for a minute. Do you really think that the Coalition including the BLOC is organized enough to have a full cabinet in place to govern Canada? I don’t.

    They’d have a tough time climbing over their own egos to decide who will be PM.

    I think you’re now giving the Coalition much too much credit.

  152. Mary T says:

    I sent an e-mail to Bev congratulating her for surviving the attack of the coalition today. And thanked her for saving canadian taxpayers 7 million dollars.
    I used the link posted above.
    Looking for Layton’s e-mail to tell him that he better not sign Pat Martin’s nomination papers or he will lose support in the west where we do not attack women. I found his antics yesterday and today barbaric.
    Notice his name was not called in the recorded vote. So, why was he there, or Fry for that matter.
    Maybe I will tell Jack that Martin’s antics have encouraged me to donate the the conservative party.
    Remember how the country rallied behind GG Jean when that disaster hit Haitii. Well disaster has hit Japan and Bev is of japanese decent, and I imagine she has extended family and friends there she is worried about. Where is the compassion for her.

  153. Richco says:

    So he wants to be Prime Minister eh? Here’s what the on-line Star had up re: the Liberal ad yesterday. Can we spell E-C-O-N-O-M-Y

    Sandy – you said it!!!


  154. Bubba Brown says:

    I also sent an e-mail to Minister Oda thanking her for her stand on KAIROS funding.
    Next week will be interesting.

  155. maggie says:

    Does anyone out there (Gabby, Sandy etc.) know who or why the original Freedom Of Information request was made for this CIDA document? The chap Walsh made clear that this was in internal document and never intended for public consumption so I wonder what instigated the original request? The whole incident from start to finish seems faux and contrived – even the rude behaviours of Pat Martin etal.

  156. Ontario Girl says:

    Tonight on P&P the Govt. gave CBC other memo’s with a NOT on them to prove it has been done before. Also, the NOT was put on the memo before the signature. Also it shouldn’t of been released because it was an INTERNAL document.

    Pat Martin was his horrible self once again with Tom Lukiwski, but Tom told him to hold on, he had his turn, and now it was his time.Pat Martin was mumbling in the background. What an idiot. He also said the NDP have found Bev Oda is in contempt.

  157. JDot says:

    Just want to thank all commentators here at BLY for keeping me up to date on the gong show. You ladies are awesome..

    My view is this….

    ..Phuck it, let’s go to the polls. Enough of this BS.

  158. Bec says:


    The original request was made by a ‘news outlet’ (paper… not sure if we should get specific..??) and when received that same outlet contacted KAIROS for comment. The KAIROS speaker today indicated that occurred in Dec (paraphrasing) and this has all occurred because of that occurance.
    Your sense of “faux and contrived” is pretty close to mine. I’d add, sabotage and manufactured!

  159. maz2 says:

    Of liberalism/socialism’s “bile and invective”.

    “Soccermom says:
    March 18, 2011 at 10:49 am

    Pat Martin just said Oda had a “gun to her head”.


    “The New Civility

    … from Huffpo?

    That tone of extreme hostility I experienced brings me back to the death threats in Wisconsin. Frankly, the bile and invective in that threat reminded me of the tone I saw directed at me from many so-called liberals because I committed the heresy of taking a different position from them on the issue of collective bargaining for public sector employees… based on something FDR said.”

    “Is this really what liberalism has come to in 2011?”

    “Posted by Cjunk at March 18, 2011 2:49 PM”


  160. wilson says:

    who made ‘the original Freedom Of Information request was made for this CIDA document’
    I think it was Embassy magazine…

  161. JDot says:

    wilson says:
    March 18, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    Yup, Embassy magazine..

    The question is who tipped them?

    • Joanne says:

      Yup, Embassy magazine..

      Here we go.

      Yes who/what would have tipped off the Embassy reporter to file an access to information request?

  162. Bubba Brown says:

    The Crony, the Escort, and the PM/ ?
    Here we go again into faux la la scandal land.
    Mr Carson has been out of the office for 2 years is reportedly “involved” at 66 with a 22 year old ex-escort.
    Apparently he tried to lobby for some kind of water service to First nations.
    PM Harper called the RCMP asked them to investigate.
    It has it all ex staffer, busty hooker, unregistered lobbiest blah blah.
    From all accounts PM Harper did not speak with Carson or meet with him.
    The math just dosen’t work on this one, how many times can 66 go into 22 anyway?
    Mr Ignatieff is all over this one maybe he can get her phone number.

  163. Bec says:

    “Yup, Embassy magazine..’

    Okay, I’m going to step in it….that was NOT what I heard her say today and that was why I wouldn’t state the name. She referred to an entirely different name so perhaps Embassy is under the umbrella of a bigger news outlet???

  164. JDot says:

    Bec says:
    March 18, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    I did not watch the hearings. Pretty much going off memory…

  165. Mary T says:

    From Walsh today, he commented that it is normal for memos etc to be discussed by members of various committee members, (water cooler talk) and someone thought this would be interesting to someone and had their committee or group or someone discuss it. From that discussion someone tipped of Embassy to make the request. And all that has been shown is the last page of a 19 page report and the rest is history. Should never have been released anywhere. It was a memo, not an official ministerial document.
    Karios was told in July they would not get the funding, were given till Sept or Nov to redo their application and still didn’t get it right. 880,000 of the funds were to be spent on wages and training etc in Canada, and it was not allowed. It is for foreign use not Canadian use. Also some was to be used for campaigning, but never mentioned what kind of campaign. (were the libs depending on it for karios to campaign for them)
    This reminds me of that game we used to play, whisper something in a persons ear, pas it on the the next and wait to see what the last person has heard.

  166. wilson says:

    I think all the NGO’s boohoo in Embassy, so maybe it was one of KAIROS ‘partners’.
    These groups seeme to have a larger invisible network designed to keep each other in the cash.

    But I want to know WHO released a document that was 100% advice to a Minister,
    and was only the last page released or the entire document,
    Walsh said it was only the last page to go public.

  167. JDot says:

    Joanne says:
    March 18, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    I am going to go with a crat at CIDA was sympathetic to KARIOS. And that was the tip off. Opps just ran with it…

  168. JDot says:

    wilson says..

    “But I want to know WHO released a document that was 100% advice to a Minister,
    and was only the last page released or the entire document,
    Walsh said it was only the last page to go public.”

    Has to be a crat at CIDA.

  169. Mary T says:

    When the story first broke about the ATI it was all over that it was Embassy Mag that requested it. But who tipped off the reporter to request it. Who gossiped about it on the hill and thought gee, so and so would be interested in seeing this so he/she found someone to request the ATI for that document. If /when we get our majority, watch for more CIDA requests to be denied.
    Martin said today, why didn’t she just say she thinks it was her chief of staff or something, would he have let it go, not on your life. And notice Bev said former Chief of Staff, did Bev release her or did she resign after doing her thing. Why wasn’t she there to answer questions.

  170. Mary T says:

    Why weren’t the other signers on that document there to say they signed it without the NOT, if they did. And who used the date stamp. Only one original signature on that document, where was he today.

  171. JDot says:

    O/T But this from PM Harper commenting on Libya is amazing..

    “”One either believes in freedom or one just says one believes in freedom,” – PM Harper..

    Wow, powerful. Clap for him..


  172. wilson says:

    ‘But who tipped off the reporter to request it’

    Someone who knew CIDA crats approved the funding to Minister Oda.

  173. Ontario Girl says:

    J Dot says
    “But I want to know WHO released a document that was 100% advice to a Minister,
    and was only the last page released or the entire document,

    Mary Corkery from Kairos said today she got a call from” The Canadian press”. Maybe this info was released in a brown envelop to Weston? He said On CBC saying they get brown envelopes of info.CBC seems right on TOP of this for their Liberal party.This shouldn’t of been released …it wasn’t a parliamentary document.

    • Joanne says:

      Maybe this info was released in a brown envelop to Weston? He said On CBC saying they get brown envelopes of info.CBC seems right on TOP of this for their Liberal party.This shouldn’t of been released …it wasn’t a parliamentary document.

      Yeah, I was thinking about that too Ontario Girl.

      The whole thing is a bit of a blur now but does anyone remember a segment when this document was referenced as being in the hands of some Goverment bureaucracy other than CIDA? Maybe I’m hallucinating.

      I wonder if today’s events will be available on the Gov’t site.

    • Joanne says:

      Well it seems that a young journalism student started the whole thing. Apparently not happy about KAIROS being defunded.

  174. Ontario Girl says:

    Why weren’t the other signers on that document there to say they signed it without the NOT, if they did.

    In the testamony today they said there were NO signatures on the memo when the NOT was put on it. I heard that.

  175. Alberta Girl says:

    “I think you’re now giving the Coalition much too much credit”

    I sure hope so Bec, I sure hope so.

  176. Ontario Girl says:

    Too bad the speaker Milliken was “not available” to be there to say it was nothing more then a “Confusion”.
    Amazing how this exploded into much more and he did a” hit and run” and left all that false info spiral out of control. Convenient for the Liberal party.

  177. Bec says:

    “Mary Corkery from Kairos said today she got a call from” The Canadian press”. ”

    thanks Ontario Girl…..I was starting to think I was hearing things… 😉
    Did she not also say that they were the one that had requested the FOI? She definately referred to the FOI during that portion of the statement…( when she was allowed to talk on and on and on and on and…..UNLIKE Minister Oda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  178. JDot says:

    Ontario Girl says…

    “Mary Corkery from Kairos said today she got a call from” The Canadian press”. Maybe this info was released in a brown envelop to Weston?”

    Thanks, and lol on the brown envelop comment. That is what I am thinking. A crat leaked it. Ugh..

    O/T Ontario Girl(And everyone else) – Awesome posts by you Ontario Girl. Don’t know how you put up, and watch all this junk media. But I am not going to lie, I love that you do. So I can just come to BLY and get the coles notes*.

    Let’s just go to the F’n polls, and run up the god damn score on the coalition of losers. What these clowns have done to bev, ugh…

    *Tried to banned myself from reading or watching politics. **Fail**

  179. JDot says:

    Joanne says:
    March 18, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    Joanne – This all started on the government being pro Israel…

  180. Mary T says:

    Might be time to increase the fee for ATI requests to get rid of all the media requests, maybe at least 100.00 per request. And a fine of 1000.00/day for refusing to release such info. (cbc)
    Wikipedia is such a great source of info, and one can edit info there, as they see fit. Nice to know David M gets his info from that site. Loved the way he was called out for one of his lies today re the church membership of someone.
    Good thing this gong show is over till Monday, as I am gone to Edmonton for the wkend.
    I expect a lot of comments in my in box by the time I get home Monday.

  181. Mary T says:

    How come all the large cameras had to leave the room this am. Sure were a lot of them there.

  182. Bec says:

    “I sure hope so Bec, I sure hope so.’

    That was Richco @ 5:33pm :)

    AFAIC, they are a lethal group that is capable of anything and I would never underestimate their sickness for power.

  183. Mary T says:

    I think it was Walsh that mentioned this document being discussed among some dept people and one of them thought it would be interesting to some group (karios) and got Embassy to file the FOI. They knew in July they were not getting the money, given 6 mos to redo their application. So, if said document requesting funds was not approved by Bev, and they were to redo it, no wonder it sat on her desk collecting dust (martin). They did not follow the rules and were still refused.
    They will get a lot more cuts to their programs once we get our majority. And I bet a lot more cida groups will get cut.
    But, we know the coalition will give the 7 million back, along with building an arena in Que for some phantom team, and phantom olympics, carbon tax, day care and who knows what else. I want to know, to the exact penny what a national daycare program would cost for the next 30 yrs, how many children will be placed, and how many staff will have to be trained and hired. I want that info NOW.
    Did Rock tell us what the gun registry would cost over 30 yrs. How about Kyoto, the Kelona accord. With Scott demanding figures for all our programs, I hope every lib candidate is put on the spot at town hall, debates etc with those questions.
    Where is Page’s report he promised yesterday.

    • Joanne says:

      I think it was Walsh that mentioned this document being discussed among some dept people and one of them thought it would be interesting to some group (karios) and got Embassy to file the FOI.

      That sounds familiar. Yes thanks Mary T.

      I’m also interested in finding out if my own church deals with KAIROS and if my tithes go there. Rather like the union person having their dues go to the NDP etc.

  184. JDot says:

    Joanne says….

    “Well it seems that a young journalism student started the whole thing. ”


    That’s it for me. Call me when there is a election..

  185. Alberta Girl says:

    sorry Richo about not crediting you with my question. It is very hard to keep up with who posts what, everyone is on fire here!!!!!

  186. maz2 says:

    Give It A Shake, sheikh.

    Of Liberal Iggy’s MartinJr & Gaddafi: “never close”.

    Give It A Shake, Paul*.


    “Harper to attend summit on Libya

    (AFP) – 2 hours ago

    OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper will attend a meeting with the European Union, the Arab League and the African Union on the situation in Libya on Saturday, his office announced.

    The summit, hosted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, will also be attended by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    It comes as Western and Arab nations prepare military action against Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi.

    Earlier, Harper announce the deployment of six CF-18 fighter jets to help enforce a no-fly zone over Libya and said the mission would go ahead despite a ceasefire declared by strongman Moamer Kadhafi.”



    “Canada, Libya never close on international stage, says former diplomat”

    “About 70 Canadian companies — many of them in the oil and gas sector — have operations in Libya, including Suncor, Shell and Bombardier. Another, Montreal-based SNC Lavalin, was constructing a prison in Libya when the most recent unrest began.

    In December 2004, then-prime minister Paul Martin made an unusual move in travelling to Libya to visit with Gadhafi. The trip, during which Martin attempted to address human rights issues, received mixed reviews at home.”



    > < Give It A Shake, Paul*: "never close".


  187. Ontario Girl says:

    J Dot says
    Don’t know how you put up, and watch all this junk media.

    I watch because I guess I find it un real how far this coalition will go, and using ethics and democracy, to do it. I like to stay informed on their actions so they can’t BS me.

  188. Sandy says:

    Update: Heard from Hunter. If this morning’s full committee hearing video is available, she will be making clips for us. Kudos to her. So, if anyone comes across a link, leave it at “Climbing Out of the Dark.”

    My fingers are crossed that we will have our own version of truth ads by next week.

    In the meantime, signing off for the weekend! Thanks again for the great commentary so I wouldn’t have to watch the whole thing.

  189. Sandy says:

    Oh, one more thing. Sammy, there is a trick so you don’t have to scroll down 200+ comments all the time. Stay at the bottom at the last comment that was posted. Then simply minimize your screen. When you come back, all you have to do is press the refresh and wait. Don’t do anything else. When the refresh is finished, it will go right back to where you left off and all the new comments will be under where you left off.

  190. Ruth says:

    notice in that article Joanne that the “Harper Government” is mentioned way back in May 2010. The Media would have us believe that is a new term right now.

    • Joanne says:

      Ruth I think the media outlets are miffed that the Conservative government took over ‘their’ label – which was originally meant to be disparaging.

      Of course the Coalition fixed that by calling it the ‘Harper Regime.’

  191. Ontario Girl says:

    Fife was on P&P and said..”The bottom line is, on Monday they are going to move a contemp of Parlament & maybe will move a non confidence motion on Friday”.

    On the carson issue Fife said…”this goes to the heart of the govt. integrety & a very serious thing.”
    Then they showed Pat Martin and his OJ Simpson and other nasty remarks at Bev Oda and her answer…Allegations & name calling was not asked of me by this committee.”

    Tim Power said…”Pot & Kettle”. The coalition can’t be for democracy and act like that. The coalition wants to bring the govt. down and will be caught in a “TRAP”.

    Robin Sears said…”They should of fired Oda. She didn’t tell the truth.” Tim powers said” YES SHE DID” and she proved it in her testamony today.”

  192. Jen says:

    It would be great to see on video when, time, date mth year and who refers to Canadian government as Harper government.

    A video also showing the positive side under PM HARPER but is considered as Canadian government.
    When negative the reporters report as ‘Harper Government.

  193. Ontario Girl says:

    Craig Oliver said NDP Olivia Chow made an announcement today, that her election campaign office will be open on the 27th. Looks like jack won’t be making a deal.

    The media guy, Ibbison said, “with all the things going on in the world, and we in ottawa are talking about a NOT, people must wonder if were right in the head.”

    I can answer that. NO, your not right in the head.

  194. Bubba Brown says:

    O.K. so here we go again, two years ago a person claiming to speak for Kairos put a letter in to our local paper, howling about being defunded.

    He was really, really steamed that our local MLA James Lunney would not meet with their group.
    It turns out that he was willing to meet with them but no more than 3 of them at a time. Sounds like he got dog-piled at a previous meeting. Democracy with these folks begins and ends with the BIG CHEQUE, no cheque, no democracy.
    I engaged these folks in a letter to the editor asked some questions, are you the people who supported boycotting Israel?
    Are the “Church Groups” whom you claim support you proud of you for calling a Minister of the Crown a liar, with no proof whatsoever.?
    One has to wonder about a group that bleats about “democracy” attacking the only democracy in the Middle East.
    What % of the money actually goes to “poor” people from their website it hovers around 10% out of every dollar 90 % goes to wages etc.
    They have yet to answer a single question, my last letter was not published, waiting ……crickets.
    A young Journalist ……. I am calling bullshit on that one someone in CIDA has been playing games.
    I think all these NGO’s gotta GO!
    Here is a nice post by the ever effervescent Ezra god bless em!
    We need a majority folks!
    We are on Faux Scandal #86 and who cares what the traitorous Coalition thinks says, or does, they hate Canada and Democracy.

    • Joanne says:

      And don’t forget Peter Foster’s column about KAIROS:

      KAIROS is supported by a grab bag of terminally declining religious denominations searching desperately for current relevance by adopting the commandments of the Church of Greenpeace. It speaks for the weasel concepts of social justice and sustainable development.

      That is, it believes that redistribution rather than investment is the answer to underdevelopment, and that capitalism can be “unsustainable.”

      It saw in the 2008 financial crisis the opportunity for a “New Global Order” — read Socialism Redux. It has traditionally been anti-trade and anti-NAFTA. It thinks oil-sands development should be halted. It has also been prominent in stirring opposition to Canadian mining overseas, supporting Bill C300, which would have applied triple bottom line shackles to Canadian mining companies, and directly lobbying against individual projects.

      KAIROS took the lead in holding up the development of a mine at Cerro San Pedro in Mexico promoted by New Gold Inc. (previously Metallica Resources). It brought Mexican agitators to Ottawa who claimed 99% local opposition to the mine. However, the poll on which this statistic was based relied on leading questions. Its first question was “Do you agree with [the company’s] contamination of the aquifer and the atmosphere of the valley of San Luis with cyanide and other hazardous substances?”

      The techniques of KAIROS, and NGOs like it, are transparent. They promote local agitation and then say “look at the agitation. The people must be unhappy.” They support lawsuits, then note that a project is beset by lawsuits. They have traditionally shown little interest in talking to project supporters. And yet they have achieved extraordinary influence in Ottawa, often on the grounds that they must be credible because they receive government support!

  195. Mary T says:

    “KAIROS partners work for the recognition of women’s rights;
    From their page, so how could a group that works for women’s right, allow the way the men abused a woman today.
    And if the coalition supports karios funding, how could they act like they did today. Maybe everyone missed the memo. Or is it only women’s right in other countries, and allows the barbarians out today.

    • Joanne says:

      “KAIROS partners work for the recognition of women’s rights;
      From their page, so how could a group that works for women’s right, allow the way the men abused a woman today

      Fantastic point Mary T! Also it was so interesting how Pat Martin suddenly learned his manners when the KAIROS lady came on.

  196. Bec says:

    And yet she sat there today and claimed they were not anti-semitic?
    Ezra should get back on this one!

  197. Mary T says:

    From, Freedom is my nationality,
    Breaking News: Ignatieff has a father and he loves Canada
    Iggy has another ad out highlighting his family.
    Nice to know he had parents, I was beginning to think they found him in a cabbage patch.

    • Joanne says:

      Nice to know he had parents, I was beginning to think they found him in a cabbage patch.

      Or in a plate of waffles.

  198. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report & MSM Update.

    Featuring Our Leftist Separatist Coalition:

    >>> “The Liberal Party, the NDP and the Bloc Québécois”.

    >>> “The Liberal Party, the NDP and the Bloc Québécois showed no signs of appeasement”.


    OTTAWA— From Saturday’s Globe and Mail”

    “Budget to take spotlight off contempt vote, for a while”


  199. Sammy says:

    More announcements for Sun Media..New reporters coming:
    From Ott.Citizen:Brigitte Pellerin & John Robson
    Daniel Proussalidis
    Kristy Kirkup (CTV Ott)
    Mark Dunn (CP)
    So…maybe that is why the msm is sooooooo pissy..Sun Media stealing all their people!
    All this fr.Akin’s tweets

  200. Sammy says:

    Also this tweet tells you all you need to know about snotty,perfect Ms.Delacourt..and how she views all us peons:
    “Explains a lot of blog commenters-“80% of toddlers go on-line weekly!”

  201. Michael Harkov says:

    Okay, lets see here – the PM found out that someone that was in his government and who is no longer there was possibly influence peddling, so he called the RCMP in to investigate. So Ignatieff claims that the PM can’t be trusted? LOL Ignatieff can’t even string two concurrent events together into a cohesive narrative. I can’t wait to see Ignatieff on a campagin trail. This guy is a gold mine.

  202. wilson says:

    Joanne, here is the ‘rest of the article’.
    These money sucking agencies have a network, so they always reprint each others stories.
    Just select a short sentence in the first paragraph,
    copy paste to google search, and voila:


  203. Gabby in QC says:

    Joanne at 8:23 pm: “Wish I had the rest of this article.”

    That article can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/4tlf64t

  204. Mary T says:

    Gabby, that is a great link and everyone should read it. It really tells us what the aim of CIDA is, to get rid of the conservative govt. Why did some guy do a 16 month study and then write a report, and then give it to iggy, to hopefully make it part of his platform. Why do they mention more than once they are planning for post conservative years.
    This article is written in Jan 2010.
    No wonder someone felt getting that document out in public could harm our side.
    I wonder how much of that 880,000 karios wanted for campaigning was to be used to or sponsor anti govt workshops, and other propaganda meetings, via universities etc.
    I have more respect for Bev after reading that. She is up against a lot of people who want her gone so they can get back to doing their thing on our dime.

  205. frmgrl says:

    Mary T says:
    March 18, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    Wow! This all looks like a set up. It’s all starting to make sense now.

  206. Mary T says:

    Why has iggy not mentioned this report from cida received many months ago. Are the coalition working with cida to bring down PMSH. What is behind it. Someone should ask iggy at one of his working families townhalls.

  207. maggie says:

    Well done Gabby and Wilson! This also confirms why BLY is mandatory reading.
    The article puts the whole thing into focus for me. It also draws attention, yet again, to the lazy, dishonest Canadian MSM who have made no attempt to put this “story” into context.

  208. fh says:

    you are all so great
    this sounds like more LIBERAL high jinks
    spread the word

  209. Mary T says:

    OOPS, story date is May, 2010
    I still think there is more to this than we know, but it will all come out in time.

  210. jon says:

    Sammy @ 10:23pm & 10:28pm, do we know yet whether any of the reporters that make frequent appearances on P&P and PP are going to even accept invitations to appear on SUN News? After all, many have engaged in the “Fox News North” smear themselves. And considering the nature of the left — mass boycotts, often sudden, unannounced and designed to embarrass for maximum effect, like walking out on a speech by someone they deem unsavory — perhaps those like Delacourt, for example, will decline. And maybe many others will follow suit. Probably something planned by the whole lot already in advance, who knows.

    Considering their collective disdain for SUN News, anything is possible. Plus, for them it would kill two birds with one stone: claiming to stand on principle by not associating with what they claim is a bias news source while the real aim is to avoid the tough questions they would certainly face… avoiding any scrutiny of themselves, the news outlets they work for, avoiding any and all tough questions, similar to those you might see asked by Michael Coren on his show.

    I mean, appearing on the set of a SUN News talk show wouldn’t exactly make someone like Delacourt look good if a host like Levant or Adler asks her, “You’ve used the term ‘Fox News North’ as a pejorative, a term you’d probably say you use because that’s what the critics have pegged us as… would you describe the CBC as a propaganda machine for the Liberal Party and if not, why not?” Or perhaps, “Do you feel uncomfortable in anyway when a CBC reporter asks you a question related to what the host would frame as the govt’s lack of openness and transparency and refusing to hand over documents, knowing as you’re asked that, that the CBC itself is fighting the information commissioner on the very same issue? Surely, Susan, it must cross your mind at that moment, with the feeling that there’s more than a whiff of hypocrisy to the question.”

    I mean, really. How would Delacourt answer that without looking foolish?

    Considering that the MSM seems united in its opposition to SUN News, who really can we expect to appear on set? I guess we’ll all find out next month when it goes to air. But don’t be surprised if those that you see on CBC and CBC who seem so comfortable and at ease decline invitations to appear on SUN News. Cowards, they are.

  211. Liz J says:

    Great sleuthing Gabby, it’s amazing what you can dig up!

    I agree with fh, “spread the word” and add far and wide.

  212. Liz J says:

    See Iggy’s latest ad? It’s perhaps the worst yet. BC Blue has it posted.

  213. Bec says:

    “It also draws attention, yet again, to the lazy, dishonest Canadian MSM who have made no attempt to put this “story” into context.”

    Including ‘OUR’ side, maggie. I’d say! No one in the MSM have done any digging on this stuff and I’d ask them, “What are you afraid of”?

  214. Bec says:

    Maybe one of our National radio hosts could dedicate an entire segment to it?

    I have to say, we are really lucky to have super sleuths like wilson and Gabby! Kudos, ladies!

  215. Liz J says:

    Damian Konstantinakos has won the Conservative nomination to run against Paul Dewar in the riding of Ottawa Centre. He has his work cut out for him in that dipper hotbed, wish him luck, strange things can happen.

  216. Ruth says:

    We really need a star candidate in Winnieg against Pat Martin. Do the people not care that he doesn’t even live in the riding or near it. He is way past his “best before” date.

  217. maz2 says:

    “Mary T says:
    March 18, 2011 at 9:36 pm

    From, Freedom is my nationality,
    Breaking News: Ignatieff has a father and he loves Canada
    Iggy has another ad out highlighting his family.”

    >>> Did Iggy Ignatieff highlight his great-grandfather Count Ignatieff?

    Here’s what PET Cemetery has exhumed re Count Ignatieff:

    Count Ignatieff was an anti-semitic Russian Tsarist aristocrat who organized pogroms, mass murders of Jews in Tsarist Russia.

    Here is a sample of Count Ignatieff’s blood-soaked words:

    “If you have lived in South Russia, you know
    what the Jew is,” replied Ignatieff. *’ He is dirty,
    he dresses differently from anybody else, he forms
    a society of his own, and he oppresses the people.”






  218. Liz J says:

    Great editorial in Ottawa Sun today: “Sideshows not election worthy”.

  219. maz2 says:

    MSM* has one view of Japan.

    Blogger has another view of Japan.

    Here is the MSM*:

    “*The unbelievable sight of rich Japan — famous for trains running like clockwork, state-of-the-art gadgets, concern for safety and order — laid low by a freak force of nature beyond human control has been a terrifying wake-up call.”

    Here is blogger:

    “Spike Japan

    A look at the overlooked

    Ugly Japan

    Kinugawa Onsen: You and me and the devil make three”

    “Monuments to ugliness and the triumph of cash over culture

    “From Leo Lewis in Tokyo

    JAPAN’S most senior urban planning expert, who decries almost every city in his country as “hideous”, has devoted two years to drawing up a list of the nation’s most repulsive places.”





  220. Bec says:

    Re maz2 @8:12am

    If Ignatieff has chosen to open the lid of his family chest then he has opened the entire chest and we are entitled to dig to the bottom (literally) for the skeletons.

    It amuses me that he has whined and complained about the Conservative ads that use, HIS own words referencing HIS history, that they are taken out of context but here we have him exploiting an image of his parents that opens the opportunity to dig deeper.
    I sense that he is about to be outed, badly and he will have been the reason.

  221. maz2 says:

    Iggy Liberal’s Sideshow Bob* Rae.


    “Citing Ottawa’s failure last year to win a seat on the UN Security Council, as well as its overtly pro-Israeli approach to Palestine, the Liberals have accused Harper of forfeiting Canada’s moral reputation in the world.

    >>> Just last week, Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae insisted that Canada had a duty to help Libyan rebels.

    >>> “We have to engage successfully in making sure Col. Gadhafi is history,” he said then.

    Now, Canada under Harper is doing just that. It sent a frigate to the Mediterranean earlier this month and, after Thursday’s UN vote, was one of the first countries to volunteer its fighter planes.”



    Iggy Liberal’s Sideshow Bob* Rae also said:

    “Bob Rae blasts Harper ‘jihadis'”


    *H/T The Simpsons’ Sideshow Bob

  222. Joanne says:

    Boy there’s a lot to absorb here but I see comments are already getting into the zone where Sammy will have trouble following on her dial-up.

    I’ll try to start a new thread soon but this story needs some attention too. What a great team we have here!! And if any other Blogging Tories (or media) want to pursue the link that Wilson and Gabby found please do so. Thanks.

    • Joanne says:

      If anyone is technically savvy enough to take a screen shot of that link that Wilson and Gabby found please do so. I’ll try too but it’s not my forte. Thanks.

  223. Ontario Girl says:

    Good story in todays Sun on the Gong Show….could use some TRUTH comments though if anyone is up to the job.


  224. Richco says:

    Another great column in the Guardian “Don’t Bet on Election”

  225. Liz J says:

    Thanks for the link to to the Ottawa Sun editorial Ontario Girl, that’s the one I was referring to, good stuff!

  226. Richco says:

    another good column for a Saturday morning – remember just a few days ago when the coalition and their media were crapping all over Harper about making political hay out of the Japanese crisis – seems as we’ve discussed here what Harper was doing was telling it like it is because unlike his rivals Harper really does have the beat interest of Canada in mind.


    RE: CEDA and a potential set-up – contributors here raised this as possible very early on. Having read the article linked it’s now more than likely the case. Have forwarded a link to the article and BLY to some journalists and my conservative MP for him to move to his colleagues.

    So much for your day off Joanne:-)

  227. Richco says:

    I had the opportunity to speak with a few municipal leaders from up this way yesterday who will be VERY PISSED if there is an election forced on us because the flow of stimulus funding would stop, leaving many communities high and dry.

    • Joanne says:

      I had the opportunity to speak with a few municipal leaders from up this way yesterday who will be VERY PISSED if there is an election forced on us because the flow of stimulus funding would stop, leaving many communities high and dry.

      Richco – Very interesting. I wonder what other issues would be affected.

  228. Richco says:

    O/T – Bubba – tried your coffee rub on a prime rib last night and every one of our guests commented on how good it was. Thanks for that. Did you post in over at TTT because seriously it deserves a spot of prominence.

    Also – for those who are trying to get rid of this season’s worst cold try President’s Choice brand Ginger Peach herbal tea. It’s amazing for curbing those dry coughing fits that seem to develop with this cold from hell

    • Joanne says:

      Also – for those who are trying to get rid of this season’s worst cold try President’s Choice brand Ginger Peach herbal tea. It’s amazing for curbing those dry coughing fits that seem to develop with this cold from hell

      Richco, thanks for that tip. I am still suffering with this cough to the point where I went back to the doctor because of pains in my side from coughing. He gave me a prescription for a serious cough medicine that finally allowed me to get a good night’s sleep last night. So during the day I’ll try the tea.

      BTW he said he’s seen a crazy number of people with this cough and it just seems to hang on for weeks and weeks.

  229. Bec says:

    “Did you post in over at TTT because seriously it deserves a spot of prominence. ”

    Did you do the whole ‘menu’ for your guests, Richco?

  230. Richco says:

    Bec – what do you mean by “whole menu”?

  231. Bec says:

    Richco @9:51am
    ….roasted spuds, yourshire…..with your P.R.?

    ps thanks for the tea tip as well….this stubborn cough and flu is out here too!

  232. Bec says:


  233. Ontario Girl says:

    Listened to CBC The House this morning. They had on ,The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY.Tom Lukiwski. David McGuinty and Pat Martin.
    Tom said the committee was pre-disposed and didn’t go in with an open mind, and he would leave election speculation to the media.

    McGuinty had the gall to say it’s about integrety.

    Pat martin (the ugly) said his callers are sympathetic to him because he is trying to preserve the integrity system.Principals of our democracy has been eroded.

    Looks like those two are talking about themselves. CBC Katy said Monday will be 5 hours of committee TV.

    When Petty had two mayors on…one from Wpg and another from Vancouver, they said they were looking forward to the budget. The Vancouver Mayor said they have good relationships with this Govt.

    Of course she ended the rest of the show talking about the evils of Corporate Tax cuts with Iggy’s BS in the background. Must be nice to have TV & radio electioneering for your party. Too bad we have to pay for it. Wheres election Canada?

  234. Bubba Brown says:

    Yup step right up Pat Martin reveals a very old truism ” it is those that speak loudest for integrity and truth that have the least regard for these values”.
    As a Proud Conservative I have to say that I am absolutely disgusted with both the Media and the Coalition of NDP/Liberal/bloc.
    We need to fund busy body organizations like we need an extra orifice!
    The next thing KAIROS as announced in our local paper is they are importing “white Poppies” to hand out for Peace asking for donations so the can “help” Veterans?
    That is what the Canadian Legion does already, these people seriously need a hobby.
    Seems to this old guy that is the ultimate in disrespect to Veterans, do y’all see a pattern here?
    Anyway to my way of thinking they can’t call it a white poppy it is a “Pierre Petunia”

    One last thought, after all the insistence on any and all documents being in both official language’s, the Clown Committee is rushing to have their report done just in English? No Way it is not acceptable maybe the Committees morals are “flexible” it should not be accepted. CHARTER CHALLENGE!
    This bunch couldn’t organize a one man rush to a three hole privy.

  235. maggie says:

    One last comment on this thread …..
    Whenever I hear the opps accuse Bev Oda of “forgery” – I want to remind them of what “forgery” really looks like. Solicitor General (now Liberal senator) Francis Fox immediately comes to mind.

  236. Ontario Girl says:

    Bubba Brown says
    One last thought, after all the insistence on any and all documents being in both official language’s, the Clown Committee is rushing to have their report done just in English?

    The Block waved that yesterday for their report. They said” it would be more work for researchers & they don’t care about evidence. They just want the crux.”
    WOW the Block want french & english when its the Govt. but now the Block yesterday said forget French translation. Whatever suits their own not so “hidden agenda”.

  237. Jen says:

    Sideshows not election worthy
    Last Updated: March 19, 2011 2:00am


    After writing my comment(below); I realized that I have no access to ‘facebook’ so highlighted and pasted it here at BLY.

    All the faux scandals have no legs, but is simply the coalition resurecting themselves again, hoping that the Canadian people will accept them this time around. The only change is the three coalition memebers did not go before Canadians at the press gallery to announce their intentions. If the NDP/Liberals/Bloc want to form a united party, then let them run one candidate in the 308 ridings in Canada under one banner, then the Canadian people can choose for themselves.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has successfully led Canada through the worse economic recession since the second world war and successfully reestablished Canada has a big player on the international scene.

  238. Ontario Girl says:

    Jen says
    I realized that I have no access to ‘facebook’ so highlighted and pasted it here

    Good comment….. too bad Sun changed their format…I don’t want to be on facebook so can’t comment either and set those maggot Liberano$ straight on the FACTS not inuendo and lies.

  239. Bubba Brown says:

    Ontario Girl;
    I don’t think that can be waived if only one (1) person insist that the documents be in French. Link to Charter of Rights scroll down to “Official Languages of Canada”
    #22 ” Nothing abrogates or derogates these rights”
    These bullying a**holes want to talk about “Democracy” Very Well, let us just tie them in knots shall we?
    Their haste to find a Minister of the Crown or our duly elected Government in contempt is not a good enough reason to breach “Charter Language Rights”.
    I t would in my uneducated opinion establish a precedent re language in this Country.
    All you would have to say is “Well we were in a hurry” “French Out”.

  240. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Bubba Brown
    Ontario Girl;
    I don’t think that can be waived if only one (1) person insist that the documents be in French. Link to Charter of Rights scroll down to “Official Languages of Canada”

    The Govt. said nothing, so they could get at least “parts” of the actual testamony put into the coalitions report.McGuinty said 8 pages and the Govt. wanted the workers to at least work at including “as much” of the testamony they could over the weekend.Hope there are no left over Liberal moles working on this. All we will get would be testamony from Franks , Corkey and Page. Democracy and ethics coalition style.

  241. Bubba Brown says:

    Ontario Girl I realize I am being picky, but a point of order or a charter challange would tie these wanna be’s up. It would also show just how amateur their efforts are, rookies really. If it would knock the wheels of their wagon, for even a few days they would have the budget to deal with. IMO

  242. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Bubba Brown
    Ontario Girl I realize I am being picky, but a point of order or a charter challange would tie these wanna be’s up. It would also show just how amateur their efforts are, rookies really. If it would knock the wheels of their wagon, for even a few days they would have the budget to deal with. IMO

    Yes but then the media would be all over it calling FOWL.
    CPAC is soooo good second time around. Brison is showing the idiot he is. What an a$$………in case you missed it its on now.

  243. Richco says:

    Bec – late on a reply re: Bubba’s menu – had the spuds but I’m really bad a Yorkshire Pudding, so no on that item.

    “I wonder what other issues would be affected.” Likely more than we realize. If an election takes place in May, and given summer recess it will be the fall before parliament sits again. It also means that in Ontario where the provincial campaign has been under way unofficially for a while will have to stop and start up again. Crazy!

  244. Bubba Brown says:

    Richco @ 4:28 I posted the link for the roast on TTT scroll down for that the recipe for yorkshire pudding is on top it is the simplest and best one I have ever used.
    I also passed along my fav grilled cheese with crunchy peanut butter and raw onion, try it!
    Test driving a recipe for “Peruvian garlic lime roast chicken” tomorrow will pass it along if it is toothsome.
    I did try your “Man Quiche” was really good! my only additions were fresh nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon and 1/2 teaspoon of smoked paprika sprinkled on top for that wood fired oven taste. A keeper!

  245. Ontario Girl says:

    CBC just said Harpers(Not prime Minister) role in Lybia was just waving a white flag.

    • Joanne says:

      CBC just said Harpers(Not prime Minister) role in Lybia was just waving a white flag.

      They’re done. Just need that majority.

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