Dear fellow Canadians in Quebec

I guess what surprises me most about the latest round of the Bloc’s blackmail demands is the apparent silence from Quebecers themselves.

Do you enjoy being used as a political football? Do you not mind being set up as the poster child for entitlement?

Does it not bother you that Duceppe thinks he knows what’s best for you and that he thinks he can turn your province against the ROC if his demands aren’t met?

We love you Quebec, but it’s time to let the Bloc know that you will no longer be used as a pawn in their precious little game of Extortion or Else.

Let us hear your voices!

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Columnists like James Travers are exasperating the problem.  Let him know what you think too!  And don’t forget the letters page of the Star and Record.

Yesterday’s exciting events prove that we do have power.

It’s time for us to stand up together against certain politicians and media outlets and yell out, “YOU DON’T SPEAK FOR US!!”

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160 Responses to Dear fellow Canadians in Quebec

  1. Michael Harkov says:

    That is exactly why it is time to differentiate people that vote Bloc because they are true separatists from the ones that vote Bloc because they want things for Quebec.

    The way we do that is to tell Quebecers that if they wants things for Quebec, they should be doing so by voting for representatives who will help form a government, and that there is no way that separatists that want to destroy Canada’s unity can continue to erroneously say they are helping them with that because the gravy train is going to stop – NOW. Eliminating the vote subsidy will also compound that effect.

    All it takes is a government with the courage to start saying “no!” Sooner or later people in Quebec are going to tire of being on the outside looking in. How the ROC can help with that is to elect a majority government without Quebec. I guarantee that it will take one such government cycle with a majority government saying “no” to bring them to see reason.

  2. Richco says:

    Excellent post!

    By the way I had a nice response from Rutherford to my letter I sent him yesterday re: CTV’s continued Liberal cheerleading and now helping Iggy and his party when it suits them and taking every opportunity to stick it to Harper.

  3. Michael Harkov says:

    I just came back from reading Travers’ column that was linked here.

    He totally disgusts me. Having separatists in the House of Commons is bad enough. People in Quebec read what he writes. It is doddering “Neville Chamberlain” voices like his that help keep that torch going.

    • Joanne says:

      I just came back from reading Travers’ column that was linked here

      Yeah I hate doing that but it was unavoidable this time. I hoping that an avalanche of angry letters will more than compensate for their incoming hit count.

      Travers is obviously of the old school of thought that we must appease the Bloc at every turn or else the ‘unthinkable’ will happen. BTW he had so many errors in his column it was distracting to try to read. I kept saying to myself, “Hey that’s not true… He’s mistaken there. That’s ridiculous…”

  4. Richco says:

    thanks for linking to the Traverse piece Joanne. It appears to be a ploy by Traverse to keep the Toronto Star relevant to Canadians – failing miserably. It also makes be very glad that I don’t read that paper at all any more. I don’t even accept the free ones they give away at the gas station. Canaries and kitty-cats are also refusing to line their cages and boxes with the Star. Now THAT should tell us something.

  5. maz2 says:

    Mao Stlong *** Lepolt:

    Here is Moi *** at Belmont Club.


    “53. buddy larsen

    v/46; christian attacks, and the Somali Pirate training shakedown


    v/48; and Davos –the one-world financial people –the very ones witholding support of the Dollar against the various Soros/Obama and UN assaults are gathered in Davos, Switzerland, for the annual ‘world economic conference’ (first established by one Maurice Strong, father of the IPCC, current resident Green Billionare in Beijing) just as the Land of the Pyramids –the pyramids pictured on the Dollar –explodes. Are the conferees signaling they’ve got all they want out of the current currency pyramid scheme –and are rebooting? Better get some spam. no, the real Spam spam, that comes in a real can can and is good fried.”


    *** Moi Mao Stlong:

    Strong is the uncle of Canadian Liberal leader Bob Rae.

  6. Blame Crash says:

    I don’t love Quebec.
    Never have and never will.
    Maybe all this “I love Quebec” thing is part of the problem.
    As a matter of fact, I’m sure it is.

  7. batb says:

    Joanne, re your questions to Quebecers: “Do you enjoy being used as a political football? Do you not mind being set up as the poster child for entitlement?, I suspect their answer to your first question would be, “Not at all. We don’t really care because it works for us. We get to send our kids to daycare for $7.00 a day and our kids to university for half of what it costs other Canadians. Being a political football works for us, so pourquoi pas?”

    Their answer to your second question? “We’re shameless. If being a poster child for entitlement means French only signs only in Quebec, while the rest of Canada has to bend the bilingual knee, and gazillion$ of dollar$ from the Feds for life, hey, pourquoi pas? As we said, we’re shameless. All that matters to us is power and big bucks on the backs of the ROC. It’s worked for us for years, so why not keep it going? We’d be idiots to ask for a fair shake for the ROC, when the present system gives us a leg up — all in the name of ‘national unity’ (he he).”

    As for James Travesty’s astonishingly short-sighted and partisan article, what else can you expect from a L/liberal hack who scribbles for the TorStar? Amongst many idiotic statements, it was hard to centre out just one. But, how about, “By any measure, what’s happened over the past 40 years has been extraordinary,” said as a positive thing concerning the Bloc’s having to swear allegiance to the “conquering Crown” — even while working every day, like a parasitic worm inside the apple, to dismantle Canada, a fact of which he seems oblivious. Travers would have us continue to “muddle through testing times,” aka, lick Quebec’s boots, for the sake of “national unity.” That’s not unity, it’s surrender and subservience.

    Even though, as a teenager, I bought Trudeau’s conceit of a “bilingual Canada” and spent a summer in Quebec in order to better speak the language, my Canada no longer includes Quebec if they’re going to continue to bleed the ROC dry and keep the Bloc Quebecois in the HOC holding the ROC’s feet to the fire. I’m willing to have Quebec strike out on its own, without Canadian passports or currency.

    Travers’ idea that “celebrated Canadian moderation and this country’s marvellous capacity to muddle through testing times contribute far more to our reassuring stability than federal funding for political parties” blithely glosses over how long Quebecers have taken the rest of Canada for granted while riding on our coattails and raiding our bank accounts. “Celebrated moderation and reassuring stability”? He’s delusional.

    As for this breathtakingly weasel statement, “Harper has played fast and loose with Quebec sensibilities before,” he completely disregards the fact that it’s Quebec that plays fast and loose with the rest of us, not the other way around. The ROC’s patience is justifiably wearing very thin, and it is expedient for Prime Minister Harper to recognize this, despite Mr. Travers’ l/Liberal myopia.

  8. Beast says:

    Good point. Perhaps they are content to sit back and do nothing, all the while enjoying the “extras” at our expense. Perhaps they lack the moral compass to “do the right thing”, or more likely just too lazy. Asking for handouts with one hand while sticking the knife in deeper with the other does not make for a bright future. It cannot last. The question is. Who’s side will you be on when the money stops flowing, and the province of Quebec consumes itself in it’s own greed, corruption, and self loathing.

  9. Fay says:

    While touring Europe last summer , we were visiting with some Quebecers.Some Australians were asking them why they hate Canada? The Quebec tourists were offended by this question and answered that threatening separation does mean they hate Canada???????
    It means that to the rest of the world but not to Quebec! Big disconnect by Canadian Quebecers. They need to check out the internet for the truth.
    Wake up Quebec citizens, you are being manipulated by the Bloc.

  10. Great post – I was working on much the same thing over at the store. I don’t understand how crazy people are allowed to write for newspapers. Travers should just move away from the computer when his fingers get the urge to type…

    • Joanne says:

      Hinchey at 10:35 am – Thanks and so sorry that your comment was stuck in the filter all this time. I just got back from a very unproductive shopping trip.

  11. The cheerleaders in the left are upset. The ads and rush to protect Iggy from un-televised ads makes the point clear for us Conservatives.

    The cheerleaders overplayed their hands in providing free publicity and analysis that was an all out criticism and attack on the Conservative Party.

    They did the same thing with the Just visiting ads. Net result two months later after being told by those same cheerleaders “experts” it would not work Iggy lost points and never recovered.

    If anyone believes this is a gaffe or some kids in a war room, I have a building I am interested in selling (CN Tower) real cheap! Just send me your banking information…

    The tour of Iggy-Jack has been buried for coverage of those meanies who are picking on Liberal leader.

    I don’t believe the Media will give a “fair shake” ever to the other side. We can as wilson and Alberta did is EXPOSE when they are caught editing clips to dress up their poster boy.

    From wafers, Helena, accusing our government, military of war crimes, racism our MEDIA is in need of a serious overhaul.

    I don’t have ANY confidence in balanced reporting given our lack of choices so no liberal-tv for me!

  12. Rob C says:

    batb 9:50 You hit the nail on the head> I have worked with some quebecers right here in Calgary who laugh at the ROC as they accept their pay check from work related to our “Tar Sands” with no intention of staying and contributing to Alberta. I think a Canada wide referendum {without quebec’s voice) should be held with only a Yes or No answer “Do you as a Canadian want quebec to remain within our Confederation? I have had enough of the quebec crap for the last 40 of my 60 years.

  13. wilson says:

    ”It is doddering “Neville Chamberlain” voices like his that help keep that torch going.”

    Which is exactly why Travers and the Toronto Star keep the pot stirred up,
    try to shake CPC supporters loose from supporting PMSH.

    It wasn’t the Bloc that turned things around in the 2008 election.
    It was Charest.

    The ‘cuts to culture’ thing had very little impact on voting intentions at first, (except a big jump up for the CPC in the ROC) polls still had the CPC looking at a gain of seats in Quebec.
    It wasn’t until Charest campaigned against PMSH, came out 14 times to condemn the CPC, that the slide began.
    Charest was facing his own election within months (he got a razor thin majority)
    so he pounded and pounded on the feds riping off Quebec.

    So Quebecers were coming along,
    but Charest and a Harper-hating Quebec media pulled out all the stops.
    Gilles just went along for the ride.

  14. wilson says:

    o/t CTV dragged on an image expert, ran the ‘contraversial’ CPC IffyDean Scream ads ,
    expert says bad bad bad image,
    Marci (?) says, oh so this may help the Liberals?
    Expert says, no,
    because if you look at the last round of LPC attack ads,
    they are every bit ‘out of context’ as these new CPC ads…….. haha

  15. Bubba Brown says:

    As I wrote at Hinchels blog “the longest running scam in Canadian history”
    Pay ROC,!
    The Liberals have used it by portraying themselves as the ONLY party able to soothe the savage beast of Separatism, with our dollars of course. They also skim off a little for themselves.
    The Bloc play the same game as the Liberals just in a different language, perpetually outraged, held back , paying more then their share, not French enough.
    Under Jean Crouton they came close to tipping over the canoe, though the fraud of the ballot box, the spoiled ballots issue was never addressed.
    Travers is entitled to his opinion, I think he could not be more wrong, but then he is a Liberal cheerleader and must sing his masters song.
    The amount of time, energy, money which feeds the most corrupt Provence in Canada, is a lot bigger than the 27 million that Travers is blotavating about.
    There is I believe in Canada a different attitude today, we are tired of being held up by our very own version of Somali Pirates.
    We are turning away from the papers like the Star, faux writers like Travers.
    We were sickened when Charest bleated the Olympics weren`t `French enough`
    We were enraged when the Charest went to the Copenhagen Scam-fest and slagged the very Province, Alberta that was paying the bills.
    It is past time Quebec got a big dose of `grow up“ a great place to start is to cut off the Blocs oxygen, as well as the Liberals. They are both locked in a very unwholesome embrace
    The cure for this is a Conservative Majority, PM Harper and his Conservatives have `walked the line`for 5 years a hostile press, an opposition which has a contrarian, negative, 180`mindset. They have done well for Canada in a very hostile environment,

  16. Bruce says:

    The Canadian MSM has not uttered one peep about the most important aspect of Obama’s State of the Union address, why?

    How are the Liberals going to explain this to voters;

    It’s a very “Inconvenient Truth”………………………………….

  17. Soccermom says:

    “want things for their province, so vote for someone who’ll be in gov’t”

    See, I have a problem with that entitlement thing. THAT’S THE WHOLE REASON WE SPEND TOO MUCH. Buying votes is not a good thing.

    I know JFK was American, but whatever happened to “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country.” I suspect that’s the main problem with the majority of Canadians.


  18. Soccermom says:

    and further to my point, getting away from the “Ask not” virtue is exactly why American is in the trouble it is right now. Blame the damn progressives. They are everything that’s wrong with both countries.

  19. Mary T says:

    PM should call Duceppe’s bluff

    Last Updated: January 29, 2011 2:00am

    From the Ottawa Sun.
    I agree with this 100%.
    I also would like a nationwide vote re quebec being part of Canada. Maybe the first question should be, Should the Bloc be allowed to sit in the HoC.
    Once they are kicked out, give Quebec one year to make up its mind. In that time, every federal dollar going to Que should be stopped cold so they can see what it means. No OAS, equalization, no nothing. And then encourage canadians to not visit or spend money there.
    The message better get out to the conservative party, do not pay ransom, and we must continue to let quebecers know what we think.
    How can Duceppe threaten no votes unless blocmail is paid. Is he going to campaign for the PM if he pays it. NOT likely, so that threat is useless. I doubt Charest will be a problem this time, he has enough trouble with corruption. He will just remind us that liberals in Que are corrupt, aka adscam.
    A majority without Quebec, we can do it. We re-elect the ones we have there, and maybe a couple of more.
    The liberals have 5 seats in the west, and I don’t see where they will gain 60 to get a small minority. And cancel the vote subsidy. Will Que voters support 2 separtist parties.

  20. Soccermom says:

    MaryT for PM!!!!! Common sense like hers is so uncommon these days.

  21. wilson says:

    After Ducey’s ridiculous demands,
    those Canadians who were against the coalition of losers in 2008 have had their fears validated.
    And it’s not just old white guys from Alberta.

    CPC majority vs LPC/NDP/Bloc majority

    If Jack and Iffy don’t denounce including the separatists in ANY capacity in a coalition/coop/what ever term they use,
    they will absolutely for sure guaranteed lose seats in the ROC.

  22. Mary T says:

    Thanks soccermom-lol
    Decisions decisions, my sister claims I will be the first female Pope.
    But, the facts are, if the coalition wins, we know they will give Que everything, and before any legislation is even submitted, it will be vetted by the Bloc.
    Layton is in danger of losing 12 seats, mostly in Ontario, and Linda Duncan’s in AB.
    Notice how he is sort of backing down and says that this time he will read the budget before voting no. His poll numbers must have shown his base is not happy as today he is saying he will not support a bad budget.
    I hope everyone has read Spin Assassin’s blog re the latest ads, and then think of how everyone jumped to the wrong conclusion, especially the media.
    Missed the ctv national last night, have they apologized for their cutting out what Iggy said. From now on everything Lisa reports will be disected with a fine tooth comb. If we get a majority wouldn’t surprise me if she will be pulled from the anchor desk. And then watch for Craig to decide to spend more time with his family. Taber, no hope for her-no senate seat.
    SunTV can’t come soon enough.

  23. Soccermom says:

    “first female pope”….MaryT, on top of being brilliant you are absolutely hilarious!!! Always enjoy your posts!!! LOL

  24. Sammy says:

    What a way to ruin a Sat.morn! CBC just did interview with that Dipper-loon Sid Ryan,at a ‘massive protest against PMSH’ in Hamilton (at a steel plant)..I want to see the ‘thousands’ supposed to be there.

  25. Bruce says:

    Further to my previous post, re corporate tax cuts.

    I have found one brief mention, last paragraph;

  26. Mary T says:

    Do those union workers realize their jobs depend on a corporation. Maybe those workers should pay more attention to putting out a better produce so there are not so many recalls.

  27. Gabby in QC says:

    About those ads … they were on the Conservative website AND Conservative communications director Fred DeLorey responded to Kady O’Malley’s email about them this way:
    “But as for the ads themselves, they are accurate and fair. We are accurately representing his on-the-record and frequently stated positions. He will raise taxes on businesses and he does want an election a soon as possible.”

    So they were produced by someone connected with the party, they weren’t some blogger’s prank, as has been implied.

    I still maintain if we conservatives are “better” than the opposition, then our actions and words have to reflect that.

  28. Sammy says:

    Hmmm interesting.CTV just did a promo spot on the return of MP’s to Ottawa next wk..ran a clip of PMSH and excert of a speech,then…………….they showed Iggy and the ‘Dean scream’ clip! Could it be a bit of penance to placate all the complaints they likely rec’d on their partisanship????

  29. Bubba Brown says:

    Good posts! Great point Bruce we are talking about an ad.
    The two stories are that the whole World recognizes we are doing the right thing re tax relief for corporations.
    A far bigger story is CTV helping out the waffling Liberals with their editing, shameless partisan reporting.
    I see Jack is crawling down off his election stump, poll numbers are not so good, eh Jack?

  30. Ruth says:

    “So they were produced by someone connected with the party, they weren’t some blogger’s prank, as has been implied”.
    I have no idea who Spin Assassin is, but he says right on his blog that he produced the ads as a joke. I guess the Party shouldn’t have put them on their website as a joke, but they were supposed to be funny.

  31. Mary T says:

    When and where were the ads on the PM’s site.
    And what ads was Fred D referring to in his response to Kady.
    Jumping to conclusions can get one in trouble.
    The yes ad were funny and truthful. If the media can haul out some letter or stmt the PM made 20 years ago, or post a video of some guy, made years before he became an MP or even an adult, it is more than fair to show Canadians what iggy said and believed 20 years ago. The media and coalition can’t handle hearing from his own mouth what he said about our Flag, being an American, and Quebecers think they are special but all they do is speak funny. And the only thing he misses is some park.
    He did tell his brother to not recognize him in public, he was not there to help care for his mother as he claimed.
    I didn’t know people were so thin skinned re those very funny ads.
    It is way past time for Quebec to show some respect for Canada and stop with the blocmail. The least they could do is say thank you.

  32. Ardvark says:

    Anyone see Susan Delacourt’s piece today?

    It makes perfect sense that a call centre employee (who may not even be a conservative) would know secret party strategy and the specific date of the next election.

    Shoddy journalism at its best. An entire article based on here say, with plenty of total speculation thrown in.

    • Joanne says:

      It makes perfect sense that a call centre employee (who may not even be a conservative) would know secret party strategy and the specific date of the next election.

      Ardvark at 2:02 pm – I saw that too and was thinking the same thing as you. What a joke.

  33. fh says:

    The media are desperately trying to create a Jean Chretien medical paralysis of face situation.
    we must not fall in their trap.

  34. Bec says:

    When the Reform was in it’s infancy, fundraising was as common as a rally or meeting, they simply went, hand in hand. That is why the Conservatives have such a powerful fundraising machine, because grass root support and donations have been a NORMAL pattern for the typical Conservative.
    Conservatism by it’s very nature is not a collection of people that TAKE but a collection of people that give and believe in paying their own freight.

    THIS is the point that Travers so often misses.

    Progressives DEMAND, TAKE and DEMAND again. Their entitlement saturation point is never reached because by their very nature. they are first and their stuck in a gimme,gimme,gimme dance.

    Quebec has become an entire generation of takers and that is an extremely difficult challenge to expect changed. Therefore it is my position that Quebec should leave with the clothes on it’s back. I feel badly for the residents that love their home but if they love their home, it is my opinion that they should be more vocal and shout over the takers. Otherwise they are part of the problem, not the solution. It’s time for them to shout, now or never.

  35. Gabby in QC says:

    OK, I give up … have it your way, guys. The ads are “funny”

    Let’s keep imitating the very same tactics we all constantly criticize, so that we can join the bottom dwellers.

    To each his/her own.

  36. jad says:

    Anyone see Susan Delacourt’s piece today?

    And who exactly is “Don Burrough” ? Ms Delacourt omits to introduce him other than as “not a conservative”.

    This is exactly the type of crappy reporting she was railing at the other week when journalists float a story based on rumour.

  37. Joe says:

    I guess I have a little different view Gabby. An old farmer once told me that if you want to clean out the pig sty you have to get in there with the pig. For so many years we on the political right have taken the high road and for most of those years we sat in opposition. A negative ad, if telling the truth, is not a bad thing. What must be guarded against is running nothing but negative ads. I would like to see about 3 positive ads for every negative ad.

  38. Liz J says:

    Given we have so much material given to us straight from Iggy’s mouth, some may even be considered funny, it’s really not worth losing credibility for those truth ads by presenting out of context clips. For one thing it’s providing fodder for our enemy, the MSM and their Opposition pals to make an issue and harp on and on about it.

    The first ads were good, fair and factual, we should keep it that way, makes them crazy to see the not so flattering facts put out. They’re jealous too, they don’t have the talent, the subjects or the capital to put out meaningful ads.

    I digress, this isn’t the topic of this thread, not sure if off-topic is allowed.

  39. ed says:

    Wow, as a Quebecer, I find the comments here stunning. I never thought I’d see the day the ROC would get it. Your comments are dead on. You’re telling it like it is. Give me a month and I’ll respond with supporting evidence to most of what you say. To say you’re accurate would be an understatement. The problem is where do I begin. I could easily add to each of the comments made here.

    Michael Harkov: great comments; batb: absolutely brilliant; Rob C, wilson: great posts; Bubba Brown: brilliant; Mary T, Bec: great posts. Are you sure you people don’t live in Quebec? I mean, you’ve got it down pat.

    I agree with the comments that there has been a “sea change” in the attitudes of Canadians concerning this issue. As for those who’ll claim “Quebec bashing ” here, there is absolutely NONE. Only separatists and appeasers will say that.

    One other thing, I don’t blame Quebec first. That goes to the ROC, through the voice of successive past governments, for looking the other way instead of taking the bull by the horns. 1960, that’s the time it should have been dealt with and settled.

    There’s so much to comment on re the posts above but I’m supposed to be working. :-)

  40. Sammy says:

    I would LOVE to see the face,and know the identity of the famous ‘un-named source!’ must be someone with terrific psychic abilities,that has the inside track on all parties..and is a paragon of truth and virtue.Has to be,for all the msm to use this ‘source’………….btw Ardvaark,ANYTHING by Delacourt would fall under the classification of shoddy journalism!!

  41. Sammy says:

    HEADS UP! Roy Green will be covering the Blocmail story after the news break.

    • Joanne says:

      Sammy – I just tuned in. Will this be in an audio vault later? What did he say so far? Thanks.

      • Joanne says:

        Roy Green just made the point I had been thinking myself – That the Bloc may be deliberately stirring up anti-Quebec sentiment to feed their cause.

        And just look how well it’s working here.

  42. Gabby I agree with your right to hold your view on the political ads. I count at least six other Conservative bloggers that share your opinion.

    We each have a different lens of what is crossing the line, good taste, fair comment etc.

    (I like the fact we have the diversity inside Conservatives that think a few of these ads went too far and suspect we have as many who think we could go DEFCON 1 with the Don Cherry approach and tell them to stuff it their pipes)

    My point is the two spots were only put on the website. The MEDIA ran with it (expected). No money was spent on promoting the spots. Over the next few days the MSM and Liberal cheerleaders will have consumed hundreds of valium-lattes to remind us how evil the Conservative party is drawing more attention to “yes, yes, yes, way”

    I believe it was a trap laid out for them and they took hook, line and sinker.

    From ads to policy decisions like the “auto bailout” this Government does many things that require a benefit of the doubt and possibly a letter to HQ. (Feedback is always good)

    I don’t see Canadians calling for an election and all three parties in opposition must show up to vote against this budget. The Government is in the drivers seat without needing to give in to the blocmail of billions in new spending.

    Steady as we go and no radical swings are necessary. We need the markets and the global recovery to continue. Our commodities boom and trade deals will help repay the massive spending from all three levels government in 2009-2011

  43. ed says:

    As for the ads, I think the Liberals are upset because they know the damage it does to their party. They want to “own” the attack ads knowing they’ll pick up votes from the uninformed. So if they can prevent the conservative “splice” ads, they can have the whole field to themselves.

    I don’t think you can discount the effect of these repetitive ads. Most people will see these ads and have a “first-impression” reaction. I doubt many will be impacted by the commentary that follows such ads. The visual effect is what counts in this day and age, especially among the young.

    Besides, the bottom line is that these Conservative ads tell the truth. To compare them with some of the Liberal attack ads which are deceitful and outright lies is tantamount to intellectual dishonesty.

    Check out cfra where you’ll hear callers to the talk shows, PRETENDING to be Conservatives, putting down the party wholeheartily on this issue and expanding it to other issues. That’s another Liberal tactic whereby they flood the station with their supporters in such a manner. Most complaints are coming from Liberal supporters and the MSM, surprise, surprise.

  44. Sammy says:

    Jo,the station I listen to Roy on (cjob/Wpg),went to a damn live-feed of a hockey game,after the news,so I can’t even listen to it!

    • Joanne says:

      Ah that’s frustrating, isn’t it Sammy? He’s onto another topic now.

      I switched to AM 640. Arlene is talking about Bountiful. She’s interviewing an escapee (Flora Jessop).

      The horrors she went through are atrocious.

  45. Bec says:

    Sammy, tune your computer to CHQR 770. You can listen and play at the same time!

  46. Bec says:

    “That the Bloc may be deliberately stirring up anti-Quebec sentiment to feed their cause.”

    “May be”? It is my assessment that they DO deliberately stir it up. Listening to his Bloc guest was confirmation, I thought.

    • Joanne says:

      Bec at 3:45 and 3:51 pm – Thanks for those tips. I’ll try the CHQR vault later. (Didn’t catch the first part of the segment)

  47. Mary T says:

    I wish the cpc would quit hiring call centers to do fundraising or anything else. Twice I have been called, and when I questioned the caller he could not even pronounce the PM’s name properly. He could not answer any questions, said he was just hired to make calls to see if one supported the party. I have also had calls from conservative supporters from some campaign office. Those I respond to, the call center ones are told to go to HE–. It would help a little if they at least spoke understandable english. Wonder what country they are calling from.
    I guess that stint Susan D did last year in some journalism didn’t educate her at all.
    FACT there will be an election
    FACT no one knows when
    FACT after the election PMSH will still be PM of Canada. Possibly with a majority to stop all the gamesmanship of the coalition.
    I wonder how many rejects the call centers get is what the pollsters and media base their reports on that the PM is losing support.
    As for the pretend conservatives calling in to talk shows, remember it was pretend conservatives that gave us Ed as premier of AB.

  48. Mary T says:

    QR77 has the Roy Green show on, no hockey game. Talking to Keith Martin now re health care and emergency room care etc.
    Callers after his blocmail segment were all for not paying the ransom, except one lady who said, pay off the debt for the ice storm.
    Quebec is getting worse than the natives for supposed past wrongs. I agree with the poster who said, if that happens AB want to get paid for the NEP fiasco. Throw in the missing millions from Quebec for adscam. What liberal ridings got that money.

  49. Ontario Girl says:

    As for the Susan Delacourt story…..even The Big City Lib wants to know” who the #$@# is Don Burrough”….other then some X- American football player.

  50. Ruth says:

    Could this story about the election just be a scam so that the lie can travel across Canada and then the Conservatives are to blame for causing an election that nobody wanted. I’m always suspicious of that source.

  51. Ontario Girl says:

    Ruth…my exact thought, and considering the sourse, it’s most likely. After what CTV pulled with the Iggy gaffe cover-up edit, nothing surprises me with the media.
    How convenient to run a story with a sourse no one has ever heard of.

  52. wilson says:

    I could see a March 29 BUDGET leading to an election, the last suggestion out of the govt was a late March budget.
    Sounds like someone got their ‘words’ mixed up.

    Was driving, listening to Green on the radio talking to a PQ seppy,
    their plans, when they replace Charest, is to turf out every thing federal that they want to run as a ‘nation’ instead of a province.
    Their plans for separation will not be discussed with Quebecers,
    just the ridding themselves of the feds .
    I wonder how Quebecers will take to being treated like mushrooms.

    If Quebec is a nation, outside Canada…… one can assume there will be no more equalization payments, no provincial transfers, no paid by Canada business trips abroad.
    How will they pay the bills without the dole?

  53. Mary T says:

    Is this who Susan was talking about, if so she has gone back to how MacKenzie King got his visions.
    Donald Edward Burroughs (August 19, 1931 – October 20, 2006) was an American football defensive back in the National Football League for the Los Angeles Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles. He played college football at Colorado State University. Burroughs was notable for his 6’5″ height, an anomaly at the safety position. In 2006, Burroughs died of cancer.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist. LOL

  54. Mary T says:

    For those who don’t know, King has seances with his dead mother.

  55. Mary T says:

    How many civil servants work in Hull, where will those jobs be moved to. And isn’t our money federal, so what will they use, monopoly money. And what if every corporation in Que that is not Que owned decides to pull out. More jobs for Canadians. They better get their passports up and running, federal ones will be null and void. The extra millions we save from equalization will certainly be welcome in Alberta. And, if they do that, we will demand that all Quebecers working in Canada will have to make a decision, to keep their jobs. Canadian or Quebecor. Think how much the OAS and GIS could be raised without sending money to Quebec. EI could be increased with not sending money to those unemployed there. And no Bloc MPs is another blessing and no Quebec MPs either. Think of the savings in office budgets, travel, pension. Getting rid of all things federal would mean a stop to all those pensions for ex MPs from Quebec.
    Increased jobs for the immigration and refugee boards as we would have to decide if they could enter Canada.
    Their plans could cause riots in the streets.
    Have they thought things thru, would their population stay and take it or leave the province.

    • Joanne says:

      O.K. I am doing exactly what I promised myself yesterday – play music.

      Now I must get away from the computer. Even just for a little while…

      • Joanne says:

        O.K. I’m back. Still trying to recover from what I saw today at the mall. Has anyone ever seen a woman with full facial covering trying to eat at a food court? I felt so sorry for her. It was quite a culture shock.

  56. Mary T says:

    Another advantage of Que getting rid of all things federal, no more Quebec senators, think of the saving in salary and expenses.

  57. Alberta Girl says:

    “Could this story about the election just be a scam so that the lie can travel across Canada and then the Conservatives are to blame for causing an election that nobody wanted. I’m always suspicious of that source.”

    Interestingly, there was a “letter” to the editor in the commie rag that comes once a week around here (MaryT maybe you even get it) – Prairie Post??

    Anyway – some guy wrote in last week about how the ONLY person who wanted an election was SH because of the polls – no one else did and that SH was dancing all over Canada handing out money. He then stated that if an election were called, it was SH fault.

    Let’s just say that I decided I just had to respond! LOL – Anyway, I informed him of the fact that Iggy was the one who said Canadians wanted an election and the only ones “dancing” around the country were the leaders of the Liberals and the NDP (the Coalition).

    It makes me wonder if there aren’t several hundred paid “letter writers” to write to these small town papers to put thoughts into people’s heads.

    Just some food for thought!

  58. Mary T says:

    Yes, we get the PP delivered once a week and it goes into recycling bin after I read the letters. Considering the ndp showed off their new war room, with all those computers with young people sitting in front, I think they are paid to write letters and make phone calls. Sometimes calling themselves upset conservatives.
    I think a lot of media and coalition leaders are trying to force the PM to cancel the upcoming sitting and go to the GG but he wont fall for it.
    And as to the Ekos poll saying 38% would support a coalition, notice the Bloc is never included in that question. After the blocmail attempt, wonder what that support would be now.

  59. Ontario Girl says:

    Funny how we keep hearing , that PM Harper wants an election by the media and die hard Liberano#, but its Iggy that was on a bus all summer on tour #1 (PM Harper was at Harrington Lake) and now he’s on tour #2….(PM Harper is working for Canada in Europe).Sounds like Iggy has been on an election tour for 1/2 of the year. After all, Iggy’s never in Parlament for votes etc. Just another little FACT the media don’t talk about.

  60. ed says:

    “Roy Green just made the point I had been thinking myself – That the Bloc may be deliberately stirring up anti-Quebec sentiment to feed their cause.”

    They’ve been doing that since day one. Nothing new there. Well, if they demand 5 billion dollars for quebecois’ votes, you cannot blame Canadians for their reaction. We’ve been soft-pedaling and ignoring their tactics for decades and what do we have to show for it? The separatists have said they’ll take from Canada whatever they can right up to the day they leave. So we continue to play their game, isn’t that naive?? The reason Meech Lake failed is because we knew they would not be satisfied. It would give them more recognition and then they’d demand more until outright separation. Since then, they have received that extra recognition. Has that solved the problem? Of course not, their goal is their own country. A recent study showed that the youth in Quebec see themselves as quebecois, not Canadians. Small wonder, given their education system. If Quebec were assured of their financial security, IMHO they’d leave tomorrow. Meanwhile, the PQ wants to stop the quebecois from attending English CGEPS (colleges.)

    The point should be made that this criticism is not directed at the quebecois but at their attitude and actions.

  61. Liz J says:

    Joanne @ 6:27 pm, that’s abuse of the highest order in this day and age in this modern civilized nation. There’s no damned excuse for it, it’s all about control by abusive husbands or family, it’s not religion, it’s cruelty. This is another example of Trudeau’s handiwork called Charter Rights and Multiculturalism. It gives these sickos permission to live in the Stone Age right in our midst. One would think if the women desired they could get help to break free from this tyranny using the same Charter of Rights. Does it not state “Freedom of and from Religion”?

  62. jad says:

    Looks like the Gazette is not too happy about the solicalizing between the Liberal leaders, federal and provincial, and the asbestos millionare.

    Kathleen Ruff of the Rideau Institute -an independent research, advocacy, and consulting group that opposes Canada’s involvement in the asbestos industry -said Chadha’s work as a political fundraiser is “disturbing,” particularly since a Quebec government trade mission to India -a major consumer of Quebec asbestos -scheduled for next week will include a representative of Chadha’s firm, and much of that mission’s time will be spent promoting the use of asbestos in India.

  63. jad says:

    Oops – should have read “socializing”.

  64. paulsstuff says:

    “Anyone see Susan Delacourt’s piece today?

    And who exactly is “Don Burrough” ? Ms Delacourt omits to introduce him other than as “not a conservative”.

    I’m thinking Delacourt might have just pulled one out of Kady’s playbook in using a Liberal partisan as her “source”. It took me all of 30 seconds to find Kady’s source was a member of the Liberal party and Iggy supporter. As for Delacourts supposed witness, I haven’t checked yet but have a funny feeling he is related to Gary Burroughs, the failed Liberal candidate for Niagra in the 2006 election.

  65. Michael Harkov says:

    What the hell?! Why haven’t I seen this poll until now?!–liberals-should-fire-ignatieff-poll
    Wed Dec 8 2010

    More than half of those responding to a new poll think the federal Liberals should find a new leader before the next election.

    Michael Ignatieff inspired lukewarm levels of support among those who identified as supporters of his party. Of those who voted Liberal in the 2008 election, only 38 per cent said the current leader should remain in his job, while 46 per cent said the party should replace Ignatieff.

    Did anyone else see this?!

  66. paulsstuff says:

    You know Delacourt is in trouble when even Liberal bloggers question her source:

  67. Ardvark says:

    It would seem BCL is familiar with someone who uses the name Don Burroughs and doesn’t think he/she/it are a credible source.

    The first line of Delacourt’s piece sets the tone: “The Conservatives are planning for a March 29 election—at least according to one fundraiser placing calls for the party on Friday.”

    Sorry Susan, but unless you spoke with the fundraiser yourself they are not the source of this, Don Burroughs is. Here-say, look it up Susan.

    It goes downhill from there.

  68. M.H.

    Yes it is old news that as a leader he has proved to be a dud in every sense. Balance sheets, volunteers, by elections and leadership, party polling numbers.

    This is why many of us have said his appointment has been a gift to the Conservatives.

    The Conservative Party would coast to another minority government if a new federal election were held today, and 46% of Liberal Party supporters in Canada are questioning whether their current leader should be at the helm when the next ballot is called.- Angus Poll December 12, 2010

    The Conservatives are supported by 39 per cent of decided voters, up four points from a month ago. By comparison, Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals remain at 29% of the decided vote. The NDP, led by Jack Layton, would garner 12% of the vote, down four points from last month. The Green party, led by Elizabeth May, would receive 9% of the vote, down two points.-Ispos Reid

  69. wilson says:

    like the Libluvin media glossed over Paul Martin doing fundraising lunches with the Tamil Tigers, so will go Iffy doing fundraisers with asbestos lobbyists, a little bad boy pat and never bring it up again.

  70. Michael Harkov says:

    I think CTV just did it again.

    It is 9:55 PM EST where I live. I just saw a commerical from CTV talking about a possible impending election and that the MPs would be returning to Ottawa tommorrow, and saying we should stay tuned tommorrow. In that commercial they showed a clip sample of all the leaders saying something. When it came to Ignatieff, it showed him saying “yes, yes, yes”……..but they edited out the “way” part.

    I can’t remember what they had Duceppe, Layton and the PM saying; I was doing some stuff around the house. But when it came to Ignatieff, my ears perked up slightly. That was when I caught it – no “way”.

    The MSM Liberal bias has gotten so bad, that I find myself looking for it everytime now. What is worse, they obviously don’t care that we know what they’re up to; but it seems like they are just going to keep on doing it.

  71. wilson says:

    Seriously, CBC has got to go.

    Government helps black radio station get to air ,
    CBC blocked the new station from starting up, since 2006
    Indstry Canada steps in, Jason Kenny has some choice words for CBC

    “We would have had this radio station a long time ago if it wasn’t for the CBC,” said Fitzroy Gordon, the man behind CARN-FM. “CBC fought me every step of the way

  72. Sammy says:

    Check out Kate’s latest post re the lame publicity stunt of Niki Ashton (NDP from N.Man)..she has contacted Michael Moore to help SAVE A HUGE,POLLUTING SMELTER at the Inco mine in Thompson! So much for ‘green jobs’ eh Niki…more like saving dipper-unionistas votes.Check out the comments re story at cbc link at Kate’s too.BTW,my hubby worked at that mine,and a lot of other mines.This is what happens in mining towns………..folks in Sudbury will most likely get those jobs,as there is talk the ore will be sent to be refined there.STUPID stupid dippers.They are in huge trouble provincially,and Niki’s Dad is in’t here…so this is ALL a big stunt.

  73. Sammy says:

    So Wilson,the cbc that loves to tout how multicultural they are…are really the ‘racists?’………………………………..funny how that works eh,when it affects them!!! I say,take half the money we give the cbc,and give it to real,down-home ‘community’ radio. Gawd I love Jason Kenney!

  74. wilson says:

    ‘take half the money we give the cbc,and give it to real,down-home ‘community’ radio’
    Good idea Sammy

    and take the other half and bring high speed internet to every community in Canada,
    including the entire North.

  75. Sammy says:

    Amen Wilson..especially the high-speed ‘net. I happen to live in the boonies,and am still stuck on dial-up! Royal pain in the lower anatomy!

  76. Bubba Brown says:

    Ed thanks for noticing, My family in Quebec goes all the way back to Louis Hebert. I am not English as the Quebecois like to call us I am Canadian, I speak English.
    My Grandfather was a Scot, an orphan immigrant who married a lovely french speaking Metis woman in Rat Portage (Kenora) We are Canadians. I make my home on the west coast of Canada.
    My father , God rest him, lived for the day when the population increase in the west would give us a seat at the table, I think it is here.
    I am very tired of the Liberal charade, their unhealthy symbiotic relationship with Quebec.
    It is bad enough that the transfer of tax dollars from the rest of Canada is so out of whack, the lack of respect, the never ending Bloc-mail.
    They are entitled to jobs that are denied my kids.
    Amazing to me that Jack Layton didn’t realize that to end the 1.95 per vote would make the Bloc evaporate, cripple the Liberals and Elley May would have to get a real job. He gave up the opportunity of a lifetime to be 2nd mate on a tramp steamer headed for a iceberg. Gilles is at the wheel!
    As far as Mr Awful Asbestos Waffle goes he is a gift!
    His dream team is spending all their time and energy rooting for the Arabs? Go figure, and check their bank accounts. Better not be any UAE planes on the Campaign trail.
    Meanwhile the Media are doing their darnedest to make Asbestos Iggy somehow relevant, good luck with that, he just needs to keep screaming, how bizarre, how bizarre.
    Just my opinion but he is nuttier than squirrel poop.

  77. Ardvark says:

    I made an update to my post on CTV’s coverage of Ignatieff’s gaffe that some of you might find interesting. Did you know that CTV actually promoted those MacKay gaffe stories?

  78. maz2 says:

    Liberal Iggy’s O’Harvard friend: “*a political obituary”?

    “… the United States can do very little to save its friends from the wrath of their citizens.”

    H/T Belmont Club*:

    “*In an article which reads almost like a political obituary, the Haaretz article described Obama’s dilemma: he was unwilling to advocate the democracy agenda of GWB, convinced that Israel was the problem in the Middle East, secretly sympathetic to the democratic aspirations of the population but afraid to destabilize the region.

    He was of several minds and temporized. But he was overtaken by events and his march stolen by the more purposeful actors. Now the Iranians have got his number nine ways to Sunday. Now, as Obama surveys the catastrophe overtaking the Western position in the Middle East, he must be wondering “how could it have come to this?”


    “Obama will go down in history as the president who lost Egypt”

    “The street revolts in Tunisia and Egypt show that the United States can do very little to save its friends from the wrath of their citizens.”

    “Jimmy Carter will go down in American history as “the president who lost Iran,” which during his term went from being a major strategic ally of the United States to being the revolutionary Islamic Republic. Barack Obama will be remembered as the president who “lost” Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt, and during whose tenure America’s alliances in the Middle East crumbled.

    The superficial circumstances are similar. In both cases, a United States in financial crisis and after failed wars loses global influence under a leftist president whose good intentions are interpreted abroad as expressions of weakness. The results are reflected in the fall of regimes that were dependent on their relationship with Washington for survival, or in a change in their orientation, as with Ankara.

    America’s general weakness clearly affects its friends. But unlike Carter, who preached human rights even when it hurt allies, Obama sat on the fence and exercised caution. He neither embraced despised leaders nor evangelized for political freedom, for fear of undermining stability.

    Obama began his presidency with trips to Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and in speeches in Ankara and Cairo tried to forge new ties between the United States and the Muslim world. His message to Muslims was “I am one of you,” and he backed it by quoting from the Koran. President Hosni Mubarak did not join him on the stage at Cairo University, and Obama did not mention his host. But he did not imitate his hated predecessor, President George W. Bush, with blunt calls for democracy and freedom.

    Obama apparently believed the main problem of the Middle East was the Israeli occupation, and focused his policy on demanding the suspension of construction in the settlements and on the abortive attempt to renew the peace talks. That failure led him to back off from the peace process in favor of concentrating on heading off an Israeli-Iranian war.

    Americans debated constantly the question of whether Obama cut his policy to fit the circumstances or aimed at the wrong targets. The absence of human rights issues from U.S. policy vis-a-vis Arab states drew harsh criticism; he was accused of ignoring the zeitgeist and clinging to old, rotten leaders. In the past few months many opinion pieces have appeared in the Western press asserting that the days of Mubarak’s regime are numbered and calling on Obama to reach out to the opposition in Egypt. There was a sense that the U.S. foreign policy establishment was shaking off its long-term protege in Cairo, while the administration lagged behind the columnists and commentators.

    The administration faced a dilemma. One can guess that Obama himself identified with the demonstrators, not the aging dictator. But a superpower isn’t the civil rights movement. If it abandons its allies the moment they flounder, who would trust it tomorrow? That’s why Obama rallied to Mubarak’s side until Friday, when the force of the protests bested his regime.

    The street revolts in Tunisia and Egypt showed that the United States can do very little to save its friends from the wrath of their citizens.”

    *Belmont Club:

    “The King’s Speech”

  79. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report:

    Filed under “business”, this is by a progressive, aka a leftist.

    Liberal Dean Iggy screams, Yes, yes, yes. Taliban Jack LaytoNDP pouts, My head has exploded, again. Commie Duceppe Bloc spits/de cracher, Oui, merde, x $5 million, er $5 billion.

    That’s the socialist Separatist Coalition, no?


    “Stephen Harper’s grand achievement”

    “By Eugene Lang, Citizen Special January 29, 2011”

    “The punditocracy has reached consensus. After five years in government, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has no legacy, no signature legislation or policies that will secure his place in the pantheon of Canadian prime ministers. Hence, he has had no meaningful effect on the country. If this leadership deficiency isn’t rectified in Harper’s remaining time in office, we are told, he will be an historical footnote, an ephemeral and transitory figure, an irrelevant prime minister.


    Stephen Harper is a transformational politician in this country’s history.

    To be sure, one is hard-pressed to identify a single initiative — like Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Brian Mulroney’s Free Trade Agreement or Jean Chretien’s deficit crusade — that Harper has authored which has had a transformational effect on the country.

    But Harper’s grand achievement exists nonetheless, in subtle yet significant ways. The prime minister is altering the political culture of Canada, moving it almost imperceptibly to the right.

    Whether Canadians have become more conservative in recent years is debatable. If you think people get more conservative as they get older, the aging society alone would suggest the country is on a more right-wing path. Yet some opinion researchers see no evidence of this, or at least note contradictions in the data, with Canadians becoming more conservative on some issues (like crime) and less conservative on others (like gay marriage).

    But if you believe political parties — their narratives, rhetoric, values and policies — influence the political culture of the country, then Canada is definitely on a more conservative path, thanks in no small part to Stephen Harper.

    His government has successfully narrowed the acceptable, mainstream range of debate on several of the most significant issues facing the country, into a more conservative discourse than was evident even half a decade ago.

    Consider four of the biggest federal issues: deficits, taxes, climate change and crime.

    Harper comes in for criticism from some on the right for running big deficits. It is true that the Harper government has rather grudgingly charted large deficits in the past two years to help the Canadian economy through a global recession. But he has also now successfully positioned the issue of deficit elimination as the over-riding objective of the federal government, even though Canada could afford, given our low federal debt-GDP ratio, to continue deficit stimulus if weakness in the economy warranted it. Yet that option is off the mainstream policy table.

    Both the Liberals and the NDP pay homage to the need to eliminate the federal deficit in the short-run, largely through spending restraint. The parties only disagree on what to cut to get to a balanced budget. And no party will call for raising personal taxes to either help eliminate the deficit or deal with the fiscal pressures associated with an aging society. Taxes are judged to be either too high now, or as high as can be tolerated (except in the area of business taxes, where both the Liberals and NDP are calling for a rolling back of a recent Harper corporate tax cut). It is clear as day that Ottawa is well short of the revenue needed to pay for the kind government these parties want, yet that has had no influence on their tax agenda. If that isn’t conservative fiscal policy, I don’t know what is.

    Then take the environment, and in particular climate change. All parties pay some degree of lip service to getting to grips with climate change, but none, apart from the Green Party, are prepared to call for the types of measures that will actually make a difference on this issue — a carbon tax of some description and/or strong regulations limiting carbon emissions. Conservative environmental philosophy triumphs again and narrows the range of debate so the policy choice fits within the conservative tool box.

    Finally, look at criminal justice policy. This is one area where Harper has significant legislative achievements. His government has established new criminal justice legislation grounded in the notion that laws should be designed to punish criminals, not rehabilitate them. And while the other national parties have objected to some elements of these various bills, they have not mounted a full-scale attack on them or on the underlying values and philosophy of the Harper criminal justice agenda. Conservative principle triumphs again.

    There are two possible explanations for this triangulation of positioning among the major parties. Either the mainstream political parties are becoming more conservative in their basic orientation, or they are reflecting what they perceive to be an increasing conservative orientation within the electorate as they fish for votes. Either way, both are evidence of a country on a rightward drift. And for that, Stephen Harper — transformational prime minister — deserves most of the credit.

    Eugene Lang is co-founder, Canada 2020: Canada’s Progressive Centre, vice-president, Bluesky Strategy Group, and co-author (with Philip DeMont) of Turning Point: Moving Beyond Neoconservatism.”

  80. maz2 says:


    Yes, Jack’s head has exploded, again.

    “If he doesn’t have a tacit understanding with Michael Ignatieff for a post-election agreement, the NDP is putting its head in a trap.”


    Another call from the leftists for the Separatist Coalition.

    “”If he doesn’t have a tacit understanding with Michael Ignatieff for a post-election agreement, the NDP is putting its head in a trap.”


    Dean Liberal Iggy is da croupier deluxe:

    “Persichilli: Liberals might want to roll the dice”.

    Ad$Cam Jeancula Chretien . . . [word deleted by blog admin] (under the table with da brown envelope$) : >>> Whad’s da couple da mbillion$? Roll da dice, stoopid.–persichilli-liberals-might-want-to-roll-the-dice

  81. Richco says:

    here’s a particularly well-written piece in the Sun this morning

    also this one

    and…one more from Lorrie

    Michael @ 9:58 – “It is 9:55 PM EST where I live. I just saw a commerical from CTV talking about a possible impending election and that the MPs would be returning to Ottawa tommorrow, and saying we should stay tuned tommorrow. In that commercial they showed a clip sample of all the leaders saying something. When it came to Ignatieff, it showed him saying “yes, yes, yes”……..but they edited out the “way” part.”

    I’d call that another bandaid moment to push Ignatieff. I’d also call it the typical double-Liberal media standard and hypocritical in a way we’ve come to expect. That the CTV would use that same footage and spin it to their message that the PM is forcing an election when the criticism heaped on the CPC for using the same footage suggesting the same essential thing only that it was Ignatieff bucking for an election is just oh, so typical isn’t it? It’s ok for the Liberals to use it to attack Harper but in defence and in a mock-up by an independent blogger it’s not.

    I do hope Canadians see through that CTV and Liberal spun ad Michael. I also it works to backfire on the Liberals to remind them of Iggy’s Howard Dean moment, a term that I first heard coined by the CTV themselves.

    I notice that the CPC are still airing the other ads – good for them. They actually seem mild in tone and by comparison to the “yes, yes, yes” of Iggy’s own words. Maybe THAT was part of the conspiracy CPC strategy?

    • Joanne says:

      Lorrie Goldstein’s column was bang-on.

      If the leftwing media and opposition parties continue to pursue this canard, it’s going to blow up in their faces.

      (Am I allowed to say that? Will it incite violence?)

  82. Sammy says:

    I’m wondering how QP will cover the political ATTACK ads story today?? Will bobbleheaded bimbo Giggles plead the case for the libs..with Chretien Craig lapping lib butt?? Should be interesting.I for one would LOVE to know just how much blowback ctv rec’d over their blatant partisanship.Hmmm,maybe Giggles will do an on-air apology??? Yeah,just like I won 6-49 last nite!

  83. wilson says:

    On QP,
    Middle East, election speculation, Iffy and Flaherty invterview.

    Oooh, Iffy’s Dean scream yes yes yes way,
    CPC withdrew ad after backlash,
    heh, Iffy is the new sweater guy ,
    Iffy wants a good clean fight…..

    Iffy reoffers platform … Zzzzzzzzz

    OH, Craig says you seem to be flip flopping on corp tax,
    Iffy says ….Zzzzzzzz
    Iffy have never had a conversation with PMSH about this budget, they don’t talk.

    Can’t afford a big $6 billion give away, corp tax cuts mistake and irresponsible.
    (unless Iffy is the one doing it, eh)

    Liberals are going to clean up the mess that Conservatives have left behind.

    Well that’s it for Iffy’s free platform selling.

  84. wilson says:

    Minister Flaherty next.
    Are corp tax cuts the next election issue, asks Craig.

  85. wilson says:

    Any bets on Oliver bringing up Kevin Page says…

  86. Richco says:

    O/T – re: Ontario politics – Grandparents in Ontario will want to make note of this column by Chris Blizzard

    Coincidentally I just interviewed the head of a new southwestern Ontario chapter of
    CanGrands looking to lobby the McGuinty gov’t to change provincial laws to include grandparents in the mix re: access to their grandkids but also to help out financially when the grandparents have to step up and raise their grandchildren. I was surprised at how often that happens through no fault of the grandparents or grandchildren.

  87. wilson says:

    Iffy says no corp tax cuts.
    Any compromise on this issue, asks Jane.
    It’s the law of the land.
    CPC low tax vs their high tax plan.
    Creat more jobs and maintain economic growth, economies fragile.
    Can have discussions about other things, not the economic direction of our economy.
    Talked to opposition officials?
    yes, Flaherty has spoken to the opp critics last week, and will be again this coming week.
    Demands by the Bloc?
    Govt negotiates with Quebec, not the Bloc.
    No compromise with Bloc?
    Issues of compromise, lists some, none that Ducey asked for.
    Serious concerns, yes.
    26,000 projects under way or completed. 7th update of Economic Action Plan.
    Budget in March, end of March

  88. Mary T says:

    QP, Craig interviewing Iggy, and he is asked about the ad. He is wearing a sweater, and he when asked if he is surprised (after playing yes yes yes) the ad was pulled he answers in a mild no no no. Talks family care, tax cuts. Denying the supported tax cut, and still using the 56 million deficit number.
    Flexibility is not in PMSH vocabulary, re talking to him.
    He is talking re money for education, but he has never said how families will get that money. He did not answer the question re supporting the tax cuts in 2007.
    Finance minister coming up, re tax cuts.
    I just wish he would inform people that the majority of them work for a corporation.
    (hubby watching another channel and said, over 4000 restaurants in the USA closed last year, why, health care costs, no smoking and taxes)
    Budget will be presented on day in March, never said which day.
    Last weeks poll-48% said personal attack ads are ok, 52% said NO
    Mulcair on now on tax cuts.
    Must send a message to the finance minister, to stress who and what a corporation is, get some of those 400,000 corporation businessmen/women out front to say, I am a corporation, I employ x number of people.
    Goodale on the panel.
    Yikes Craig just called the Bloc 5 million request a bribe.
    Message to Goodale, most of those middle income families work for corporations.

  89. wilson says:

    Craig up, Goodale, Mulcair, Lukinsky….
    It’s up to PM, says Craig,
    Tom says up to combined opposition.
    Goodale says PM can (kiss up to opps) or he causes implosion.
    Homecare, daycare, post secondary education.
    Mulcair, where do u stand on corp tax cuts?
    NDP has been clear, against, blah blah banks and oil companies.
    Has met with Flaherty, productive meeting, get things done.
    Corp tax cuts means ‘highly unlikely’, door open for PM to change his mind.
    Tom, will PM drop tax cuts? NO
    Schedual corp tax reductions, on track to balanced budget WITH tax cuts in place.
    No reference to the cuts in the budget, done in 2007.
    Goodale, tax cuts are wrong, no deficit in 2007, borrowed money. rates are competitive, more important priorities, not jets jails corp tax cuts.
    Mulcair, suggests 50% of tax cut….. govt priority must change
    Tom, economy, corp tax reflief creates jobs, many liberals agree
    Goodale quotes the Solomon numbers on effectiveness of cuts

  90. wilson says:

    So far, only possible headline out of QP is
    Mulcair says PM should compromise on 50% corp tax cuts (for their support?)

  91. Richco says:

    MaryT – “QP, Craig interviewing Iggy, and he is asked about the ad. He is wearing a sweater, and he when asked if he is surprised (after playing yes yes yes) the ad was pulled he answers in a mild no no no. Talks family care, tax cuts. Denying the supported tax cut, and still using the 56 million deficit number.”

    Ignatieff can deny that he supported the tax cuts all he wants but we and the other opposition parties have proof to the contrary. Interesting though MaryT. isn’t it that in the interview that CTV felt is necessary to play the ad again. Did Taber appologize to Ignatieff for using continuing to make the “Howard Dean” link in her own columns and by CTV? You don’t need to answer me – I know the answer to my question.

  92. Mary T says:

    I goofed again, it is a 5 billion bribe, not 5 million.
    Craig is upset with the Quebec voters and says it is time they quit playing games, with voting Bloc. (paraphrased)
    Jennifer D and giggles both use the arm gesture of iggy, yes yes yes.
    QP is now on facebook,
    Craig thinks attack ads don’t work anymore, giggles thinks they do. Jennifer said yes those ads were pulled, after the press and media gave them full coverage.
    Over 1000 comments in the g&m re them.
    Wonder how many of those comments come from the ndp war room, haven’t read any of them.

    • Joanne says:

      Craig is upset with the Quebec voters and says it is time they quit playing games, with voting Bloc. (paraphrased)

      That was the only redeeming moment in that hour.

  93. Ontario Girl says:

    Jennifer Ditchburn Can. Press, said the Conservative ads were very REPUBLICAN. hint hint wink wink.This is the same Ditchburn who dug waaaay back into Helena G’s past and found an X – boyfriend and printed some nasty story in the press.
    I’d love to have CTV & CBC closed down so as not to have to look at their smug holier then thou smirks . Must feel great to be so PERFECT.

  94. jad says:

    A virtual cup (or glass) of your favourite beverage to Sammy, Wilson and Mary T for your excellent coverage of QP. Thanks, guys, my BP is high enough without watching that crap.

    BTW, I think Ignatieff’s “way” is actually an elitist trying to say “oui” en Quebecois, as in “Yes ! Yes! Yes! …Oui !”

  95. Bec says:

    I echo jad @ 12:25 pm
    Thanks you guys….keep it coming!

  96. Sammy says:

    Gee,Delacourt’s speculation on Cons wanting an election MUST be true..that stupid Ditchburn quotes it as TRUTH!!!

  97. Sammy says:

    cbc’s Hannah ThibiDOH tells us the Libs are pissy that Flaherty will give a financial update,out in rural Ont,as opposed to HofC..wah wah.

  98. Mary T says:

    OT, but must read Hinchley’s Store today for his conversation? with a liberal war room person. Good spin of Susan’s story.
    It is amazing how many of us are getting those call, telling us the coalition will take over after the election, Bob Rae will be leader by Summer and other important info.
    Oh, and they are asking for donations as liberals wont donate. LOL.
    I expect more of this satire.

  99. Sammy says:

    Well gee dogs got a phone call today from the Lib ‘war-room’ telling them that in the upcoming election..that WILL be called right after the budget is read..they should ‘vote Liberal’..because PMSH and the Cons support ‘cats’ and because the Harper family fosters cats..they hate all dogs,and there will be NOTHING in the budget for dogs..they want all dogs to live on the streets..and all the money will go towards the ‘fat cats!’…so,help me out here.How do I get my dogs to turn away from this ‘attack’ rhetoric,and get them to vote Conservative?????

    • Joanne says:

      Richco, as one of the commenters said in Akin’s piece, the headline is very deceiving/misleading.

  100. Richco says:

    I agree Joanne – but it’s not likely the headline of Akin’s choosing. It got my attention though but when I read through the piece I think I understand the point Akin was making. Maybe the Sun’s editor & publisher thought they’d attract the left of the spectrum with the headline? Akin’s column usually appear in the London papers the next day so I’ll make sure to check the headine tomorrow.

    • Joanne says:

      I agree Joanne – but it’s not likely the headline of Akin’s choosing

      That’s true. Columnists don’t usually write their own headlines.

  101. Mary T says:

    e-mail sent to the PM’s office, will let you know if I get a quick reply like the last one I sent
    Please tell the PM and Finance Minister to inform the public that not all corporations are banks, oil companies etc. There are over 400,000 corporations in Ontario alone, that employ thousands of people. Everytime you go to a mall, restraunt, movie, dentist, buy a paper, buy clothes, cosmetics, have your car fixed, or your computer, and so many other things, you are supporting a corporation. Family farms, many self employed, are corporations.
    This must be explained to people. I wonder how many that have been polled and are against the tax cuts work for a corporation. Do those union members realize they work for one.
    Why are the liberals against the working middleclass family against getting a possible raise, or a job due to these cuts.
    Liberals want to support small business, do they realize that most of those small businesses are corporations.
    Get that message out before a lot of voters decide to vote for killing their jobs.

  102. wilson says:

    Iffy will raise corporate taxes to pay for Coalition social spending.
    PMSH will stay the course with low taxes to create jobs and growth.

    The messages are pretty simple.

    I highly doubt that those people polled know
    the corp tax cuts are a joint Federal-Provincial road map out of the recession,
    put into place in 2007.

    What’s with the yellow shoe lace tied to Iffy’s finger?
    Trying to remember something?

  103. wilson says:

    Flaherty hinted last week that the ‘low tax plan’ could extend to a cut to personal income taxes….

  104. Sammy says:

    SDA now has post up re CTV’s ass-covering for the that WILL get big-time attention.

  105. Joe says:

    That was a brain dead article by Akin. Most Canadians want a corporate tax cut according to the survey. I wonder if Akin was exploring the bottom of a beer glass when he wrote that.

  106. Bubba Brown says:

    Quebec voters look out for their own self interests, as I’ve said before the nano-second they figure out the Bloc is irrelevant they will have a change in attitude. They are not separatists in the true sense of the word.
    The yellow string on Iggnat-gaffe’s finger is attached to the bus, he starts yellin’ again the driver has instructions to put the “pedal to the metal”

  107. Bec says:

    “Quebec voters look out for their own self interests, as I’ve said before the nano-second they figure out the Bloc is irrelevant they will have a change in attitude. ”

    That would be glorious if it would happen but I don’t see it when even the supposed, federalist provincial leader has sold the country down the river,imo. He has become as much a habitual taker as the Bloc or PQ, imo. The sense of entitlement is shamefully ingrained from the top down and I’m not so sure that a few current cabinet ministers don’t also fall into that category.

    We have a PM and almost an entire province (Alberta) of MP’s and never, never, never would I want them to treat Alberta better than anywhere else in the country. How bloody embarrassing that would be!
    Sadly I don’t believe that is true in the case of Quebec MP’s of all the Opps and a few of the Govt.

  108. Ardvark says:

    That will teach me for sleeping in on a Sunday. Thanks for the RT and everything else Joanne.

    By popular demand the CTV Gate video is now available on You Tube

    • Joanne says:

      Way to go Ardvark!!

      I have a question – Why is CTV allowed to use ‘Yes, yes, yes!” [minus oui] in their ads, but the Conservatives can’t?

  109. wilson says:

    ‘The yellow string on Iggnat-gaffe’s finger is attached to the bus, he starts yellin’ again the driver has instructions to put the “pedal to the metal” Bubba Brown

    oh I’m sure that Jane Taber will do a write up on Iffy and his yellow shoe laced finger,
    and it will be something like ‘don’t forget about the most vulnerable’ .
    Life in the Enchanted Forest.

  110. Bubba Brown says:

    Well Joanne, good question! When you are one of the self proclaimed “elite” you can pretty much do, or say anything you like and you know the Liberal Media will have your cover your sorry negative a**.
    The rest of us that have longed for a better Canada for all Canadians get pretty much “Palinized” for just showing up.
    We have had senior Liberal MP’s Like Mr Mccallum unable to tell you what brand of car he drives.
    As far as covering up Awful Waffles “Gate” gaffe well seems to this old guy that what with the never ending amount of “Gates” we are gifted with from the Liberals and the peanut gallery cheering section in the Media.
    Such clangers as Host-gate, H1N1 gate, body bag-gate, Prorogue gate, photo op gate.
    The fact that POTUS Obama is following PM Harpers Leadership in Corporate Tax relief has been largely ignored with all the background noise in Media.
    PM Harper has only to go out of Country on a successful trade mission, the next thing is a bunch of non stories about almost anything at all.
    They are all running scared, Media, Liberals, NDP, Bloc and we are slowly and surely gaining the approval of more and more average Canadian taxpaying voters.
    We are gaining slowly but surely.
    They still have not learned that a negative approach invariably yields negative results.
    It is not leadership they are offering just mindless opposition and gotcha it has worn very thin over the last 5 years.
    PM Harper was right once again when he opined that the longer he was PM the longer he would be PM.
    Cheers and a shout out to Alberta Aardvark!

  111. maz2 says:

    AGW Progress Report: Monday Edition.

    Much Ado ‘Bout Snow, eh?


    “Biggest snowstorm of the season expected for parts of southern Ontario
    Globe and Mail – Pat Hewitt – ‎1 hour ago‎
    Ready the shovels and snowblowers: parts of southern Ontario are preparing for their biggest snowstorm of the season. For Toronto, warnings of the wintry blast come as the city has issued its third extreme cold weather alert.
    Major snowstorm headed towards southern Ontario
    Snowstorm to blanket southern Ontario”



    “Get yours here:”

  112. Fay says:

    Our evening global news reported the terrible poll for Iggy. Thankyou Global for reporting a negative poll for the Liberals!

  113. frmgrl says:

    Frmgrl, it should be interesting to see how CTV spins that one.

    They’ll find someway, you can bet on it. Of the one quarter that want Iffy to stay, how many them are conservatives? He’s doing such a good job for us no matter how CTV,CBC,G&M,TorStar or any of the Liberal cheerleaders cover for him.

  114. Mary T says:

    Why has no one called out Susan D for predicting, or announcing, the next election will be March 29. She should have checked her calendar. Elections are held on a Monday, not a Tuesday. Unless something has changed recently.

  115. jad says:

    And after Jennifer Ditchburn, now we have the Star quoting itself :

    Reports (sic) over the weekend said Prime Minister Stephen Harper is considering a federal election for this spring with a possible date of March 29.–ignatieff-says-democracy-is-only-acceptable-outcome-in-egypt?bn=1

    • Joanne says:

      And after Jennifer Ditchburn, now we have the Star quoting itself :

      Memories of the capital punishment saga…

  116. Ruth says:

    A March election would certainly make all the snowbirds in Florida very unhappy. After all, they are the age group that makes up the biggest percentage of the voters.
    Still can’t see it happening until Iggy qualifies for his pension in 2012.

  117. The_Iceman says:

    Wow, it takes half an hour to plow through your comment section these days! I’m exhausted. I noticed that Oliver brought up the Liberals previously supporting the corporate tax cuts, but Iggy dodged the question. I am interested in the timeline of the transition from Libs supporting it to opposing it. Prior to the budget, the Liberals supported Corporate tax cuts, the Tories put them in the budget, and then a few weeks later at Thinkapalooza Iggy announced that they would pay for all their “big ideas” by rescinding tax cuts that hadn’t happened yet. The Liberals allowed the budget to pass (on one of their many “don’t show up to work” days).

    Shouldn’t it be considered a positive move that the Tories put something the other party supported into the budget and made it law with help from the official opposition? That is healthy for a democracy. At this point why would the Tories put any Liberal policies into the next budget, when there is a risk that the Liberals will suddenly decide it is advantageous to switch positions and attack the government for agreeing with them in the first place?

    • Joanne says:

      Iceman – All good questions.

      Regarding the # of comments, speed-reading is helpful. 😉

      I love your idea of developing a timeline of when the Lieberals changed their stance on the corporate tax cuts.

      And please. For the love of Mike will someone please explain to me why tax cuts in a surplus would be better than now? And which economists agree with that logic???

  118. jad says:

    And please. For the love of Mike will someone please explain to me why tax cuts in a surplus would be better than now? And which economists agree with that logic???

    My favourite economic wonk at Worthwhile Canadian Initiative raises the issue that if, as the Liberals believe, it is wrong to cut taxes during a recession, it would therefore follow that it would be right to raise taxes. So why, he asks, does no-one ask MIA why he simply wants to maintain the status quo of 2010, why does he not want to actually increase taxes substantially.

  119. Ardvark says:

    Thanks for that Mary T.

    I sent your concerns along to Susan Delacourt and Jen Ditchburn.!/Albertaardvark/status/31893475343466496

  120. Sammy says:

    ewwww Jo,please don’t say ‘for the love of Mike’ again! It just about made me lose my good supper..I don’t think there would be too many ‘Mike lovers’ here!! Ya know,when I read Susie Dela-hair-do’s column re the sure thing election,according to the voice in her head..I glanced at my desk calendar,and thinking like Mary,I wondered about the Tues.thing too.Hmmm,maybe Susie’s imaginary ‘friend’ needs to be educated by Elections Canada!

  121. Ardvark says:

    And Jen Ditchburn responds: @Albertaardvark I think the person meant Mar. 29th as the day for dropping the writ.

    To which I replied: @jenditchburn I take it you did not read the story that this is all based on?

    LOL. I doubt I will anything else back.

  122. Ardvark says:

    That should be ‘hear anything’ back.

    A bad track record with the word hear this weekend, I know I used here for hear a couple of times and now this. =(

  123. Sammy says:

    Maybe another theory..could someone have ‘punk’d’ Susie,and she was so very orgasmic to get the story out there she never did any homework on the plausibility?? Take a read of her blog……………..blatant Harper Derangement Syndrome.

  124. ed says:

    Bubba Brown says:
    January 30, 2011 at 12:50 am

    “My family in Quebec goes all the way back to Louis Hebert. I am not English as the Quebecois like to call us I am Canadian, I speak English.
    My Grandfather was a Scot, an orphan immigrant who married a lovely french speaking Metis woman in Rat Portage (Kenora) We are Canadians. I make my home on the west coast of Canada.”

    Hi, Bubba.

    Yeah, I recall you mentioning that in the past. Yes, it’s too bad we cannot be simply Canadians, everyone of us living in Canada. I’ve often told people that I’m Canadian period, no need to be Irish-Canadian, French-Canadian, Italian-Canadian, etc.. that’s what I like about Americans, they’re Americans first. At the same time, I’m always fascinated to find out where people came from originally. It’s very interesting to learn things about other parts of the world, etc.. My ancestors are English/Irish but I am a Canadian who happens to speak, as you say, English. My family goes back, at least, several generations but you beat me for sure. :-)

    Love those Scots!! Guess who built Montreal, you name it – they were there as you well know. :-) Others as well, of course, but the Scots made quite an impact.

    Speaking of the Scots, we’ve heard the playing of the bagpipes in a church. Wow, the power they generate. No wonder those Scots moved forcibly forward in battle. LOL

    Hey, good old Kenora, we’ve passed through there on the trans-Canada. You really sense the wilderness when you get near there. We’ve camped, over many years, from Newfoundland through to just inside of Golden, B,C. The experience brings you home with an intense appreciation of your country and its spectacular scenery and the fact that you are a part of it, that you are Canadian. Every Canadian should travel the whole of Canada to really know what it means to be Canadian.

    Enjoyed your posts for a long time, Bubba, keep them coming. Glad to hear TJ’s posts as well lately!!

  125. ed says:

    Michael Harkov says:
    January 29, 2011 at 8:39 am

    “All it takes is a government with the courage to start saying “no!”

    Michael, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I hope the day comes soon when a government will act on its convictions. It takes a lot of character to go forward.

  126. Fay says:

    Well said Ed and Bubba and all the great Canadians that post hear. This is what Canada is all about. Good people talking and looking out for each other to make this country a happy home.
    Our ancestors started the job and the good people of Canada will continue it with the leadership of this conservative government.
    Blogging Tories gives me hope and optimism the truth will get out for all Canadians from coast to coast.

  127. Peter B says:

    Craig Oliver on Question Period this morning made this great comment and observation

    “The Bloc are asking for a 5 billion dollar bribe. I think a lot of us are getting very sick of this. I wish Quebeckers would make up their mind, if they are going to keep electing separatists in great numbers to their national parliament, where are we going with this. At some point we got to really have a talk about this”

    I second that.

    Michael Ignatieff on the same show, in an interview with Craig Oliver, comes up with another gaffe, for which he is now becoming famous, and twists an old proverb, and although not quite as bad as Yogi Berra, he is working on it, when he said

    “If you throw mud against the wall some of it will fall down”

  128. wilson says:

    Prince William and his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton, have accepted Prime Minister Harper’s invitation,
    they will take their first overseas trip as a married couple in Canada

  129. Bruce says:

    The Conservatives will make the case that the tax cuts are helping sustain the recovery as the government withdraws stimulus spending and looks to the private sector to pick up the slack as an engine of growth.

    The Opposition Liberals have pledged to cancel a cut that brought the federal corporate tax rate down to 16.5 per cent earlier this month, as well as another that will drop it to 15 per cent in January 2012.

    The Liberals argue the cuts deplete federal coffers at a time when the government is trying to eliminate the deficit, expected to hit $45 billion this fiscal year. The Liberals say they would spend the money saved by eliminating the tax cuts on home care for the elderly and post-secondary education, among other things.

    Read more:

    So the Liberals say the government should cancel the tax cuts and use the money to reduce the deficit, while at the same time saying that they would spend that money on home care, post secondary education and other things.

    Things that do not reduce the deficit or help to grow the economy.


  130. wilson says:

    poll Jan 24-27
    ”…In an exclusive poll conducted for Postmedia News and Global News, 64% of surveyed Canadians said the federal political process is working “just fine” and that there’s “no need” for an election…”

    63% of Canadians are satisfied with how the country is currently run.
    (19% of recently surveyed U.S. residents were confident with their country’s improvements to the economy)

    And from poll taken over the same period,
    frgrl link @ 7:37

    ”..People may not like where the country’s going in some cases,
    but he’s got some kind of tenure and respect that the others can’t touch,” Mr. Wright said.

    ‘some kind of tenure and respect that the others can’t touch’
    makes me smile

  131. Richco says:

    terrific NP column to read first thing – thanks Wilson.

    Joanne – as I suspected that “Companies Should Pay More Tax” David Akin column in the Toronto Sun yesterday is on the front page of the London Free Press this morning
    with “Corporate Tax Cuts A Tough Sell for PM” – still not what Akin’s column is actually about but a calmer headline – although it’s front page right next to this storm warning for the area “BABY SNOWMAGEDDON ON WAY” 20-30cm predicted for my region.

    Something that most people have forgotten what with all of the “yes, yes, yes” attention Ignatieff got was that that line was just one line in a speech that was ripe with shots at Harper and his gov’t. Ignatieff obviously felt that the mud that he threw in the PM’s direction might stick – why not vice versa. Don’t forget also that
    it was in this speech when we first started talking about it last week that almost every media pundit there at the time talked about how manic and out of character it was for Ignatieff to be so animated. This was the same speech where he took shots at that really nice ad the CPC ran of Harper at his desk. Remember the Home Alone crack Iggy made?

  132. Bubba Brown says:

    Ed @ 10:43 pm Jan 30
    Hi yourself Ed, yup I got you on the seniority file LOL.
    The other side my Mom’s came out of Country Cork so it`s poor Irish and poor Scots that came here to build a future for their families. Maybe we got a common relation in their somewhere, besides being proud Canadians.
    Anyway the last part is relation enough, brother.
    They did that and built the Canada we know today, they knew great hardship, whether they came out of the slums of Glasgow or the Poor Counties of Ireland.
    Listening to the `Great Waffle`tell how his ancestors `built Canada`makes me laugh, simply hasen`t a clue how silly he sounds, then he adds `don`t you forget it.
    Canada was and is the last and best hope for an ordinary person to pull himself or herself up by their bootstraps.
    The whole idea of a hyphen in the middle of my identity never occurred to my grandparents or to me either,.

    They left kith and kin to better themselves, they did that and were proud Canadians to boot.
    This is an awe inspiring country, now that we are both retired we are planning a cross country trip. I have relations from one side to the other, I figure about 3 months on the road.
    It is great to exchange views here with like minded Canadians, Thanks Joanne!
    It is looking more like Mr Ignatieff is going to have to walk down the hill again.
    All the Liberals have to offer is more taxes everywhere child and senior care no doubt by well paid CUPE members with gold plated pensions, working in state of the art, purpose built facilities.
    That and a carbon tax regime that will break our Country and ruin our economy as it has Europe’s.
    The voters are realizing that the Liberalé-NDP-Bloc coalition has nothing to offer but a somewhat schizophrenic mathematical equation that says more people voted for us before we were us, jumped the broom and became the `Happy Hyphen Party` Tax on Dudes and Dudettes`

  133. Mary T says:

    Think iggy will come to AB to sway someone to take over for Swain. Or will they go the way of the dodo bird, aka Green Party of AB. It was de-registered a while ago.
    Has everyone noticed that since gore/suzuki/may/politicians and expert scientists started telling us how to save the planet, the weather has continually gotten worse.
    Went shopping today so missed QP and the supper show, but at least hubby will look sharp for our g/daughters wedding this Saturday.

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