Because crossbows kill people

Waiting for the lefties to call for a National Crossbow Registry.

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Man Shot and Killed with Crossbow Inside Busy LibraryArthur Weinreb, Suite 101

Crossbows threaten all of usSearching for Liberty (Somewhat tongue-in-cheek so don’t go there if you’re easily offended. But a strong message nonetheless.)

Quicklist of crossbow incidents in CanadaWFP

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Crossbow victim was father of suspect Star.   This story just gets more and more bizarre.

And sadAlleged crossbow killer is victim’s son Sun:

…Court documents show slain man had two previous domestic violence convictions.

Cheng assaulted his wife of 16 years, Nora Fang, at their Mintwood Dr. home on May 5, 2002 in the presence of the couple’s son Zhou Fang, and Nora’s 84-year-old mother, court documents stated.

A court synopsis of the incident indicated Cheng said: “I am the ruler of this house and everybody has to do what I say.”

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54 Responses to Because crossbows kill people

  1. fh says:

    I am so glad that the Long Gun Registry is seen to be doing what it does every day to save lives NOTHING
    stop wasting tax payers money and put our money to work supporting our police officers on the street
    I am surprised that the NDP does not support prevention of crime by supporting more police officers instead of supporting a wasteful Long Gun Registry
    People kill people not the instruments they choose such as crossbows

  2. Liz J says:

    Well, yeah, we’ll have to get those crossbows registered for sure. We can’t have people running around our streets with those long guns and crossbows unregistered. Once they’re registered we’ll all be safe, right Jack? While we’re at it, let’s include knives of all sorts.

    • Joanne says:

      Actually Neo’s right. There probably should be full body scans and pat-downs at the entrance to every public building. Iggy says it happens to him all day, so what’s the difference?

  3. maz2 says:

    National Socialist Religion-of-the-Stomach Registry.

    Sponsored by PET Cemetery.


    Liberal socialist,



    “Money raised through ticket sales, pledges and donations will be distributed to the Ottawa Food Bank”.

  4. Bec says:

    There is a big difference between governments ASSISTING in people’s lives and INTEREFEREING in people’s lives.
    The Canadian Left think that Canadians are idiots and that they must control every aspect and collect a bit of cash for their trouble. Why do Canadians fall for this mindset other than the ingrained aspect of those that believe they are entitled to their entitlements?

    I’m not sure that the Left isn’t capable of an initiative such as this one. This is right up Jack’s and Mark Hollands alley imo.
    We have Dave Taylor (MLA) formerly a Lib but now sits as an Independent right here in Alberta that is proposing ‘idling’ regulations. It just never stops and in this case, as all of the others, where does the enforcement come from and for how much?
    THEY NEVER seem to get that part of it right. They excel at the bossy, interefereing part but bomb, big time at the costing out, implementing part.

  5. Mary T says:

    I think iggy just lost a few more votes in Alberta last night by saying our oil industry is not ours but Canadas. All that will do is cost him via the vote subsidy.
    Anyone else having trouble getting the Nat Post this a.m.

  6. Bec says:

    Mary T said @ 8:30 AM
    “I think iggy just lost a few more votes in Alberta last night by saying our oil industry is not ours but Canadas.”

    Well, with the spawn of PET, MIA’s backdrop in what seems to be every picture and scrum, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some channelling going on.
    The Liberals have nothing creative or innovative in their bag of tricks, it’s simply recycled garbage from days gone by. Especially with this leader that left his Canadian political brain back in the 60’s and 70’s. He lives in the past as does his Wallpaper, JT.

    MIA may have just been speaking off the cuff, without common sense and insight but when it comes to combining the words, “National” and “Oil”, our ears perk up. He is so out of touch with this Country, he is capable of anything and I trust his sidekick even less.

  7. Michael Harkov says:

    Speaking of the vote subsidy, whenever the government decides that the time is optimal for an election, then it’s elimination should either be part of a budget, as a bill and thus made a matter of confidence, or part of the Tory election platform at some point in our eventual bid for a majority.

    I think at some point the government will try to re-introduce it. We’ve had two years of a minority government, and a coalition to topple the government is out of the cards without forcing an election anyway. It is the perfect election trigger. There is no way the Opposition will let it pass, and the elimination of welfare for political parties will end being supported by many Canadians. We just have to pick our spot.

  8. dmorris says:

    “Ms. Harrison said the registry, which requires gun owners to declare their rifles and shotguns, makes potential abusers aware that justice officials know they own weapons, which may serve as a deterrent.”

    Note the operative word,”MAY” act as a deterrent. Feminists don’t really care if the registry does any good or not,they just reflexively advocate anything that offends white males,whom most of them hate.

    The crossbow assailant stalked the victim and shot him,this is premeditated murder. While the Left loves to spout off about the worth of the gun registry, why is it that they won’t heed any mention of the death penalty for murder one?

    That MAY act as a deterrent.

  9. Great, give them another idea to regulate us. The left are a scary bunch of people, much more fanatical than those on the right.
    Liberals a long time ago were in favour of personal responsibility and liberty. Something broke a long time ago. Now they are tied to the ideology of collectivism and belief the government is the provider and expert in all matters.

    • Joanne says:

      I have to run out right now but I’m getting some notes of concern that we may be making light of the crossbow death, which was certainly not my intention. Not at all.

      I’ll weigh in again later.

  10. Michael Harkov says:

    Well Joanne, those people need to understand that what is not being made light of is this death, but of a system that claims that deaths similar to these can be prevented with a “registry” is ludicrous.

    • Joanne says:

      Well Joanne, those people need to understand that what is not being made light of is this death, but of a system that claims that deaths similar to these can be prevented with a “registry” is ludicrous.

      Michael Harkov – That’s exactly right.

  11. Liz J says:

    CanadianSense @ 10:18 am, right, and we’re living the true Nanny State right here in Liberal McGuinty’s Ontario.

    We are told we own the property we buy, says so on the deed, but we can’t do anything with it without permission and permission is hard to get and it’s not free either. If it’s not an environmental issue it’s something else the State throws in.

    Funny thing is we thought we fought against this sort of crap in two world wars. The Leftist creep is still crawling, who’s going to stop it?

  12. fh says:

    just the opposite of making light of this death committed by a criminal who stalked the victim
    we are attempting to highlight what we feel is the right way to prevent crime
    while highlighting that Registries do NOTHING
    if Canada wants to make it illegal to own a long
    gun maybe that would increase the smuggling of guns however I do not think it would prevent murder or suicide and I do not agree that punishing Law abiding citizens is the answer
    support for our police is part of the answer and keeping murders in jail would also help in my opinion

  13. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery’s ‘Rat Registry.

    Fire. Them. All.


    “Ford wants city staffers canned

    Alzheimer’s patient mistreated over a silver maple”

    “The city staffers who stonewalled and bullied an Alzheimer’s patient and her son over a silver maple should be fired, Mayor Rob Ford said Thursday.

    “They should be dismissed,” the mayor said, after Toronto Ombudsman Fiona Crean released a scathing report on the case.

    “I can’t tolerate behaviour like that,” he said.

    Ford made customer service his first priority and says he’s going to insist on staff returning citizens’ calls and e-mails promptly.

    Crean, who has called for the city to set service standards, says the mayor’s commitment is excellent news.

    “The fact that the new mayor’s priorities converge on what I am calling for in the past 18 months is a delight to me,” she said.

    “From my perspective, something went seriously wrong in this case but we know things are not going right in a number of other cases.”

    In her report, Crean found a city inspector and his supervisor ran roughshod over the woman, identified only as Ms W,, 75, whose obvious dementia made plain she could not understand what was happening, by chopping down her decades-old tree for no sound reason and stiffing her with the $4,800 bill.”

  14. Pete says:

    So what’s the punishment for using a crossbow? Murder is murder.

    Registration does nothing except keep PSAC in jobs.

  15. robins111 says:

    I know this sounds sick, but does anyone else see the irony of a crossbow in a library?

    Can’t you just see it, I was gonna use a gun, but jeez its a library.

  16. Calgary Junkie says:

    Fox News: We report, you decide

    The Globe & Jane Taber: We distort, omit and fabricate … you try and figure out what really happened

    Check out this CPAC video of PMSH’s press conference yesterday (reporter questions start @ 1:05 mark). Then try and reconcile what you just saw, with what Jane wrote today: Pressed on prostitution law, PM jokes about dominatrix

    Try and find anything in Jane’s article where she mentions that PMSH was responding to a question from a reporter. I’ll save you the effort. You won’t find any such mention by Jane. By this glaring ommission, she makes it sound like PMSH brought up the dominatrix joke, criticism of Iggy on human smuggling, and the rest, all on his own. . And how come Jane didn’t have room to mention the many other topics covered in the other questions ?

    Even the headline: see if you think he was “pressed” on prostitution ? One calm question at the end, with the reporter quoting the dominatrix, followed by PMSH shrugging, shaking his head, then his two jokes, lots of laughter, and the government position (@ 1:15)

    AAAAaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghh !!!!!!!!

    We gotta find a way to make this mediocre msm go the way of the dinosaur, ASAP.

  17. fh says:

    robins111 were you referring to the noise factor re gun noisy
    crossbow quiet ?
    yes that might have been a factor however choking, or knife are also quiet
    this criminal knew what he was doing
    pepper spray must have caused a commotion just my opinion

  18. Calgary Junkie says:

    This guy with the crossbow seems to like libraries. We should torture him by forcing him to listen to Iggy reading War and Peace out loud, over a one week period.

    Mr. Z’s wife survived that torture during one Christmas holiday, but can this archerer ? After a couple of days, he’ll be screaming to be put out of his misery.

  19. Bubba Brown says:

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness”
    Sounds like a Libeeral policy initiative alright. Tax em’ when they are up, tax em’ when they are down, more laws to control the masses.
    I agree Joanne very sad a man was stalked, his life taken deliberately. More laws? I don’t think so, swift, sure punishment before rehabilitation, instead of the other way round.
    That man and his family have been dealt a cruel blow, which will never go away. Thanks to the Liberal “faint hope” policy they have parole hearings to look forward to to grind it in a little more each time. Very cruel and unusual punishment to the innocent and aggrieved IMO.
    Trials take forever now, endless “charter challenges.” Thanks to Peeair, the courts are bound up the same way our Immigration system is with phony refugees thanks to bad law by activist lefty Liberal Judges.
    On the positive side the whole world is finally waking up, go green, go broke.
    England, Spain, Ontario.
    Less Socialism (Liberalism) more Conservatism the “ocean” is rising alright it’s a Big Blue Tide. It’s washing them Greenies back to that little island, you know the one Gilligan lives on.

  20. neo says:

    every year approximately 1200 canadians lose their lives in farming related accidents.

    every freakin’ year.

    and crossbows? well, statistically… you have a better chance of being strangled by your own pants… but watch the media go absolutely apeshit about crossbows all weekend.


  21. Joanne says:

    …just the opposite of making light of this death committed by a criminal who stalked the victim
    we are attempting to highlight what we feel is the right way to prevent crime
    while highlighting that Registries do NOTHING…

    I agree, Fh. Well said.

  22. neo says:

    “mary t says… I think iggy just lost a few more votes in Alberta last night by saying our oil industry is not ours”

    is that what iggy said to danny millions & newfoundland?

    no biggie, thought… on ctv the other night, iggy said that “little mosque on the prairie” was great canadian television.

    yup… just another example of professor zinfandel making friends wherever he goes.


  23. Jen says:

    As Ontario goes, so goes the nation

    Lorne Gunter, National Post · Friday, Dec. 3, 2010

    On Wednesday, Vancouver’s Fraser Institute released its annual survey of which provinces have the best environments for new investment and which the worst.

    For the most part, Fraser tries to take happenstance out of its rankings. The institute looks at how each of Canada’s 10 provinces compares on a half-dozen measurable standards: corporate and personal income tax levels, government management of public budgets, transportation infrastructure, labour-market regulation and bureaucratic red tape. So while Alberta ranks highly, it does so because it has little public debt, a relatively light regulatory burden and low taxes, not merely because it is fortunate enough to sit atop vast deposits of oil and natural gas.

    “The Western provinces … have cemented their position as the best places to invest in Canada,” according to Charles Lammam, a senior policy analyst at Fraser.

    Alberta ranks an impressive 8.1 out of 10 on Fraser’s scale. “With Canada’s lowest corporate and personal income taxes, most flexible labour market, smallest government and relatively low level of red tape, Alberta continues to offer an investment climate that is the most attractive nationwide,” according to Mr. Lammam.

    I disagree with how Fraser measures the size of government. The institute’s analysts rank Alberta’s government smallest because its provincial government spending consumes a smaller percentage of provincial GDP than that of any of its counterparts across the country. But Alberta also spends more per capita than any other government in the country, including Ottawa. It can afford a lot, so it spends a lot. That only means it has more to cut when times get tough.

    That aside, though, Fraser praises Alberta for everything except transportation infrastructure. During its last oil boom in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Alberta dramatically raised the pay of public-sector workers — including teachers and nurses — expanded its civil service, said “yes” to nearly every proposal that came

    along for a new arena or community centre and built scores of new hospitals and provincial office buildings. But it did comparatively little to expand freeways, refurbish bridges or improve rail and utility networks.

    Nevertheless, Alberta is head-and-shoulders ahead of second-place Saskatchewan (6.4), third-place B.C. (5.6) and fourth-place New Brunswick (5.3). (New Brunswick scored as high as it did because a recent overhaul of its corporate and personal tax regimes has “improved the incentives for hard work, savings, investment and entrepreneurship.”)

    Not surprisingly, Quebec (4.8 out of 10) is seventh because of “inflexible labour laws, excessive red tape and high personal income taxes.”

    Still, the most disappointing results are for Ontario. Canada’s economic heartland comes in fifth with an anemic ranking of just 5.2 largely because of high corporate taxes implemented by the Liberal government of Premier Dalton McGuinty when it came to power in 2003 — and because of the foolish way the McGuinty government is currently running up deficits to pay for its green-energy dreams.

    Although the Fraser report doesn’t say so, the fact that Premier Mc-Guinty’s green-power strategies will force power rates up by 6% to 8% a year over the next decade is also a huge economic deterrent. It causes energy-intensive businesses, such as manufacturers, to go where electricity and gas are cheaper, and it functions like an added tax of about $600 annually on the average family.

    In a recession, this is economic suicide. Yet Premier McGuinty is determined. On the same day as Fraser released its report, Mr. McGuinty restated his belief that an energy surcharge will produce thousands of new, “green” jobs.

    So why should an Albertan such as me care about Ontario’s competitiveness? Because the other provinces cannot truly prosper when Ontario is depressed. Besides, when Ontarians are gloomy, the feds saddle everyone with bad policies that cost billions.

    Also on Wednesday, Parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page released a survey that indicated the billions spent by the feds on stimulus had produced few jobs, but had made 87% of communities feel better about themselves.

    That’s a very high price for a happy pill, and it likely wouldn’t have been spent had the Tories not wanted to prove to Ontarians that they felt their fears of a recession. On the other hand, Ontarians likely wouldn’t have feared a recession if Premier McGuinty hadn’t weakened their provincial economy with high taxes, high power rates and other destructive policies.

    That’s why Ontario’s fortunes matter to the rest of Canada.

    Read more:

    • Joanne says:

      Jen @ 3:41 pm – For the future, it’s best to leave the link and a snippet of the article – For 2 reasons – space and copyright. Thanks.

  24. Liz J says:

    How long do we have to tolerate the talking heads in the media referring to PROFESSOR Flanagan as a former advisor to Stephen Harper? What has that got to do with ANYTHING the man says today? Are they desperately trying to link the PM in some way as being responsible for, or sharing the same views Flanagan today?

  25. Joe says:

    I once had a crossbow. I made it in high school as a project for shop class. Never killed anyone with it though. I used an old leaf spring out of a car and the arrows would sometimes shatter from the force when the bow was released. My old shop teacher used it to hunt moose one year.

  26. Fay says:

    CTV and CBC giving ASSange priority air time to smear Professor Flanagan over quip on Evan Solomon’s show. Disgusting and pathetic that our MSM would enable this man to destroy a respected Canadian.

    • Joanne says:

      Fay – I just came across this George Jonas column about Prof Flanagan & not quite through it yet but so far looks good.

      • Joanne says:

        Well that was a bit rambling at the end. I like this part though:

        Solomon called Flanagan’s wisecrack “pretty harsh stuff,” managing to escalate a casual quip into an actual question in the House of Commons. It was popped — surprise, surprise — by an NDP member, Paul Dewar. Presumably, he was looking for assurance that Professor Flanagan wasn’t expressing official government policy.

        Had I been asked such a question, I might have urged the member from Ottawa Centre to get a life..

  27. Michael Harkov says:

    Just watching Amir Attaran on Power Play. This a****** makes me want to vomit.

  28. maz2 says:

    AGW Progress Report: Death Watch.

    AGW Tri-juxtapose.


    “Climate: a million deaths a year by 2030 – study

    CANCUN, Mexico — By 2030, climate change will indirectly cause nearly one million deaths a year and inflict 157 billion dollars in damage, according to estimates presented at UN talks on Friday.

    The biggest misery will be heaped on more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries, but the United States will pay the highest economic bill, it said.

    “In less than 20 years, almost all countries in the world will realise high vulnerability to climate impact as the planet heats up,” the report warned.”


    “Europe cold snap continues to kill”

    “Dozens of people have frozen to death in Europe as the heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures continue.”


    “At least 60 dead in Europe as snow, floods cause havoc”
    (montreal gazette)

  29. Liz J says:

    Michael @ 5:13 pm: Me too!! That is one sickening piece of work and he’s regularly in our faces as a darling of the media.

    Apparently his biased opinion is important to get out, he sure plays to the media’s agenda, we all know what that is.

  30. Fay says:

    CTV needs to at least have a fair and balanced report on PP. Allowing Amir Attaran 10 minutes to spew his dark opinion of Canada with out a Canadian to debate him is just wrong!!!!

  31. Jen says:

    LizJ, there is not one reporter who will take on the liberals and coalition on national television-not one. Yet, those same cowards the same media would take on the Conservatives for something their very own pals (liberals) ignored to do.
    IMO, the national media would sooner blame you rather than blame the liberals for their mess.
    Taber is by no means impressing anyone but the liberal party of canada. that’s all.

  32. Fay says:

    CTV closed down our TV station last year. Not sure that CTV cares what viewers from Brandon and South west Manitoba think.

  33. fh says:

    interesting news about budget statements
    not one word about unemployment figures

    down to 7.6% from 7.9%
    good news is never reported

  34. maz2 says:

    This has not yet been posted?

    Read it all. It is not a “Tabolo” report.

    It is worthy of attention.


    “Fantino lashes out at ‘desperate’ Liberals”

    “For 30 days Julian Fantino held his tongue, campaigning as the Conservative candidate in the suburban Toronto riding of Vaughan, surviving on pizza and trying to ignore the Liberal attacks.

    He had vowed to take the high road during his campaign – and he did.

    “It was difficult, if you will, to maintain that focus because it did get quite personal, quite nasty and ugly,” he said during an interview this week.”

    “But the campaign is over. The former Toronto police chief and former Ontario Provincial Police commissioner won Monday’s by-election, beating the Liberals out of one of their safest seats in Ontario, one they had held for 22 years.

    At 68 years of age, Mr. Fantino now finds himself a rookie MP and will be sitting in the Commons across from the likes of Justin Trudeau, Michael Ignatieff and the rest of the Liberal crew who, he says, made his life miserable.

    He asserts the Liberals were “desperate” but that he would rather have “faced dangerous people with loaded guns than some of the nonsense” during the campaign.

    Welcome to the world of politics.

    Known for his frankness, the father of two and grandfather of four “beautiful little grandchildren” is excited about coming to Ottawa.

    Not only is he keen on issues of law and order – he has been in discussions with Stephen Harper about crime issues since Mr. Harper was in opposition – but also those around jobs and the plight of seniors.

    Touted as a shoo-in for a cabinet post – no one can imagine the former police chief as a backbencher – he plays that down: “He’ll [Prime Minister Stephen Harper] have a great foot soldier and a great team player,” he says.

    First, however, there are some things he needs to get off his chest.

    The peek-a-boo campaign”. (more)

    • Joanne says:

      Read it all. It is not a “Tabolo” report.

      It is worthy of attention.

      Wow!!! O.K. I may have to reconsider my opinion of Jane T. That was dynamite!

  35. Jen says:

    Fay 5:56pm
    “Allowing Amir Attaran 10 minutes to spew his dark opinion of Canada”

    If ATTARAN has ‘dark opinion’ of Canada- I say to him “PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY CANADA.

    The jackass letting Attaran mouth out what he thinks of our country hasn’t an ounce of pride in his body to stand up to Attaran.

  36. JDot says:

    maz2 says:
    December 3, 2010 at 7:22 pm


    Mr. Fantino brings the pain. Man I love this guy(Yes I understand the hate from some Conservatives).

    Re: Tommy Flanagan…

    One day he is a media darling b/c he hates on PM Harper, the next he is a media darling b/c he says something the media can link to PM Harper. It is what it is.

    Ugh, the MSM in this country is suspect.

    But who cares Pats – Jets Monday…

    Go Pats!!!!!

  37. Liz J says:

    I’ll not reconsider my opinion of Jane just yet but it appears she’s logged out of her Liberal bias and saw fit to be fair and even compassionate for the person on the other end in the dirtiest of the dirtiest from the desperate Liberals.

    Politics is politics but there has to be a point where going beyond the pale, beyond all decency is called to litigation. Mr Fantino had to be a strong man with strong conviction to tolerate that kind of disgraceful behaviour from the Liberals in the name of politics. He’s already proven to be far above the Liberals.

  38. Bec says:

    I’m not ready to move into the Jane camp either because most of that article are simply the words of the man which is what a reporter is supposed to do, tell the facts.

    The Liberals are disgraceful and if we were hearing about the garbage out here, it had to be bad.
    I’m actually pretty excited about this voice and think that things will get pretty vibrant and interesting with him there.
    The Liberals have NO ONE as dynamic to take him on either and if he can take on the wee Trudeau as I suspect he will, Trudeau may drop a few notches in public opinion when he is forced to expose his rather limited intellect and knowledge.

  39. ed says:

    Julian Fantino:

    “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

    Rocky Balboa

    The Conservatives now have their very own “Rocky Balboa.”
    Let’s call him: “Rocky.” :-)

    Never under-estimate an Italian, they have the spirit. :-) Grazie!!

  40. maz2 says:

    Zinnnggg >>>>> “Ontario is next”.

    Socialist McGuintyIggy’s Red-Green “is next”.

    These are not Cupid’s arrows >>>>>>> Red-Green McGuintyIggy’s socialism.

    >>>>> “Next week, I will discuss the options before governments of the future, and before the renewables investors of today. Let the investor beware.”

    Get out of the Red-Green fraud now. Cut your losses>>> SELL Red-Green Now.


    “Lawrence Solomon: Green collapse”

    “Across the world, unsustainable subsidies for wind and solar are being cut back. Ontario is next”

    “The Ontario government paints itself in extreme green. It has outlawed coal — the only jurisdiction on the continent to have done so. It boasts the world’s biggest solar plant. It boasts the western world’s biggest subsidies to the renewables industry. And now, it also boasts the western world’s fastest-growing renewables industry.

    But Ontario’s new-found status didn’t arise because Ontario newly increased its level of its subsidies. It arose because the world’s other extreme green jurisdictions — to avert the economic and political ruin that comes of unaffordable green power — recently swallowed their pride, slashed their subsidies and backstabbed their renewables industries. Like its extreme green counterparts elsewhere, Ontario will follow suit soon enough.

    On Friday, Spain slashed payouts for wind projects by 35% while denying support for solar thermal projects in their first year of operation. Spain’s renewables industry also faces a cap on the number of megawatt-hours eligible for subsidized rates. This latest round of Spanish cuts followed announcements in November that payouts for solar photovoltaic plants would be cut by 45%. Drastic as all these cuts seem — they will gut large parts of the renewables industry — they come as a relief to the industry, which had feared worse. In June, the Spanish government had threatened to renege on contracts it had entered into with the renewables industry, effectively bankrupting it.

    Also Friday, France announced a four-month freeze on solar projects and a cap on the amount of solar that can be built, to nip a “veritable speculative bubble” by its rapacious renewables industry. These measures and others continue a retrenchment that saw industry payouts cut twice earlier this year, and that will likely continue as opposition grows to France’s rapidly rising power tax on electricity. Complains the French renewables industry, which predicts job losses amid the slew of projects that will disappear: “It’s a sad joke to change regulations every three months.”

    Earlier this week, the German government announced it may discontinue the solar industry’s sweetheart tariffs in 2012.”

    “Also in October, New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, slashed by two-thirds the revenue that homeowners who had installed solar panels would receive, from 60¢ per kilowatt-hour to 20¢.”

    “the U.K. government”. (more)

  41. maz2 says:


    Rocky Fantino and the conservative ethos vs left-liberalism’s “sunshine and rainbows” utopia.

    Rocky has drawn blood.

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