Happy Mother’s Day!

And may we someday have the human decency to cherish and protect all of God’s creations – not just the animals and Mother Earth.

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Canada Enters the Culture War over Abortion – NewsRealBlog

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Monday Update

Saving women’s lives without abortionJonathan Kay, National Post.  The whole column deserves serious contemplation, but here are some of the more salient points :

“Why is the Prime Minister denying the fact that maternal health must include access to safe and legal abortions be it in Canada, or be it outside of Canada?” asked Michael Ignatieff. “The government is reversing a 25-year-old position of consensus on this issue in Canada on this question.”

Although this bickering match has been going on for a while now, I feel compelled to wade in to say two things that seem very obvious to me, but which somehow have eluded most commentators:

First, there is no abortion “consensus” in Canada. So stop talking about the issue as if it’s settled.

Second, even if a complete maternal-health package for poor countries is deemed to include access to safe abortions (a premise supported by the available public-health data, and with which I happen to agree) there is absolutely nothing that says Canada must be the country that provides it.

On the first point, those who argue that Canada has reached a “consensus” on abortion are either willfully lying or deceiving themselves. What Canada has is not a “consensus” (which my computer tells me is an “agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole”) but rather a legal vacuum left behind by 20 years of Canadian political inaction…

( . . . )

…unsafe abortion was responsible for just 3% of the total loss of human life (as much as this can be measured through such utilitarian tallies) in the maternal and perinatal area.

Put another way, Harper’s plan would concentrate Canada’s foreign-aid resources at the service of health conditions that account for 97% of the risks befalling women and their newborn children. Only 3%would be left to other donor nations, or indigenous health services–a small price to pay, some would argue, for ensuring that the millions of pro-life Canadians in this country do not feel alienated by an aid plan that, no matter how you slice it, would save thousands of lives all across the developing world.

Only in Canada could such a sensible approach become the subject of such extreme criticism. Perhaps when we grow up enough to have a proper abortion law, we’ll also be sufficiently mature to avoid this sort of unedifying political hysteria over public health.

The Liberals and NDP should be ashamed of themselves for trying to politicize this aid strategy.

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37 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. fh says:

    Beautiful Just Beautiful
    Happy Mothers Day


  2. Gabby in QC says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who visit here!

  3. Sammy says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the great Mom’s that visit here!

  4. West Coast Teddi says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all

  5. Linda Haines says:

    I’m a mother of 2. However, when I was 13, I was raped by my stepfather and became pregnant. The pregnancy was aborted. How dare you suggest that I should have been forced to have the baby?

    • Joanne says:

      Linda, I never suggested you should have been ‘forced’ to have the baby. But in cases where the woman’s health would not be affected adversely it would be good if adoption were considered as an option.

  6. Bec says:

    Backatcha, Joanne and the lovely ladies that will always put children first, Happy Mother’s Day!

    “”A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” ~Tenneva Jordan

  7. frmgrl says:

    Happy Mothers Day all! I sure wouldn’t be here without my mother. I thank God everyday for the Mother He gave me. She was the best Mom, she was always there for me when I got home from school,she put up with a lot guff from us kids, she was the best cook in the world, she was the best everything. She’s home with the Lord now and I know one day I will see her again. Even though almost thirty years and my kids are grown up, and could really still use her advise, I still miss her dearly.
    Thank you Joanne for posting this.

  8. fh says:

    Linda Haines what happened to you was a crime I hope you charged the man your stepfather and I hope he was given an appropriate sentence for this abhorrent crime
    you have every right to be so angry I hope you have moved on with your life and are happy and successful


  9. Joanne says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Sandy and all Moms who read and comment at BLY and other BT blogs.

    And what a Mother’s Day gift from Bob Fife – He just contradicted Traversty on QP!

  10. wilson says:

    ‘And what a Mother’s Day gift from Bob Fife – He just contradicted Traversty on QP!’

    Definitely a must watch, happened in the last segment.
    Bob argued with Jimbo and said the CP article was misleading.

    A heart felt Happy Mother’s Day to you Linda Haines.
    A child’s love heals the heart.

  11. Alberta Girl says:

    Linda…there are other options….you seem angry – you have every right to be angry at your stepfather – you need to direct that anger at changing the laws that will protect young girls from the type of thing you were subjected to. Directing your anger at those who would have made other choices about their pregnancy achieves nothing but to make you look bitter and angry.

    I hope you find some peace and I hope that your stepfather is in jail. If he isn’t, you need to ask yourself why not.

    • Joanne says:

      Abuse by a father or step-father is the worst kind of betrayal. It takes a lifetime of counselling to get over; if ever.

      Yet I feel sorry for the innocent lives that are snuffed out as a result of the abominable act.

  12. JDot says:

    Happy Mother’s day to all the mother’s who visit BLY, and our host Joanne…..

  13. I am curious if this is the author Nancy Venable Raine: After Silence: Rape and My Journey Back or an internet alias impostor.

    An I.P. log should clear this up. Perhaps Nancy can forward a personal email to the host of the blog to verify here identity she is living in Virginia on a farm with her husband.


    Cheers, Happy Mother’s Day!

  14. Sammy says:

    Jo,I would describe that Travesty/Fife bit as tv GOLD! Travesty was trying to ‘Fife’ up the story..and he got his a** handed to him,and got un-fifed by the fifester himself! Made my Mother’s Day for sure.
    Frmgrl,your tribute to your Mom brought back a flood of memories for me,especially the comment that you Mom is ‘Home’ with the Lord. My Mom too,has gone ‘Home’..as she was on her last journey,she made it so easy for my sibs and I.She refused to have mediacal intervention..telling us she was ‘tired’ and wanted to rest.She kept saying she wanted to go to Heaven to be with my Dad,who had gone ahead many yrs prior.She told us not to mourn,that she would be in a place that was pain free,and she would be whole again..she would see my sister that had died very young.Her transition was truly a thing of beauty..my sibs and I sat and held her hands,we had soft Gospel music playing,and told Mom she was free to ‘go to God’..the look of total peace on her face as she left this life comforts me still.As you believe,I also know we will all be together again.

    • Joanne says:

      Jo,I would describe that Travesty/Fife bit as tv GOLD! Travesty was trying to ‘Fife’ up the story..and he got his a** handed to him,and got un-fifed by the fifester himself! Made my Mother’s Day for sure.

      Yeah, Sammy! I just want to keep playing that part over and over.

      the look of total peace on her face as she left this life comforts me still

      That’s beautiful Sammy. I just spent the afternoon with my Mom who is still very lively and healthy but she is looking forward to being with the Lord when it is her time.

      And my son just called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. He’s on his own now so it means a lot to me for him to remember and call.

  15. Barb says:

    What a powerful, beautiful tribute to motherhood and love. Thank you for posting this. There is no love like a mother’s love, that’s for sure. Happy Mother’s Day!

  16. Tripper523 says:

    All abominations aside, we are grateful for the portals of life we’ve passed through and the marvellous and courageous jobs our mothers have done, in the many facets of nurturing, protecting, guidance and encouragement we’ve all needed in our developmental journeys. Indeed, mothers have been far more than mere vessels for the children of men!!
    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mothers, as you are all GREAT!! A special greeting to JOANNE, the Mother of all mothers – the Mother of The BLUE!!

  17. Bubba Brown says:

    Sammy, Frmgirl, you put a tear in this old guys eye and made me think of my old Mom, we sat with her while she was going to be with pops. She was composed and yes tired she was 94 had raised 6 of us,(5 boys) looked after her Mom and my Dad’s Dad. She was a wise and a very strong woman with a wicked sense of humor.
    I came home to the island from north of Prince George to keep them in their home which I did for 10 more years. My wife was a rock during all this I couldn’t have done it without her.
    Thing of it is Linda Haines some of us have a different view than you, please realize we may not like our present lack of any law regarding abortion, this does not mean we wish to force anyone to do anything. We did not initiate this conversation. Changing Canadas law regarding abortion is not an issue. The reason it keeps coming up is the Liberals very cynically keep bringing it up. Mr Ignatieff did, demand it, to him it is simply a “wedge issue”. I think he is a desperate man trying very hard to be relevant. While I personally am in favor of helping the worlds poorer people have access to clean water, inoculations. I think it shows incredible arrogance to assume that abortion is part of the package. Other cultures look very differently at this issue.
    I am sorry to hear of your experience, I hope you found some justice and closure.
    I was lucky enough to share brunch today with 6 great-Grandparents my kids will both be here for a barbque this afternoon with our 2 grandkids I am going out now to hug them all…. Grandpaw why are you on the computer?…. God bless you all and keep you safe.

    • Joanne says:

      Grandpaw why are you on the computer?

      Now that’s funny! My 82 year old Mom would be lost without her computer.

      • Joanne says:

        Oh boy too bad that Fife-Travers segment isn’t available online. Fife kept saying no that’s not what the [Afghan] report said; the CP erroneously reported it or something to that effect. Travers kept saying but, but, and Fife kept contradicting him.

        I’m so glad I recorded it. Good therapy for when Traversity really ticks me off.

  18. bluetech says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Joanne and BLY friends!

    There are so many great ‘mom’ stories to share and enjoy! One of my greatest pleasures has been watching my beautiful daughter become a terrific mom! Thanks for giving us this format Joanne.

    God bless you all.

  19. MaryT says:

    How about the exchange between our gal from Manitoba re the gun registry and giggles. She mentioned the Calgary Police chief, and giggles smirked, that is just one chief, and our gal come back with, well it was just one chief from TO who is for it.

  20. MaryT says:

    It seems the cbc/ctv personalities are upset at the funding cuts to the pride parade and womens groups. If, as stated today on QP, one group has received funding for 36 yrs, and hasn’t solved the problems they are concerned about, time to let someone else try. What did this group do.
    And if the pride parade wants funding, let the anchors do what they do for the stampede do, dress for the stampede. Would love to see Evan/Lloyd/Oliver etc in some of those pride outfits, with painted faces and weird hair, and no clothes.
    Might help their ratings. I wonder how many gays/lesbians really dress like that and approve of their lifestyle being mocked.

    • Joanne says:

      Would love to see Evan/Lloyd/Oliver etc in some of those pride outfits, with painted faces and weird hair, and no clothes.

      Craig Oliver in a gay pride parade with no clothes? Oh please, get that image out of my head. Aghhhhhh!!!

  21. MaryT says:

    No Joanne, not in the parade, just dressed for the occassion all week when on the air.
    Did anyone see the comment at cbc, that was approved re a horrible stmts re our PM and what his mother should have done.
    How sick are those people.

  22. maz2 says:


    The religion of the stomach.

    “*They don’t just want to rule themselves; they want to rule everybody else as well.”


    “Feeding stomachs, helping stomachs”
    Belleville Intelligencer

    “$7.7M in funding not enough: farmers”
    Times and Transcript


    “Can We Coexist With The Left?

    The American writer Lawrence Auster had a debate with his readers regarding the possibility of splitting the USA along ideological lines. According to reader Tim W, modern Left liberalism is a universal totalitarian ideology, not a “live and let live” concept. The goal of its adherents is a world government from which no one can escape. Leftists “need conservatives but conservatives don’t need leftists. To be blunt, they can’t let us go. We’d be happy to be rid of them, because to us they’re nothing but parasites and/or oppressors.

    But they can’t get rid of us because we do most of the work, pay most of the taxes, provide the stability and morality that allow their depravity to thrive with less damaging results. Furthermore, the white conservative population is the buffer protecting white liberals from the minorities.”

    A number of commentators questioned the viability of such a political division. Muslims believe not only that Islam is the best religion, but that it is the only true religion and that all people must be brought into its fold. Likewise, Leftists sincerely believe that Leftism is the only valid ideology, and that the whole world must be brought under its heel. Just like the very existence of self-governed communities outside of Islamic rule is considered an intolerable act of aggression by devout Muslims, so the existence of self-governed non-Leftist communities anywhere, at least if they happen to be white, is unacceptable to Leftist True Believers. They don’t just want to rule themselves; they want to rule everybody else as well.”


  23. maz2 says:


    “provide the stability and morality that allow their depravity to thrive with less damaging results.” (above)

    The depravity of the left-liberals-socialists.

    This is the end result of ZiffyMcGuinty’s socialism.


    “Are educators sinning for job security?

    Educators taking up Catholicism to get teaching jobs


    TORONTO — Unemployed, non-religious educators are turning to Catholicism in an attempt to secure a coveted teaching position, even it means lying in confession about whether they’ve had pre-marital sex, some have revealed.

    “I don’t particularly like going (to mass) every Sunday, but if this is what I have to do, then I’ll do it,” said a Toronto-area woman, who didn’t want to be identified.

    “I just really want to be in a career. I just want it so badly.”

    The teacher said she has also been going to confession regularly and speaking with a priest on a weekly basis in order to receive the documents she needs to apply to the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

    She is not Catholic. In fact, she doesn’t consider herself religious.

    The oversupply of qualified, unemployed teachers in Ontario has been a well-documented problem. According to the Ontario College of Teachers, there were about 12,200 new teachers in the province in 2009, but only about 5,000 positions.

    “What you can see, fairly quickly, is you have twice as many teachers as you do job opportunities and that has been going on for a number of years now,” said Frank McIntyre, a researcher for the college, who added the gap has been accelerating since 2005.”


  24. maz2 says:

    Of Liberal Ziffy’s O’Harvard buddy, the left-liberal TORedStar, and socialism/communism’s ‘Chernobyl’.

    O’s Katrina becomes O’s Chernobyl*.


    “Cascade of mishaps caused oil spill ‘Chernobyl’”



    Socialism/communism’s Chernobyl:

    “*Chernobyl: The World’s Worst Nuclear Power Accident”

    “In Spring 1986, the world’s worst nuclear power accident occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, 80 miles north of Kiev in Ukraine in the former Soviet Union.”


  25. Soccermom says:

    Re your MOnday update. Lefties, please don’t put abortion under “maternal health” when you guys don’t even consider what is aborted a baby. Mother with child = maternal. Not woman with clump of cells…..

    • Joanne says:

      Soccermom – Exactly. The initiative is Maternal and child health.

      i.e. by definition women without children are not included. Nor men.

  26. MaryT says:

    I must tell you all about the best mother’s day gift a mother can get. A friend of mine has 3 adult daughters, 2 living within an hour or so of her. The other one lives in Geneva. Yesterday, the 2 local girls took mom out to dinner, at a fancy restaurant in Lethbridge. OOps, one of them spilled something on mom and she had to go to the washroom. When she got back there were 2 daughters sitting at the table, but for some reason one didn’t seem to fit the coat she had on. While gone, the girl from Geneva was slipped in, put on her sister’s coat and sat with her back to her mom. Took a minute to discover the switch and a very happy mom enjoyed an unexpected reunion.

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