U.S. keeping a close eye on Tamil ship

Fox News reports that the U.S. Government is monitoring the situation as the Tamil refugee ship nears Canadian shores.

There is concern that Tamil Tigers may ‘exploit Canada’s lax refugee policies to build their network’.

You can be sure that the bleeding hearts will be out in full force, but we need to maintain security here at home and make sure that our relationship with the U.S. is not compromised.

As Liz J says, please Jason Kenney, do your stuff!!

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Canada a choice target for Tamil migrants: diplomat – CTV

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Friday Update

Featured comment by Liz J:

Just thinking, if Conrad Black wants his citizenship back he needs to rent a boat and sail in.


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  1. MaryT says:

    Apparently hospitals in the area have been put on alert to care for all those sick people. Remember how that sick bomber duped the bleeding hearts.
    Don’t let them off the ship. Wouldn’t be the first time a ship was refused permission to disembark and was sent back.
    And if they do get off that ship, make it a condition that they live with media bleeding hearts and the other bleeding hearts out there. Bet that would change their minds in a hurry. Especially if they had to support them, absolutely no free health care or welfare or any other taxpayer funds.

  2. frmgrl says:

    O/T but this is really sad no matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on – Ignatieff aide killed in motorcycle crash.

    Wow, what a shock! That is so sad. My condolences to the family and Mr. Ignatieff as well. I pray that God will be with each one and comfort them in this most difficult time.
    You’re right,Joanne, times like this is time to put our political differences aside and support one another.

  3. JDot says:

    Joanne says:
    August 12, 2010 at 11:37 am

    Agreed, very sad no matter what side you are on. My heart goes out to his family and friends..

  4. wilson says:

    Very sad news for friends and family of Mr Laguë, my heart goes out to them.

  5. billg says:

    That is sad news…I was on Scott St this morning and saw the motorcycle and put two and two together. On the ship issue, how come the Left in this country want us out of Afghanastan where we help women and children on a dialy basis but want us to accept this ship and the 100’s that are sure to come after? Our biggest humanitarian effort is in Afghanastan but they want that ended, but yet will insist that we allow a ship that has bypassed at least 20 country’s to land at our shores and at 50,000$ per person let them stay in Canada. Like, make up your damn minds!!

  6. Rob C says:

    Because of his position is his death more important and deserve more coverage and outpouring of grief than the any other accident victim??

  7. Kursk says:

    I passed by the scene on my way to work this morning..it appears a car made a left turn in front of the man’s motorcycle.


    It appears as if the people will be let off the ship immediately as there are reports on the news that a local hospital is setting up an unused 7th floor as a care ward..

    Good Grief!

    If only my 90+ year old mom could get such prompt care.
    Maybe she needs to start a civil war….

    • Joanne says:

      Good Grief!

      If only my 90+ year old mom could get such prompt care.

      Yeah! Good point.


      I passed by the scene on my way to work this morning..it appears a car made a left turn in front of the man’s motorcycle.

      Oh boy. A motorcyclist wouldn’t have a chance in that situation.

  8. wilson says:

    Not more important Rob, just more public.

  9. Liz J says:

    Thing about the Tamils is we already have Tamil Tigers living here now even though the government has classified them as terrorists. How do we REALLY know if those aboard this latest boatload of queue jumpers are Tigers or Tiger supporters. Are we that freaking gullible, er, stupid? Please say we’re not.

    Too bad about Mr Lague, tough on his family. Have to say anyone driving a motorcycle in busy city traffic and busy highways is tempting fate. It’s almost insanity.

  10. Calgary Junkie says:

    CFRA Soundoff

    Should the Canadian Navy and Coast Guard intercept the ship carrying Tamil refugees and turn it around?

    Yes. Board it, provide medical assistance, food, fuel etc. and escort it out of Canadian Waters. We must put a stop to people jumping immigration lines.

    No. Let it land, take the refugees into custody and release all the war refugees not deemed to be members of the Tamil Tigers terrorist group.

    Other 1.38%

  11. wilson says:

    Australia sends their refugees to an Island,
    Canada has the Belcher Islands in Nunavut.

    Or there are always those 6 Prison Farms.

  12. Fay says:

    I bet if the truth was known, the tamils living here do not want them let into Canada. Canada the land of suckers, working hard to support terrorist from around the world. Pathetic!!!!

  13. wilson says:

    Well here’s a reputation Canada earned that I hope PMSH CAN destroy:

    ‘..Tamil migrants are making the choice to come to Canada because it is seen as “the easiest mark in the world” for prospective refugees of any background, says Ottawa’s former High Commissioner to Sri Lanka…

    “And even if you’re turned down, the chances are we won’t be able to remove you. We remove a few, but we’ve had people who have been turned down 20 years ago, but are still appealing.”

    Refugees are given state-funded lawyers, welfare and health care, which leaves the Canadian system as “the Rolls Royce of claiming refugee status,” Collacott said….


  14. jad says:

    Your tax dollars at work – hospital beds, accommodation and immigration lawyers.


    PS welcome back, Joanne !

  15. rose says:

    I can’t find a GP, I have to troll walkin clinics for my yearly checkup but illegal aliens can skip the the rationed healthcare list and get supremacist’s treatment. There are days I hate this forking country and the path it’s headed on.

  16. Powell Lucas says:

    According to the CBC, the ship has arrived in Canadian waters and this nation has lost all control over its immigration policy. Why not just open the door wide and let everybody in; drug cartel overlords, war criminals, military deserters, murders, rapists, terrorists and every other thug in the world. Just think, we can have our own third world hell hole right here at home!

    If the U.S. is smart they will slam the border shut before our oh so wonderful refugees start moving south.

  17. ed says:

    Hey, Joanne, difficult to stay away, huh. :-)

    Nick Vandergragt on CFRA this morning: callers were overwhelmingly against accepting these so-called refugees. Most said send them back. There’s a lot of anger out there judging by the heated comments coming from callers to Nick’s show. Trying to get a copy of his show – he had former government employees, in the know, on the show pointing out how bad the immigration policies are, the horrendous debt as a result of said policies over too many decades. It really makes you sick to hear what has been and is happening!! I sense a very strong outrage from Canadians on this issue.

  18. batb says:

    Re the motorcyclist’s death. A very sad day for his loved ones, friends, and colleagues. My sincere condolences.

    Re the Tamil Ship approaching Canada and the phalanx of lip-smacking lawyers awaiting them:

    To Hell with the lawyers. It’s time to cut off their cash for life — and the lazy-give-back-nothing lifestyles of too many new immigrants — while the rest of us foot all the bills.

    Send the boat packing IMMEDIATELY.

    At a time when too many tax-paying Canadians are unable to find a family doctor or are on months’ long wait lists for surgery or even to get an appointment with a specialist, how come ILLEGAL aliens, who’ve steered their boat to Canadian shores because we’re such lay-down wimps, get immediate medical attention at no cost to them?

    It’s time we began monitoring the cost of food, housing, and medical attention these illegal immigrants ring up, and put a clause in any agreement they sign that they must pay it back within a certain period of time. This would, hopefully, be an incentive for them to find work so that hard-working Canadians don’t have this financial burden added to their already too-high taxes. If they can’t pay it back, if they don’t get a job, they go back to their country of origin.

    If we’re talking equality here, that’s a fair and equitable policy: Canadians will help new immigrants until they can help themselves, the way it’s always been until recently. New immigrants should not have carte blanche when it comes to how long it takes them to stand on their own two feet. We need to set a time limit and stick to it.

    The Liberal$ knew what they were doing when they opened Canada indiscriminately to a flood of immigrants from Third World countries: They saw votes, votes, and more votes and an eternal reign of the Natural Ruling Party of Canada.

    The jig needs to be up, but how maddening that with only a minority, the CPC’s hands are tied in dealing decisively with this issue.

  19. ed says:

    O/T: but very important info for Ontario residents:

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010
    Crown Land Patent Grants – Hour 1
    Lowell Green Show – 10am — Nick Vandergragt, filling in for Lowell Green, is joined by Elizabeth Marshall, secretary of the Ontario Landowners Association, to discuss land patent grants and property owners’ rights.


    Crown Land Patent Grants – Hour 2 :


  20. Liz J says:

    What’s the reason Canada, OUR government, is so damned afraid to use their powers of reason and hopefully common sense instead of pandering to the Left and their minions, the usual groups, the Trudeau Charter, and get tough with these floaters who arrive on our shores and partake of our beyond reason generosity.

    Can’t say, it’s a tough call, but I may decide to stay away from the voting booth for the first time ever if this Conservative government doesn’t soon smarten the hell up. I’m getting very fed up and that takes a lot.

    It’s so serious, not only Kenney needs to show his face, so too should the PM and they should come out NOW!

  21. ron says:

    I urge you and any of your freinds to write or e-mail MP’s ( especialy Opposition MP’s) to voice your outrage of letting these Tamils into our country

  22. frmgrl says:

    Helena Guergis & assistant in an accident too today. Again hoping things are o.k. with her unborn child.

    Oh my, it never rains but pours. I do wish Helena and her baby well. I pray also for Helena and her baby that both will be OK.

  23. Lorraine says:

    Helena Guergis and her unborn child needs our prayers. The hits just keep coming at her.

    One day she will look back at that past two or so years and wonder how she survived so much awful karma.

  24. frmgrl says:

    It’s so serious, not only Kenney needs to show his face, so too should the PM and they should come out NOW!

    I agree LizJ. I frankly am tired of our easy refugee system where these people can get a free ride. There has to be a time we say no and mean it. We just can’t allow anyone into our country.

  25. maz2 says:

    O’Ziffy Iggy? What’s a Liberal?


    “37. peterike

    The divide between Progressives (we used to call them Leftists) and Liberals was best described by the late, great James Burnham in my favorite of all political quotes, which I have posted several times in past years:

    “The difference between a Liberal and a Communist is that the Communist knows what he’s doing.”

    That sums it up completely. Liberals — aka Fellow Travelers — are doing the work of Communists without knowing it. They follow a vague feeling of (usually White racial) guilt, or a strong need to fit in with the “cool kids,” or a need to “rebel” against the man, or any of a dozen other impulses, which all come down to the same thing: an emotional need that is fulfilled via politics. That’s why Liberal thinking can contradict itself and not worry about it: because Liberalism isn’t a “philosophy” at all, it’s simply an emotional posture. Emotional postures don’t need reason.

    Communism/Progressivism, on the other hand, IS a philosophy, and it’s the philosophy of darkness. True Progs are far more consistent, far more committed, and DO know what they are about. Their goal is power, power and more power, and they are ready and willing (though not yet able) to stick a jackboot in your face and march you off to the death camp.

    Bill Ayers is a Progressive. Obama, I think, is a Liberal, but even within Liberalism there are different depths. Obama clearly is emotionally distressed, what with his crazy hippie mother, his father abandonment issues, his own torn racial identity, off the charts narcissism, etc. etc. So he’s a Liberal so far submerged that he can’t even imagine another reality, but he still doesn’t know what he’s doing.”



    Congressman Paul Ryan, describing the Democratic Party’s distress at their falling November polling numbers, explains that they still plan to array themselves in the armor of inevitability and therefore make the case for re-election. Ryan says they’ll argue “there is no other path for America than what progressives have mapped out for the country, and that any other talk, of any other idea, is just fanciful.” Anyone who bothers to vote against the true path is merely delaying the inevitable. The NRO quotes Ryan extensively:

    “The Left sees their agenda being rebuked by the voters this fall,” Ryan tells us. As their electoral worries mount, he says, Democrats are scurrying to “nullify any notion that there is an alternative path for America. They want to delegitimize an alternative plan and win the argument by default, making the case that there is no other path for America than what progressives have mapped out for the country, and that any other talk, of any other idea, is just fanciful.”

    The catch-all term for this type of argument is the invocation of “the historical imperative”.”



  26. frmgrl says:

    Helena Guergis and her unborn child needs our prayers. The hits just keep coming at her.

    She sure has had a trying time the last little while. Let’s hope when all this passes she comes out a stronger person for it.

  27. wilson says:

    What CAN the government do, inside Canadian laws…?
    Can these refugees lawfully, can be detained for the 18 months it will take to figure out if they are terrorists?

  28. maz2 says:

    Swine flu is a Liberal fraud.

    Civilian deaths?

    Swine flu terror.

    More promised.

    The left-liberal health-commissars ready another “campaign”.

    >>> “Preparing for the future means we must strengthen the relationship of these critical frontline workers.”


    “H1N1 outbreak strained health system and led to public loss of confidence”

    “OTTAWA — Public health units were stretched and Canadians lost confidence in their governments during the H1N1 pandemic, says a report released Thursday on the challenges physicians faced during last year’s worldwide flu outbreak.

    “The H1N1 influenza pandemic strained public health resources and primary care providers alike,” said Matthew Hodge, president of the National Specialty Society of Community Medicine. “Preparing for the future means we must strengthen the relationship of these critical frontline workers.”



  29. maz2 says:

    Our Mole says, Tabolo/G-M carries the swine Liberal flu virus.

    Ask Liberal Ziffy for DDTabolo.


    “Harper’s Secret Plan?
    Posted by Jack On August – 12 – 2010

    “Stephen Harper has said repeatedly over the past few days that Canadians do not want an election, which means he must have a plan in the works.” Another daily affirmation with Jane Taber, who sets the agenda at the Globe and Mail. You gotta love the partisan dedication of the Globe’s agenda setter, where the Prime Minister assures Canadians that the Conservative party will not be pursuing an election in the fall, which to Taber means that he must be plotting some secret plan. Was John Baird made Government House Leader in order to force through a hidden agenda? Be afraid Canada, be very afraid…”


    “nomdeblog Says:

    Jane “the short form” Taber likes to think she’s running the country. Her ilk want “to make a difference” without getting elected. And they did “make a difference” during the Chretien majorities of 37% when the Conservatives were in disarray for 13 years. The media successfully created the impression that us conservatives were a bunch of gap-toothed Christians from the West who were about to create a theocracy. That media-carved notion persists today when you see comments on this blog : “Presto…and stockboy went around preaching that good old reform religion in church basements across the west. That legacy continues. “

    During that 13 year period there was in fact a tag team between the PPG and the Liberals and understandably the media misses that sense of power and telling us “that’s the way it is”.”

  30. machiavelli says:

    Minster McKay is right, Canada should act pursuant to the Tamil ship; however, the “act” must be to send a Canadian Navy Cruiser out to meet the ship with a strict mandate to turn the ship away from Canadian waters using what ever means necessary.

    To do anything else would once again be telling the world that we are the biggest refugee and terrorists patsies in the world; we would be inviting any refugee/terrorist that all the other countries in the world have turned away.

    Canada already has overused welfare, educational, health and prison systems; we don’t need this garbage and their crimes!

    This is one more example of Harper ignoring his small-c conservative base and bowing to his new far-left bosses!

  31. wilson says:

    Tamil ship tells coast guard at least 450 on board, neighbouring vessel says


  32. Liz J says:

    Speaking of Helena Guergis, does anyone else think the PM should reinstate her and let her riding association make the decision whether she runs again or not? I do. The PM doesn’t need to worry about backlash from the opposition, they’ve turned around so why can’t he?

    Election speculation is code for nothing else to talk about in the media bubble. They know damned well most of the people don’t care a rat’s butt about the census but that’s a carefully guarded secret. Taber is a sad bit of business, or should we say simply a busybody with a bugle?

  33. Richco says:

    Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada

    August 12, 2010
    Ottawa, Ontario

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement today on the death of Mario Laguë:

    “I was very saddened to learn of the sudden and tragic passing today of Mario Laguë, Director of Communications for the Leader of the Opposition.

    “Throughout a varied and distinguished career, Mr. Laguë served his country with dedication both in Canada and abroad. His numerous roles included serving as Prime Minister Paul Martin’s Director of Communications, as Quebec’s Delegate in Venezuela and in Mexico, as Canada’s Ambassador to Costa Rica, and as Assistant Secretary to Cabinet – Communications and Consultations in the Privy Council Office.

    “Mr. Laguë will be greatly missed by those who knew him personally and who worked with him throughout his career. His devotion and service to his country are his legacy.

    “On behalf of the Government of Canada, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Our thoughts and prayers are with them in their time of grief.”

  34. maz2 says:

    Left-liberalism is a mental disorder.

    LeftyZiffy says, Let us spray.

    Enjoy the left-liberals as they ssip on each other.


    “Cindy Sheehan Challenges Robert Gibbs to a “Pee-Off”

    When it seemed politics could not get any more juvenile, the Left has sunk to a new low. Cindy Sheehan has challenged White House spokesman Robert Gibbs “to a pee-off.”

    Earlier this week, Gibbs lashed out at what he called “the professional Left” – as he has everyone else – saying, “Those people ought to be drug-tested.”

    Left-wing professional wailer Sheehan saw him and raised him.

    “I will put my urine up against Gibbs’ any day, and in fact, will travel to Washington to give him a fresh and warm sample,” she offered.

    (Excerpt) Read more at exposeobama.com …”



  35. rose says:

    I don’t think we can legally escort the ship out of our waters, we do not have the proper laws in place to do so. And frankly the political left will never allow Harper to enact legislation that shall gives this nation the power to escort illegal aliens out of our waters.

  36. Rob C says:

    batb… No offense intended but Your idea of signing an agreement sound good ,as dose signing a declaration of patriotism for new immigrants. It is only a piece of paper,if the good intentions are not in the persons gut and mind the paper is completely useless, a mere scrap of paper that will allow them to carry on with their agenda.

  37. The_Iceman says:

    In a poll on the Tamil situation Evan Soloman’s left leaning audience voted 83% against allowing the boat to reach Canadian soil. I suppose the poll isn’t closed so that number can change.

    It has been a really odd day.

  38. wilson says:

    Thanks to Liberal governments/liberal appointees:

    ”..Through a handful of rulings since the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enacted a quarter century ago, the Supreme Court of Canada has made it impossible to expel quickly anyone who reaches Canadian soil or surf. Anyone coming ashore here and shouting “refugee!” has nearly the same constitutional and legal rights as a citizen.

    Australia was able to turn away the Sun Sea last month because of security concerns over the associations of many on board, but only because its Supreme Court has not similarly tied the hands of the Australian federal government.

    So while Public Safety Minister Vic Toews may claim Canada is not soft on asylum seekers, and is no “easy entry” nation, it has become one thanks to our courts. And refugee claimants and human smugglers know it….”

    Read more: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2010/08/12/lorne-gunter-intercepting-tamil-ships-is-our-only-option/#ixzz0wQs0jhEm

  39. Sammy says:

    Just rec’d my first ever call from EKOS polling! And…yes it was about politics..Questions were,if election held today who would you vote for,and second choice etc.Also,asked my age,education.Guess who got my vote??
    As for Iggy’s communication guy,yes indeed ant death is a tragedy,especially for those left behind.I am indeed happy to see the class of my fellow Conservatives here today,and the respectful way in responding.We can never sink to the level of glorifying in a tragic loss.
    On a somewhat related topic,there were some Dems in US that made comments on Twitter after Rep.was killed in plane crash (Alaska) that they ‘wished Sarah Palin had been on the plane’..can you even imagine sinking to that level of filth?
    Also,as the Mom of a Harley rider,I wince every time I hear of a motorcyclist getting hit.They have no protection,and the damage is usually so devastating.

  40. Sammy says:

    Update: according to ctv’s Richard Madden just now,Helena was on her way to a ceremony at Military Base,had been asked to appear…AND.. it looks like a bit of ‘healing’ in the rift with party! Amen.

  41. batb says:

    Rob C, no offense taken.

    I was thinking the same thing myself. But, I’m old enough to remember when’s one’s signature was legally binding. I was thinking of a legally binding document that one’s signature would guarantee that if the conditions weren’t met, then home the immigrant would go. That means, of course, that their whereabouts would have to be monitored, something that seems not to be happening anymore.

    Our immigration system is in free fall and I’m frustrated as hell. Those of us who are hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding Canadian citizens who’ve paid our own way and our children’s, through dedication, sacrifice, and diligence, are getting completely screwed over by the loopholes and loopy thinking of the Liberal$ who set all of this up for votes.

    And, then, to add insult to injury, not only are we providing gratis these line jumpers with medical, housing, food, clothing, and education, too many of them eventually demand that we bend over backwards to accommodate THEIR way of life in OUR country.

    That’s what “multiculturalism” actually means: inside out and upside down. Which reminds me: A great book is Melanie Phillips’ “The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle Over God, Truth and Power.”


  42. maz2 says:

    Att: Environment Minister Prentice.

    Whither Al Gore (WAG) ? (Formerly AGW Report)

    ICE melts.

    “ICE cuts staff at Chicago Climate Exchange-sources”

    ” * ICE to cut around half of 50-person CCX workforce

    * 1st round of layoffs began July 23, more to come in autumn

    * Sources cite U.S. climate inaction as main reason for cuts

    * ICE collecting feedback on what to do with climate bourse”

    “ICE just came in one day and started hacking away … We were told the company was restructuring,” said one source, who declined to be named.”

    “… prices for the carbon credits traded on the bourse since its 2003 launch, which were based on voluntary but legally binding emissions reduction commitments by its members, have crashed to around 10 cents a tonne from all-time highs of over $7 in 2008, and trading volumes have largely dried up.”




  43. Sammy says:

    Also Jo,seems Minister McKay was attending this ceremony..so,looks like some healing beginning??

    • Joanne says:

      so,looks like some healing beginning??

      Well I think the Ethics Commissioner still has to render a verdict, but I could be mistaken.

  44. Lorraine says:

    I heard that Helena was invited by Peter MacKay’s $200 million military announcement at Camp Borden because it is in hers and Tony Clement’s ridings.

    For some reason there has been no media coverage of the major military fudning announcement.

    Hmmm. Selective reporting. It must have been a really good news story. Remember, if there is no media coverage then the “Conservatives are not working.”

    It is only “news” if they choose to report it.

  45. MaryT says:

    If these tamils are allowed to land and stay, then all legal lawabiding, working tamils will have another 450 threatening them with family harm if they don’t give money to the cause.
    How many of those lawyers rushing to the scene would stay home if there was a maximum they could bill/year for refugee aid, 2000.00 sound about right. Then if they cause appeals forever, they would have to do it on their own dime. I don’t mean 2000.00 per refugee, I mean for all their work on these fake refugees per year.

  46. Sammy says:

    And speaking of ‘class’..I see the cbc has closed all comments on the Lib fellows death,but comments at the Helena story are open,and I must say,some of them are despicable.One commenter mentioned the fact that Helena will be taking bit of time off to recover..he/she thot she should have been ‘hurt worse’ to take time off. I did report that this was highly offensive,but lots more comments like it.Nice work Lib/Dip/PMSH haters!

  47. Liz J says:

    Maybe if we get enough Tamil Tigers in the country we will see a big dust-up among the warring factions of Tamils right here on our soil and see if our laws will apply in that scenario. It makes no bloody sense to allow warring factions from foreign lands entry into our country.

  48. MaryT says:

    OT, but Dave Rutherfords show today has made it to NNW and the comments are per usual. Bet tomorrow’s show will be a hoot. Think of the important questions the media has asked over the years, what vegetable do you want to be, why were you late for the photo op, do you love Canada.
    No wonder the PM avoids them.
    This dust up will just bring to mind all the horrible things the media has said or written about our PM, and how they ignored all the wrongs the liberals did in their 13 yrs.
    Adscam anyone.

  49. Rob C says:

    batb… I know where you are coming from , I am 60. I remember about 35 years ago my father sold our 3 1/2 section farm on a hand shake, the bank that made him get the paper work done.

  50. Bec says:

    Hi everyone and WELCOME BACK, Joanne. I sure didn’t expect this speedy return. 😉

    AS well, I share my fellow BLY’s dignified condolences and prayers at such a horrific time. I have lost a loved one in a similar accident and for that reason, I despise MOTORCYCLES.

    I am so very angry that the Tamil’s have been rescued and admitted on our soil. The resources that this action drains and subsequently disallows a valid Canadian the same services, frosts my pidork!

    I am also sending my biggest prayers and thoughts to Helena, despite my disappointment in her threats and reactions. I would like her to be forgiven and have it all forgotten but especially, I want her to have the health, both mental and physical to carry this wee bambino to full term!

    Quite the week now that the PM has finished his MUCH DESERVED vacation. HE is rocking and rolling!

    • Joanne says:

      Hi everyone and WELCOME BACK, Joanne. I sure didn’t expect this speedy return.

      Thanks Bec & others. This was just a mini vacation. Longer one coming up soon. Good to feel missed though. :)

  51. Fay says:

    Agree mary T, when Jane Taber defends David Akin, we all know that Sun TV will be another left wing TV station. David Rutherford is right on and David Akin loses all credibility stating that the national press Gallery like and respect Stephen Harper.

    • Joanne says:

      Agree mary T, when Jane Taber defends David Akin, we all know that Sun TV will be another left wing TV station.

      Well maybe David Akin is the left-wing balance in Sunmedia. Where is the right-wing balance in the others?

  52. wilson says:

    PM coaches alongside Don Cherry during charity hockey game in Barrie, Ont.
    By: The Canadian Press

    12/08/2010 7
    BARRIE, Ont. – What’s more difficult: keeping your cabinet in line or coaching a celebrity hockey team?

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper found out Thursday night after dropping the puck to start off Hockey Night in Barrie, a fundraiser to raise money for a local cancer care centre.

    Clipboard in hand, Harper joined Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry behind the bench.

    Harper got a round of healthy applause from the arena crowd, but was soon eclipsed by the deafening roar when Cherry’s name was called.

    The game featured over 20 former and current NHL players, including Wendel Clark, Darcy Tucker and Shayne Corson.

    It also included Conservatives Peter MacKay and Dean Del Mastro.

    The fundraiser for the Royal Victoria Hospital is expected to raise $200,000.

  53. maz2 says:

    O’left-liberal Democrat cuts’n’runs.

    AP/MSM uses “Democrat” in headline. Amazing.


    “Democrat quits NH House over anti-Palin remark

    A New Hampshire Democrat has quit the state legislature after cracking a joke on Facebook about Sarah Palin’s death. Rep. Timothy Horrigan of Durham posted a comment Wednesday that a “dead Palin wd be even more dangerous than a live one” and she “is all about her myth & if she was dead she cdn’t commit any more gaffes.” Horrigan apologized Thursday and resigned. He is also discontinuing his re-election campaign.

    (Excerpt) Read more at dailycaller.com …”



  54. wilson says:

    Brian Lilley is fantastic.

  55. Bubba Brown says:

    Welcome back Joanne, lots of comments re the “Refugees” We are being played big time. I can remember my father on account of owning his own home having to guarantee my moms family from the British Isles. He had to sign an undertaking that he would pay if they became a burden on Canada. He did, they came here, got jobs raised their families, war came, they served.
    On account of a decision of a lefty Judge. I believe it was Crown vs Singh we have become the go to cash cow for terrorists from all over the world.
    PM Harper for crying out loud, my father in his declining years never had a room at any hospital. The best he ever did was a gurney in a hallway. I am talking WW2 veteran! These posers get the Limo treatment WHY! They will never be Canadians. Follow the Israeli initiative turn them back! If we don’t we are supporting terrorism.

  56. maz2 says:

    “Luke 2
    The Birth of Jesus

    1 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2(This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) 3And everyone went to his own town to register.”



    “Tale of the Totem: $23G Census Project to Thaw Alaska Hearts and Minds Questioned

    They tried mailings, launched a multimillion-dollar national ad campaign, hired tens of thousands of people — they even tried a totem pole.

    The $20,000 totem pole art project was commissioned by the Census Bureau with a local Alaskan artist and meant to incorporate both native Alaskan symbols with the spirit of the census and help engage the disparate and hard-to-count communities of America’s largest state.

    The totem didn’t work.”



  57. maz2 says:

    The O’Collapse.

    “Now we will see the real Obama.”

    O’pOssum: belly up.

    Gore: gored himself.


    Al Gore just shrieked that his green war is over. He says he lost and is withdrawing from the front. His retreat from his epic Stalingrad-like stand-off had nothing to do with the green equivalent of the ice and cold, the Red Army, or his shaky Eastern European allies, but was simply a crisis of will among the faithful: no one was brave enough to follow Commander Gore into battle anymore.

    So Gore did not bring up the recent green-gate email revelations, the weirdly cold weather the last two years in a variety of places (my grape crop is 2-3 weeks late here in once scorching California), the lack of green leadership shown by his splurging on multiple estates all the way to Montecito, or his own public devolution from Nobel Laureate to “sex poodle.” (Green gurus can’t fly on private jets; sorry, they just can’t — at least if they want still to remain green gurus.)”


    “The Weeping, Wailing, and Gnashing of Teeth

    Posse on the Horizon

    The usual rush to the exits from a sinking administration is now ongoing. The only difference this cycle is that – whereas in the case of the Bush departed who, we were lectured, were rightfully bitter that their genius was not appreciated (e.g., Paul O’Neil, Richard Clarke, Scott McClellan, etc) by the Bush Neanderthals, and were men of conscience who were “blowing the whistle” — we are now told by the New York Times that the Obama parachutists are burned out and “exhausted,” from “blackberrying” all day long!

    You see, we should not imagine that these technocratic careerists want to leave the bank before the posse arrives in November, or are moving on to lucrative seven-figure jobs after the requisite administration bumper-sticker billet, but rather after being on the cross suffering for our sins for 18 months, well, can suffer no more for the unworthy. We hoi polloi didn’t turn around the economy, and we couldn’t win the war, and we made them keep Guantanamo open, and we wore them out over health care, and we forced more of those once damn Predators and formerly unconstitutional renditions down their throats.


    Al Gore just shrieked that his green war is over. He says he lost and is withdrawing from the front. His retreat from his epic Stalingrad-like stand-off had nothing to do with the green equivalent of the ice and cold, the Red Army, or his shaky Eastern European allies, but was simply a crisis of will among the faithful: no one was brave enough to follow Commander Gore into battle anymore.

    So Gore did not bring up the recent green-gate email revelations, the weirdly cold weather the last two years in a variety of places (my grape crop is 2-3 weeks late here in once scorching California), the lack of green leadership shown by his splurging on multiple estates all the way to Montecito, or his own public devolution from Nobel Laureate to “sex poodle.” (Green gurus can’t fly on private jets; sorry, they just can’t — at least if they want still to remain green gurus.)

    The Thrill Is Gone

    Obama himself is not the Obama of 2008 when all America’s problems were declared coterminous with twangy George Bush, and executive governance was defined at sitting at a Senate hearing table in front of blaring cameras and pontificating before squirming witnesses. (Obama, Biden, and Hillary sitting in judgment of Petraeus [who in just three years would now offer them a life-raft for the moment] was one of the more bizarre moments of the last twenty years.)

    The tingling legs are gone. The Newsweek editor who declared Obama a god is gone. Heck, there is not even a Newsweek anymore, wrecked on the shoals after sailing blindly to the siren song of hope and change. Even the left is saying if you sing “Close Guantanamo” for years, then, close Guantanamo.

    I don’t think we will hear any more Obama assurances of on-hand first responders, ready to attend to the fainted at his hope-and-change rallies. There is no more Victory Column, faux Greek capitals, or cooling planet moments any more. The fair left town and all that is left is the clean-up and the remorse for acting so stupidly last Saturday night on the Midway.

    Now we will see the real Obama. Does he have the character to persevere with soon to be 40% something approval ratings, an angry base, a fleeing media, and an organized, energized opposition? Or is it to be two more years of golfing, Bush did it, Martha’s Vineyard, blame the limb-lopping surgeons, beer summits, killing time in preparation for a $50 million a year, Mandela-like, globe-trotting post-presidency.”


    c.c.: LiberalZiffy@liberal.caca.

  58. Liz J says:

    Maybe hiring Akin early on was a clever ploy to get the CRTC onside. Akin sure has a Leftist slant so that would signal to CRTC it’s safe to grant them license.

    Of course we want balance and news free of spin, the straight goods. If Sun TV attempts to balance off the other networks they’d have to be more to the right in their opinions and discussions/debates.

  59. maz2 says:

    Another Ziffy Liberal phony “crisis” balloon has burst.

    There was no “crisis”. There was Liberal fear-mongering, panic-mongering, and, at the end, another Liberal retreat to silence.

    MSM continues the fear-mongering:

    “that threatened the global supply of life-saving medical isotopes and Canada’s dominance in nuclear medicine.”


    “Repaired Chalk River reactor set to restart

    World’s largest supplier of isotopes could resume production next week”

    “The world’s oldest operating nuclear reactor is poised to restart after a 15-month breakdown that threatened the global supply of life-saving medical isotopes and Canada’s dominance in nuclear medicine.

    Refuelling of the National Research Universal (NRU) reactor at Chalk River, testing of its main heavy-water cooling system and all 35 auxiliary systems are complete.

    Now comes low-power testing, then returning the reactor to high-power operation.

    If all goes as planned, NRU is expected to resume isotope production as early as next week, with isotopes to roll out for processing and distribution within 10 days, says Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

    “It’s been a complex project and a challenging job,” said Robin Forbes, a spokeswoman for the Crown corporation, which operates Chalk River Laboratories, northwest of Ottawa. “The goal has always been, we want it up and running safely and as quickly as possible.””


  60. Liz J says:

    Looks like business as usual, a load of boaters has sailed into our waters and the charade called processing begins, presto, off to our hospitals and then they’re free to get lost, probably somewhere in Toronto. Bring on the next load.

    Is our government playing politics instead of using common sense?

  61. Richco says:

    PM attends Hockey Night in Barrie III

    August 12, 2010
    Barrie, Ontario

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper today attended Hockey Night in Barrie, a cancer fundraiser organized by Patrick Brown, Member of Parliament for Barrie. This annual event raises money for the Royal Victoria Hospital’s Simcoe-Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre.

    Celebrities from sports, politics and entertainment take part each year, playing on teams against one another. This year’s participants included hockey players Wendel Clark, Darcy Tucker, Shayne Corson, Mike Gartner and Steve Thomas; Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence; TSN’s James Duthie; Olympian Kurt Browning; singer Michael Burgess; rock star Duncan Coutts; and legendary hockey personality Don Cherry, who coached one of the celebrity teams.

    “Canada is the only country on earth where a group of volunteers could fill a hockey rink on a summer night with over 4,000 fans to watch a pick-up game and raise money for a good cause,” said Prime Minister Harper in remarks to the crowd. “That is what makes our country so great, combining the greatest game on earth with volunteer community spirit to support a cause that benefits us all.”

    The event also paid tribute to the Canadian Forces, with the Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay and over 200 members of the Forces from nearby CFB Borden in attendance. The Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics’ flag party and the Blackdown Cadet Training Centre Massed Band took part in the pre-game ceremonies, and Borden’s new base commander, Colonel J.P.L. Meloche, laced up his skates alongside Minister MacKay.

    The three Hockey Nights in Barrie have raised a combined total of $421,000.

  62. MaryT says:

    Apparently there were some outside the arena that were protesting PMSH for -the census-appointing Senators.
    To all those that are upset that the PM appointed 28 Senators since 2006, why are you not protesting Prov Premiers for not having Senate elections. What was the PM to do, leave all those seats open. Wake up for a change and put the blame where it belongs, the Prov Premiers.
    Every think that perhaps some ndp guy/gal could get elected and then appointed to the Senate.

  63. batb says:

    Rob C, I’m your vintage. Yup. I remember when your word and a handshake closed the deal.

    Wow, what have multiculturalism and Libtards done to THAT?

  64. Liz J says:

    So, what’s the PM to do, sit around and cater to the dictates of the Liberal/Left?

    If ever there were an example of the need for majority government in this country we have it now in spades. The Liberal Left, their networks, their media are acting out like school kids in their desperation for power, to hell with what’s best for the country.

  65. maz2 says:

    Canadian “Liberal leader” Bob Rae is a security threat to Canada.

    “Mr. Rae has accused Canada of not doing enough to assist Sri Lanka.”

    ““To describe me as ‘an LTTE supporter,’ as an army spokesman has done today, is a lie, pure and simple,” Mr. Rae said in an e-mailed statement.”

    Rae’s takkiya, lying, double-talk, dissembling is here*.


    “*Ottawa rips Sri Lanka for deporting ‘security threat’ Bob Rae”

    “Mike Blanchfield, Canwest News Service · Wednesday, Jun. 10, 2009”

    OTTAWA — The federal government has formally registered its “dismay and displeasure” with the Sri Lankan government over the deportation of Liberal foreign affairs critic, Bob Rae.

    During the dispute, Mr. Rae called a Sri Lankan government spokesman a liar for branding him a supporter of the defeated Tamil Tiger rebels.

    The diplomatic incident comes shortly after Sri Lankan protesters caused disruptions in Ottawa and Toronto that have attempted to draw attention to the violence in their homeland, but have only angered many Canadians.

    “It is absurd to suggest that Mr. Rae represents a threat to Sri Lankan national security, or is a supporter of LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam],” said Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Emma Welford.

    “We have registered to the Sri Lankan government our dismay and displeasure concerning this unacceptable treatment of a Canadian parliamentarian. Mr. Rae received consular assistance throughout this ordeal.”

    Mr. Rae travelled to Sri Lanka on a private visit with a valid visa issued by Sri Lankan authorities, Ms. Welford noted.

    “Upon arrival, Mr. Rae was detained, accused of being a national security threat by the government of Sri Lanka, and refused entry into the country.”

    Mr. Rae, who rejected the accusation against him as defamatory, was deported from Sri Lanka on Wednesday.

    “He is barred from entering the country. He is being deported. . . . We have intelligence information that he is supporting the LTTE,” chief immigration controller P.B. Abeykoon said, according to Agence France-Presse in Colombo, the country’s capital.

    “To describe me as ‘an LTTE supporter,’ as an army spokesman has done today, is a lie, pure and simple,” Mr. Rae said in an e-mailed statement.

    “The Sri Lankan government has made this decision because they have apparently reached some ill-conceived and defamatory conclusions about me. But after 30 years of public service at home and abroad, I have to say, this decision reflects on them, and not on me.”

    Mr. Rae has been involved in the Sri Lankan civil-war issue for more than a decade, as chairman of the Forum of Federations, and later as an MP. He has travelled extensively throughout the country, and has met people on both sides of the conflict.

    Mr. Rae said the Sri Lankan High Commission in Ottawa granted him a visa, and he discussed his visit to the country with High Commissioner Daya Perera, as well as the Foreign Affairs Department in Ottawa.

    Mr. Perera told Canwest News Service that a “very upset” Mr. Rae telephoned him from the Colombo airport to see what he could do at, what was then, 1:30 a.m. local time in Sri Lanka. The envoy began calling back home to senior government officials, but, at that hour, he could reach no one.

    “I said, ‘I’ll do what can,’ ” Mr. Perera recalled. “I like Mr. Rae. There was nothing I could do about it.”

    Mr. Perera said the High Commission had no information that Mr. Rae was a security threat when it issued him his visa, but he could not reconcile that with the information that his country’s immigration officials apparently had.

    Mr. Perera said he planned to convey the Canadian government’s concern over the matter to his own, and he hoped that, if Mr. Rae was willing, he could meet with him to talk about the incident.

    The envoy said he hoped the two countries could put the incident behind them. “Our relationship is far too strong to be broken by this.”

    Mr. Rae arrived in Colombo on Tuesday evening, and was delayed for 12 hours at the airport. He was in the company of Canadian consular officials.

    “Since that time, I have spent over 12 hours at the airport, trying to find a reason for this decision,” Mr. Rae said in an e-mail before he was put on a plane out of the country.

    “I have had the full support of officials here and in Ottawa. The government of Sri Lanka is sticking to its position, and I am being put on a plane to London at 1:15 p.m. Sri Lankan time. I shall be back in Canada some time Thursday.”

    The Tamil Tigers, who have been fighting since 1983 for an independent state for the country’s Tamil minority, were recently defeated by Sri Lankan military forces in a civil war that’s believed to have killed as many as 70,000 people.

    At least 200,000 were forced from their homes during the recent violence.

    Mr. Rae has accused Canada of not doing enough to assist Sri Lanka.

    In a May blog posting, Mr. Rae said he asked Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon to go to Sri Lanka.

    “Canada’s voice has been pathetically silent, missing the point that this is a catastrophe in the making,” Mr. Rae wrote on May 27. “Canada’s absence and silence are a disgrace.”

    On a May 19 blog entry, Mr. Rae vowed to go back to the affected areas. “But it is hard not to cry at what has been lost, how much life has been destroyed, and what must still be done to bring justice to the peace that is being proclaimed so loudly.”


  66. Liz J says:

    Just thinking, if Conrad Black wants his citizenship back he needs to rent a boat and sail in.
    It should work faster for him since he was born here, is well known and is not a terrorist or danger to society at large.

    The Left would consider him a convicted felon, case closed, but given that almost all of the serious charges against him were dropped and the last one could be dropped as well, he could very well prove to be a victim of over an zealous American justice system out to make an example. Much like Martha Stewart, they were determined to get him on something,he was used.

    I digress…

  67. Richco says:

    MaryT writes “Apparently there were some outside the arena that were protesting PMSH for -the census-appointing Senators.”

    Apparently the small band of protesters didn’t get the memo indicating that the Barrie event was charitable and non-partisan but it’s ok passing third grade isn’t always easy.

    Liz 9:40am post – “if Conrad Black wants his citizenship back he needs to rent a boat and sail in”
    Excellent line!

  68. MaryT says:

    batb, I remember when the bank manager come out to the field, as it was harvest, to get a signature to finalize a loan we were applying for. And, he told us, sorry, we can’t lend you that amount, 500.00 will not get you thru, you will need at least 1000.00. Shook hands and deal finalized.
    I was hoping someone would refresh our memories about Rae being deported.
    Conrad Black, person not wanted, Omar and 500 possible terrorists, come on in.
    Of course not one of those on board would admit to being a member of that terrorist group.
    Does Canada really want a reputation of harboring and training and funding terrorists.
    Until all Canadians are given immediate medical help those people get none. Sorry, we are not a doormat under a conservative govt, and it would be years before they could vote liberal/ndp.
    Canada has deported more than one contributing family for fear of increased costs to our health care system due to a disabled child, why should those with TB and other diseases be allowed to in. Does Toronto really need 500 more to protest and close highways.

    We need a majority government ASAP.

  69. MaryT says:

    A couple of stories today that we have not heard much about, if anything-Jack Layton re-appears after holiday, Duceppe comes out after a month of holiday.
    If they were all in hiding, why was it such a story that our PM took a vacation. After all, he had been working for the good of Canada.
    Why no daily stories that they were in hiding.

  70. Richco says:

    When it comes to great comic relief postings Bionic Liberal always delivers the goods. Scroll down to the second post where BL is a tad ticked at the anti-Liberal media bias…guess it all depends on perspective – who’d of thunk it?

  71. jad says:

    Check out this poll on CBC’s Inside Politics blog.


    Yesterday The Iceman posted on this blog that even on the CBC 80% were in favour of stopping the immigrants from landing. Last night around 6 pm PST, as best I can recall, that number had dropped to 73%.

    And lo and behold this morning at around 8 am, the number has crashed to a nice round 40%, in fact completely reversing the poll. Sounds to me like the politically correct little poll demons were very busy last night.

  72. Liz J says:

    Yeah jad @ 11:39 am, in the dark of night when the snakes crawl and the vermin creep…….

  73. jt says:

    “I urge you and any of your freinds to write or e-mail MP’s ( especialy Opposition MP’s) to voice your outrage of letting these Tamils into our country”

    Doesn’t work. You’ll get a PC email/letter back from some civil servant extolling the virtues of “government of Canada” policies, in effect a polite brush-off. Pursue it further, then you are most likely to get a call from the CRA for an audit, or some other agency bullying you into silence.

    This is not a Conservative government anymore, minority or not. This is a Central Canada, Toronto-centric Party now running the place. How many Reform MP’s are left? The Conservative base has been sold out to Progressive government. The Census issue was just smoke & mirrors. Nothing will change on that either.

    The “Conservative Party” has disappeared from sight, replaced by Progressive Conservative government (or Liberals in grey suits & “red” ties/sarc), run out of Toronto/southern Ontario. To real conservatives, your vote doesn’t count, you have no one speaking for you. You are just a cash cow for this “Party”. It is all progressive, all the time now.

    The 62 Percenters are running the place with the active assistance of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. It’s no wonder that the Liberals won’t bring the current government down, they don’t need to. They are already running the place. It’s all just a charade. Why replace them as they are actively taking the heat for all the dumb stuff going on rather admirally, don’t you think?

  74. batb says:

    Hey, guys, here’s a post from over at SDA this morning, from a guy called Steve:

    [begin quote]

    I work with a number of Tamils and their views on Canada were shocking. Seems that it’s common knowledge among Tamils that Canada is the only country that offers lifelong welfare. They happily told me that was why they choose Canada.

    One told me that when his wife gets here, he will get her on welfare, ‘So we can have more money.’ Another told me that all his buddies were on welfare and had no desire to work. He said he was working now because welfare didn’t pay him enough to attract a woman.

    I tried (in vain) to explain that welfare was only a short-term safety net and that ‘lifers’ were considered total scum and looked down upon. He replied,’Only for white people.’

    And they firmly believe that coming by boat and crashing the country was their right.

    [end quote]

    This has got to STOP. It’s insane. We need a CPC majority.

  75. Liz J says:

    That’s right, batb,it’s got to stop, and the real reason we need a CPC majority is to make the changes needed to do it.

    A government in minority situation operates at the will of the opposition and all they’re interested in is threatening to vote them down if they don’t do their bidding. It’s like working with one or both hands tied behind your back.

    I’ve long ago given up on the Bloc, don’t give a rat’s ass what they think, they don’t represent Canada, they should not have a say in federal matters beyond Quebec. They need to have their allowances pulled, let them fly on their own, find support from the have-not province they represent.

  76. Richco says:

    I think we have to be careful not to paint legitimate refugees to our country with the wrong and tainted brush. The truth seems to be sketchy at best.

    If the immigration process and procedures impede authorities from identifying legitimate refugees from Tamil Tiger Terrorists then we had better develop one sooner rather than later.

    I would never deny folks who were legitimately seeking refuge in our country to escape the wrath of the terrorist elements in their own country.

    I worry about the cross-postings from contributors to other blogs because no one for certain knows who’s really behind the post.

    I’m rather proud that my ancestors followed channels and decided on Canada as their home. It was the right choice for them and maybe it will be for the legitimate Tamils too. However, if it is proven that these folks have allegedly been transported here via a slave trade then there should be penalties including deportation.

  77. Kursk says:

    Call your MP!

    They listen..

    Here is a letter sent from my MP..Pierre Poilievre

    “Thank you for your note about the media reports that a Thai cargo ship, likely piloted by human smugglers, is coming to Canada.

    Media is further reporting that elements of a listed terrorist entity, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE), may be involved in organizing and carrying out this activity.

    It is clear that Canada is becoming a target for human smugglers and human trafficking.

    Human smuggling and human trafficking are despicable crimes that prey on innocent people. These crimes cannot be tolerated.

    Canada has a generous and fair immigration and refugee system. Not only is human smuggling illegal and dangerous, it also victimizes refugees who seek to come to Canada by legal means.

    Our government will seek to prosecute those responsible for human smuggling to the maximum extent of the law while protecting the integrity of our refugee determination system.”


    Pierre Poilievre, M.P. Nepean-Carleton
    Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister
    and to the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs

    • Joanne says:

      Kursk – Thanks for sharing the reply to your note.

      Here is my question – Do we continue to accept boatloads of Tamils and any other refugees who jump the queue? (Or is that not politically correct?)

  78. batb says:

    Kursk: “Call your MP! They listen…”

    What if your MP is Olivia Chow?

    Frankly, I never contact her. I don’t want her to know anything about me. I suppose that’s cowardly of me, but she’s such a scum bag — not to mention her husband — and as dumb as a bag of hammers that I like to fly under the radar where she’s concerned.

    OTOH, I wrote to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice, and the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism about this travesty of justice. I just hope that with only a minority government, they’re able to hold the line and limit the reach of the illegal Tamil Tigers terrorists who hide behind desperate women and children.

  79. Sammy says:

    The push by msm to demonize PMSH and this Gov’t as terrible,kid/women hating rednecks is in full bloom.They are all making these refugees out to be sad,pitiful,law-abiding citizens just looking for a new home.Lib Keith Martin thinks they should all come on in as well…Lisa LaPhlegm talks about the ‘gruelling’ voyage,and those nasty cops,laden down with weapons.What a load of crap.

  80. Bec says:

    You know gang, this is where the pylon hits the curb, for me anyway.

    I am a Conservative and I want THIS CONSERVATIVE Govt to step up and either send these guys back or indicate that they are sending them back! I am so angry about what has occurred and because I am represented by a “progressive”, sending an e-mail IS POINTLESS.

    There are starving and ailing Canadians that have paid taxes their whole entire lives. Providing for these people that have jumped the rails is unacceptable to me and my Country!

    We need to have a rally over this garbage, seriously!

  81. Rob C says:

    Joanne of course we will continue to accept boat loads of these freeloaders. The government no matter what party dance around actually doing something that may cost them the ethnic vote.
    It is the same answer over and over again ” this is terrible, we are looking into changes in the system, we will not allow this ,the world is watching, we will punish the people who do this, blah blah blah. We will hear the same thing when the NEXT boat lands with 4 or 5 hundred more to be released into our midst. I am disappointed with the dance the CPC government is doing.

  82. Liz J says:

    That’s the key question Joanne @ 9:47 pm. If we continue to accept boatloads of Tamils who wins?

    If they’re being smuggled are we being complicit in human trafficking by accepting them?

    How thorough can our authorities be in checking out just who these people are and what they stand for since we know we have members and supporters of the Tamil Tigers here even though they have been declared to be a terrorist organization.

    If smugglers and terrorists are part of the human cargo and they slip through, what then? Fund raising by force and coercion on our shores?

    Canada’s Charter and multiculti policies is a haven for such operations and THEY are well aware of it.

    Hear a time bomb ticking?

  83. Liz J says:

    On the census excitement, well, the opps are excited, Marc Garneau is off in space over it but George Jonas has a good column in the National Post today on the matter: “Cult of coercion”.
    How can 20% be configured to become 100%?

    As Jonas points out in his column the CBC didn’t take any chances in their questioning of Sheikh: “The Corp wanted to nail the Tories and was taking no chances”.

    Given the reaction from the Left we know the stats are used for their great project called social engineering. The reaction from Quebec was another clue, all they care about is how much funding they can muster to spread french across the land at our expense. First it was schools, now it has moved on to hospitals and recreational centers and parallel services in anything else they can muster.

    • Joanne says:

      How can 20% be configured to become 100%?

      And even if we give Sheikh the benefit of the doubt that he was referring to 100% of the 20% that get the long form, we know for sure that not everyone responded because several folks have come out saying so.

  84. Liz J says:

    Those who are opposed to the government on this whole thing, from the Sheikh’s grandstand performance with his resignation right down to the likes of spaceman Garneau trying to gain some political exposure on it, it’s right up there with spoofs and farces.

    The whole thing as it’s being/been played out by the predictable subjects is silly politics. The sad part is it was a needless issue for the Conservatives to ignite.

    Perhaps in the end it may prove a good move if it eats into the freebies for the social engineers who are yelling the loudest. For Quebec, it’s all about their French language, nothing else.

    • Joanne says:

      The sad part is it was a needless issue for the Conservatives to ignite.

      I agree. They could have put out a trial balloon a little earlier before the deadline.

  85. Richco says:

    “I guess the Government has to follow the law, but funny how some countries are able to circumvent it,”

    The government also has the power to change those laws Joanne, IF they keep hearing from Canadians. Shut down and we all lose.

    What I know to be true is that out of all of the parties we have to choose from in this country to form a government the right party is in charge currently. Any alternative would be disasterous.

    John Snobelen has a fantastic article in today’s London Free Press that will hit the Toronto Sun tomorrow. I highly recommend it.

    Also, Michael D.T. editorial in the Free Press is also worth a look.

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