Squaring the circle of Catholic trust

It’s tough to be a Catholic these days and especially difficult at Easter when you try to accept the message of hope and salvation from a church in mired in scandal and crisis.

However, it is also important to remember that the Catholic Church is us the people – not the leadership as Janice Kennedy explains:

…We still call ourselves Catholic because the abusive priests — along with the Pope, the politically hand-picked cardinals, the ambitious bishops, the whole creaking ecclesiastical apparatus in Rome and around the world — are not the Catholic Church. We are. In all our messy, hopeful diversity, we the people are the church, even if our institutional leaders and reps usually see us as an afterthought…

Yes, we must remember that we are all human beings – even those on a pedestal in Rome.  And not all Catholic clergy are pedophiles.

This Easter morning Rev. Michael McGourty of St. John the Evangelist in Weston plans to remind us that  “There is a real danger in these times in which we are barraged by media reports about human weaknesses that we might miss the real message of Christianity. Christians have never claimed that human beings are perfect.”

For me that message is that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was resurrected. It is a triumph of love and goodness over sin, death and evil. No human being is without sin, but we can still find salvation through Christ.

The Catholic Church will get through this, but only when the hierarchy begins the painful process of acknowledgment and real justice for the victims.

In the meantime, Happy Easter!

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I want to take this opportunity to thank my son for introducing me to the amazing world of Christian Rock.

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Great guitar riffs in this one.

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  1. Steph says:

    I think that Rev. Michael McGourty’s message is a very important one, not just for the Catholic church but for all denominations of Christianity and perhaps all religions. Whether it be corrupt televangelists or suicide bombers, certain members of a particular religion can give people a bad impression of the whole religion. Some are just using the label of the religion as a front but others are trying hard and failing. It’s important to remember that people are indeed human and do make mistakes, sometimes horrible ones, and that’s exactly why we needed Someone who was perfect to do what we couldn’t do on our own and pave the way to God for us.

  2. Sammy says:

    Having been brought up in a devout Christian home (Pentecostal)..and was forced to attend Church,I somewhat rebelled in my teen and early 20 yrs.I NEVER quit believing..just didn’t like the whole church thing.
    This was something I did struggle with,but,when I attended a Healthcare Ethics class (thru the Religion Dept) at Univ.many yrs ago,this topic came up.The class was created to find the role religion played in abortion,birth-control,euthanasia,death and dying etc..and was terrific.We had United Church minister,the Catholic church was also represented..and LOTS of group discussion.We also heard from ‘real’ people.One of the most moving presentations,and it really affected me personally..was from a Mom that had lost a child.She really struggled to understand how a good and caring God could let this happen.She turned her back on ‘organized’ religion,but missed her intimate and private relationship with God.She spoke of how one day,on a walk thru the forest,she sat and rested on a fallen log,and was overcome with grief,again,in the solitude and peace of the setting.She cried out to her God,and at that moment,a beam of sunlight broke thru..streaming down on her.Mom took this as a ‘sign’ that her God had not forsaken her,and a sense of peace came over her as she prayed.Mom told us,that at that moment,she felt closer to God,than she had at any time in her beautiful Church.God IS where we find Him..we can be close to God anywhere.
    I too got very frustrated with the ‘scandals’ in religion,so I commune with God without benefit of an organized religion..I also got fed up with hypocritical parishoners,that ‘preached’ one thing,yet behaved differently once away from Church.
    We only need to remember,Christ is real,he DID arise to save us..and there is peace and comfort to be found in this.Happy Easter Jo,and all who visit here. HE IS RISEN.

  3. Well said. Every organization should at it’s core hold true to it’s values. Some will suggest the organization is moving too slow to fix these problems.

    The membership of this organization have free will to defend, criticize the action or inaction of the organization they hold membership.

  4. TangoJuliette says:

    I’m not Catholic, but have many relatives who are. Both Roman Catholic and Eastern Ukrainian Catholic [whose Priests MUST be married to be ordained, as I understand it.]

    I cannot imagine the difficulties which Roman Catholic believers must face at times such as this.

    Joanne, Stephanie, you have both given vivid examples of what, IMHO, is the mark of the true understanding believer, the living church, and what I see to be the truth in this Easter Message. Well said. Hopefully more churches will soon be populated with more Christians like you.

    In Him,


    t.e.& o.e.

    I especially love how this year, the Confessions of Western Churches[Roman Catholic and most Protestant], the Eastern Churches[Orthodox of many different nations] and the Judaic faith[ all iterations], all converge on this week-end. A rare and an infrequent conjunction.

  5. TangoJuliette says:

    And . . . in the uplifting traditional Easter greeting and response, from the Eastern Orthodox faith that has long sustained my ancestors through some of the most hellish times in human history:



  6. maz2 says:

    “The Man in the Watchtower
    By Clarice Feldman”


    “Decades before, I was engaged as a lawyer with the Department of Justice’s Office of Special Investigations hunting Nazi war criminals. I mentioned that when I interviewed survivors, I was struck by how often their stories involved the almost miraculous and certainly inexplicable intervention of a mysterious stranger at a point critical to the narrators’ survival.

    Lauren’s mother looked at me and put down her drink. She seemed taken aback by that.

    “It’s odd you should say that,” she said. “Something like that happened to my mother, too.

    “She was alone in the camp, freezing and starving, and she had contracted typhus. It’s a horrible way to die, typhus, and she had finally given up all hope. There were electrified fences around the camp, and prisoners who had given up all hope would just walk up to them and lean against them to commit suicide.

    “My mother decided that’s what she would do. She used her last strength to approach the fence. Suddenly, a man in the watchtower who guarded the camp, yelled out, ‘Halt!’ startling her into compliance. He yelled to someone in charge — maybe a capo — to bring her a blanket and warm milk, and his order was followed. Somehow she recovered and survived until liberation.”

    Who was this person? Why did one of the thousands of suffering prisoners touch him and compel him to act to save her life? Could he ever have imagined — could she ever have imagined — the outcome of that act of inexplicable charity? Of the children and grandchildren who live along with her because of it?

    But there we were on a beautiful summer day, watching the whitecaps on Lake Michigan, our hearts full of silent thanks to the man in the watchtower.”


  7. Kat says:

    Growing up a catholic and always being surrounded by catholics, I never took the time to look at or understand other religions and then I moved away from home.

    I suddenly find myself in an area full of religious diversity and I start hearing comments about “catholics”. So I ask and I’m told – “Oh catholics are the worst. They think they can just ask for forgiveness and be free to sin again.”

    Soon after I have a falling out with someone close to me and the church is used against me. I’ve never been a church goer, believing but not seeing the need to practice. This person I had an argument with said “you’re a bad mother, you’re not raising your children in the catholic way”.

    My only response could be “I don’t think the catholic church is a safe place for my children”. Yup that wasn’t helpful.

    In the aftermath I learn that this person has been saying much nastier things about me when I wasn’t available to defend myself. She was actively trying to destroy my marriage, my reputation and had gone out of her way to do damage to my employment. When all the cards were on the table she said “you have to forgive me because I asked you to, that’s how it works”.

    I’m still a believer but I am churchless now. The house of God that man built is not a part of my life. All that is happening in the catholic church is a good thing if they are prepared to be honest with themselves and look at their faults with real honesty and fearlessness otherwise…the rest of us will see through the charade.

    I have forgiven this person but it took many years and really gave me a lesson in forgiveness. I will never call myself a catholic again and have realized that listening to the pope or a priest, they are not telling me the word of God, they are telling me their interpretation. From the very first edition of the Bible to today, it’s been all about man’s interpretation. No different than you, Joanne…you read an article and provide commentary.

  8. Jeff says:

    Joanne, here’s an email I sent this morning to a Catholic friend who thinks the Pope needs to resign given his connection to this sordid priest.

    Subject: Father Thomas Brundage corrects media accounts of the Milwaukee priest scandal


    Mike, Father Thomas Brundage has direct involvement in this case. I find him convincing. Keep in mind a few things before you come down too hard on the Pope.

    1. The media hates the Catholic Church because the media is staffed by people who oppose the pro-life movement, and journalists love using their bullhorn to discredit Christians and the church as hypocrites.
    2. A question: in cases where the government has taken over what the church used to do, for example caring for orphans or disabled children, do their staff have a better record of caring for these kids? No one can answer that. But the answer is the only thing that will give this story the context it needs.
    3. Ministry to such a large number of disabled children is taxing. Someone who’s angry about his lot in life will punish the weakest and most accessible targets – the children he’s supposed to protect. Remember, Father Lawrence Murphy is the bad guy here.


  9. Sammy says:

    Just watched PMSH’s Easter wishes to the nation on cbc..lovely!

  10. Adib Soufan says:

    Yes, we must remember that we are all human beings – even those on a pedestal in Rome. And not all Catholic clergy are pedophiles.

    I hope you apply the same logic when considering Muslims.

  11. Sammy says:

    Now,this is really something..just found a story in UK with link:http://twitter.com/EasterLIVE
    Talk about using new technology to tell an old story.It is 9 members including clergy,describing the last week of Christ’s life,as if witnessing it first hand..told from the point of view of Roman soldiers,members of the court in ancient Jerusalem,and Jesus’s followers!

  12. Sammy says:

    Yeah Jo..I really liked it..and what a really neat way,to maybe get some young folks to ‘follow’ Jesus..even if only on Twitter!

  13. Adib Soufan says:

    Quite simple. All Catholic priests are not pedophiles. All Muslim clerics are not terrorists.

  14. Lorraine says:

    Today at mass I shared Eater celebrations with people of every colour and ethnic background. Of the children making their first communion three were of African descent, one Phillipino, two Anglo and one beautiful little girl of mixed Oriental heritage.

    I got to thinking about how the word “catholic” means “Universal” meaning all of us people. And, how we are all imperfect, make mistakes and blow the Ten Commandments.

    I then got to thinking as we all reaffirmed our baptism vows how God is the only judge and only He knows if we truly repent – and only He can judge us and grant forgiveness.

    Makes it pretty hard for us imperfect people to judge others for their sins and weaknesses doesn’t it?

  15. Sammy says:

    It’s official! HE IS RISEN! It must be so,I saw it on Twitter.

  16. fh says:

    The KEY word Adib Soufan is wait for it” ALL” “ALL” HUMAN BEINGS
    we don’t understand what your problem is with the statement” all human beings”


  17. Tripper523 says:

    The true Church as we should recognize it, is the Body of Christ, ie. an inorganic, invisible composition of believers from all so-called denominations, who have faith and confidence in the completed works of a risen Lord; He having lived a perfect life (which we cannot) and died a death of atonement for all. True, the iniquity of us ALL was placed up Him, and, praise to His Holy Name and Hallelujah, he is Risen, so “HAPPY EASTER” carries the cumulative weight of human history and accountability started with “MERRY CHRISTMAS”, that Divine Gift of God which keeps on giving… Churches’ beacons for spirituality are often fogged up by the indescretions of the mankind which constructed and met within them. Outside of the church of the heart which God intended for His people, there is much hypocrisy and waywardness of thought and intention, which is never good for people who are searching for life’s true meaning. They must be content to find God in their own way, and not lean on the interpretions of people who set themselves up as Christ’s representatives in the world. The transition from the carnal to the spiritual is a comprehension furnished for everyone, through Christ and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ 11 remaining disciples were convinced of His authenticity to the point of all dying martrys’ deaths. Hopefully we don’t have to do this, but we can be confident the Saviour lives, and we have every reason to rejoice TODAY, especially in the midst of those who blindly bomb themselves into oblivion in the name of some deceitful religious systems whose leaders promote hatred and intolerance. God is love, and His peace He gives to US. So, the hippies among us had it RIGHT… Woodstock stressed LOVE & PEACE in 1969, and it’s still true today, with or without substance-based enhancements. Rock on, Pilgrims, and REJOICE!!

  18. Joe says:

    As Jesus said “Where the body is, there the vultures will gather”. In other words the pedophile priests, the televangelist scam artists or the liberal theologians are to be expected. It is incumbent upon all of us to be wary of such people.

  19. Liz J says:

    Lorrie Goldstein’s column is so on the mark, very timely too given some recent events.

  20. Johann says:

    Just a clarification for TangoJuliette:

    “… Eastern Ukrainian Catholic [whose Priests MUST be married to be ordained, as I understand it.]”

    No, actually not at all. I’m good friends with my parish priest (Ukrainian Catholic, and married) and he explained it to me. Ukrainian Catholic priests may be married priests, but in order to do this they must be married before a certain point in their religious training, well before ordination. If they’re not married before then, they stay unmarried.

  21. Liz J says:

    Adib , not all human beings are evil, some are. Not all human beings commit heinous crimes, some do. When religion is involved or is used to as a means to accomplish evil it’s certainly not in the tenets of any of the Worlds great religions.

  22. TangoJuliette says:


    Thnx. I stand corrected.

    I’ve obviously been misinformed, or I’ve misunderstood what I had been told and / or I recalled details with faulty memory. I’m going with the last two choices. Again, thank you.



  23. ed says:

    Well said, Joanne. I could not agree more with your post this morning.

    To me, going to church is going to visit God. The Church is the House of God where Catholics gather. The priests are to represent God, many do it very well, some do not.

    IMO, the real communication is between you and God. The prophet, Jeremiah, spoke of having a personal relationship with God. I like that perspective.

    Somewhere, in the Bible, Jesus cautioned the religious leaders about the paramount importance of their roles.

    He said, as for those religious leaders that failed in their duties, THEIR PUNISHMENT WOULD BE ALL THE WORSE!!

    As a human being, I do not like the abuses but, at the same time, I do not feel any less a Catholic. All men are fallible. Religion is not the problem, man is. There has been abuse in all religions and all caused by man.

    My simple view: God created man, put him on earth and told him to take care of it. We have free will, some do and some don’t.

    All suffering is caused by man, not God. I believe the “power of prayer” is the only way to garner God’s help in this world.

    God cannot interfere because He gave us “free will” but that “free will” gives us the opportunity to ask for His help and He will, IMHO.

    Happy Easter!!

    • Joanne says:

      To me, going to church is going to visit God. The Church is the House of God where Catholics gather.

      Ed, I agree. And as far as I’m concerned, that relationship with Jesus is a personal thing but going to church can help facilitate it.

  24. bluetech says:

    Thanks Joanne…sweet fellowship with believers right here on your blog. Good music, great thinking and graceful words. Yes we can worship Our Lord 24/7 and on Sunday get rejuvenated in the congregation of our choosing.

    He is Risen. Amen! Happy Easter.

    Interesting discussion re: the Catholic church. Jeff…that is a good message. I grew up in the Catholic church. I will remember those points for the Catholics in my family.

    • Joanne says:

      Interesting discussion re: the Catholic church. Jeff…that is a good message.

      Yes indeed.

      I do get the impression that the media is only too happy to keep cranking out the stories on this topic, and yet it needs to be aired out. Above all steps need to be taken to put an end to this type of thing and the public needs to be made aware of it.

  25. Johann says:

    You’re welcome. I hope I didn’t come across as pompous at all because I certainly didn’t mean it! :)

    A wonderful day to discuss this and I agree, bluetech, a lot of fellowship and grace here. I wish it could always be like this here. But hey, then again, it wouldn’t be as interesting. 😉

    I went to Easter service this morning (Ukrainian Catholic) and I promised myself, a 35-year-old man, that this time I won’t cry. And then about 20 minutes in the love of Jesus and what He did for us overwhelms me and every time we sing “Khrystos voskres” it happens again.

    Such a softie for a right-wing nutjob religious conservative, I am. 😉

  26. batb says:

    Jesus Christ is risen!
    He is risen, indeed!

    Happy Easter.

    A very good article by The Anchoress re being a Catholic Christian and the child abuse scandal:


    And something to remember: About 3 percent of clergy in all churches are abusers (much too high a percentage), which means that 97% are not. Most clergy live sacrificial lives, mentoring young people, helping them and their families, often with little thanks.

    As for the Pope’s resigning: Only G*d could arrange that — and somehow, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.

  27. Sammy says:

    O/T,but outrageous..PMSH is said to be outraged over the ‘pardon’ of hockey coach pedophile Graham James.This is truly despicable news..story at G&M

  28. Bob Devine says:

    I may be way out in left field here but my thoughts on pedophiles in the Catholic Church go like this.

    There are many pedophiles around and their one task in life is to find the easiest way to be able to access their victims. The best way to accomplish this is to avail themselves to the services of all places that attract their youthful prey such as sports associations, boy scouts, girl guides, churches etc. All of these venues have their share of pedophiles and I think if there was a way to check it out the number of pedophiles in a group is directly proportional to the size of the group. Thus may I suggest the reason there seems to be according to some so many of them associated with the Catholic Church it is primarily because the Church is by far the largest group around they could infiltrate but if it could be checked some how they all have xx per 1000 people in their midsts.

  29. ck says:

    Would you forgive a pedophile priest had he molested one of your own children?

    Would you forgive any pedophile from any profession from molesting your own childen?

    I’ve noticed that many are quick to either cover up for or forgive priests for pedophilia. However, for a pedophilia outside of religion, it’s a different story altogether; double standard.

    Funny how you all speak of forgiving the priests but these very same people get outraged when the likes of Graham ??, the hockey coach who hurt kids way back when, gets a pardon quietly over 3 years ago. Would you be as willing to forgive that coach?

    Would you even listen to your children if they came to you about something like this?

    • Joanne says:

      CK – Please show me where I stated that pedophile priests should be forgiven! Quite the contrary I think these men who abused their position of trust should be ferreted out and punished according to the law of the land.

      When it comes to forgiveness, only the victims can do that.

      However as many have stated here, there are many good priests and they should not be painted with the same brush.

      So maybe that was what Adib was trying to get at about extremist vs. non-extremist Imams and as such I can see his or her point.

      • Joanne says:

        My comment at Sister Sage’s (in comment moderation limbo right now):

        I’m sorry that you didn’t understand the intent of my post, which was to say that people shouldn’t give up on Christ because of what is going on in the Catholic Church. There are problems in the church and they need to be dealt with and I think any suspected pedophiles should be given a fair trial in a criminal court.

        The clergy is made up of human beings who are inherently flawed and sinful just like the rest of us. A good priest tries to help his parishioners find the right path, but sadly there are some that take advantage of their positions of trust for their own gratification.

        Whether they are priests or hockey coaches they are the scum of the earth


  30. Liz J says:

    The Pope is able to excommunicate from the fold but further punishment must be meted out by the law of the land.
    That a person of the cloth or anywhere else would sexually violate/molest a child is not forgivable in my books. As to whether God can forgive is not in our hands, we can only deal with our own emotions here and now and forgiving such scum acts here is another bit of acceptance.

    We have to hope there is much better screening of people who go into all professions where there is access to children.

  31. batb says:

    Very fine editorial on this issue in Saturday’s National Post:


    Beautiful rendition of Lauridsen’s Magnum Mysterium:


    A continued Happy Easter! The Season lasts for 50 days!!

  32. Liz J says:

    Looking at Ardvark’s post today it appears we have some serious problems with our laws being applied and manipulated to the nth degree by those who have the power to enact them. Are they crying out for more stringent guidelines? That the PM has weighed in on it, commenting on it, we may take some assurance there will be action taken.

  33. TangoJuliette says:


    Fear not. No “pompousness” perceived.

    “Khrystos Voskres” always gets me shaking. Same with the protestant rendition “Christ the Lord is Risen today –Halellujah.” I am always deeply moved by the Ukrainian Requiem: “Vichnaya Pam’yiat.” [Eternal Memory.] “Amazing Grace” vocal, instrumental and pipes. “Finlandia.”

    Pushing seventy, I still suffer the everlasting aftershocks of my childhood of severe abuse. I really feel the pain these kids will, mpre than likely, grow into. Anyone reading through this thread and concludes that this group advocates clemency for the perpetrators, clearly has little or no understanding of the thoughts and feelings, expressed above. Sad. Could be time for a re-read.

    t.e. & o.e.

  34. batb says:

    Cross-posted at SDA earlier this morning:

    Another perspective on Charlie Rose on the controversy in the Catholic Church and reports of abuse by priests. An update with John Allen Jr. Senior correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and Vatican analyst for CNN and NPR


    ‘Very thoughtful and informative.

  35. Liz J says:

    Batb @ 9:02am, that is a great editorial from the NP Saturday.

    Most notable is the quote from the writings of father Ronald Rolheiser ending with..”God hung among thieves”. Whether we attend church regularly or are Christian believers who do not, we have to be strong, strengthen our resolve to defend our faith, perhaps more now than ever. It seems Christianity is fair game for ridicule of all sorts while among our political correct extremists other religions are not.

  36. batb says:

    Yes, Liz, Christianity has always been fair game for non-believers but the haters are really ratcheting up the rhetoric and the attacks.

    I’m pretty sure that during the most sacred holy days of the year for Jews or Muslims, the media wouldn’t be howling for their head rabbis and imams.

    My heart breaks for the abused children and their families (I’m very sorry to hear of your experience, tj), and I recoil from the thought that men of the cloth so badly abused the trust their young and vulnerable parishioners put in them. Before G*d, I am sure they are quaking; I hope so.

    I am quite clear that there is a spiritual attack (as well as the secular world’s) going on and, as you say, Liz, we need to defend our faith — which will always be imperfect because we humans are imperfect — and ask G*d’s grace and strength to affirm what’s best in the Church. What is best and noble and heroic and generous far outweighs what is the worst, though the worst is ugly and shameful.

    The interview of John Allen Jr. on Charlie Rose (link above) is very good. Allen is extremely knowledgeable and balanced. The one thing he is very clear on is that this issue cannot be swept under the carpet; it needs a thorough airing and the Church, and particularly the Pope, needs to take responsibility for it. He’s also clear that Pope Benedict XVI didn’t know what was happening and is heartbroken about the heinous betrayal by priests of young people — but that he needs to take responsibility because these abuses took place “on his watch.”

  37. fh says:

    the mortgage scandal Helena Guergis
    wonder what David Akin’s mortgage is ?
    sure would like to know Jane Taber’s and Craig Oliver’s
    maybe we should publish these through comments with the Ottawa citizen or letters after all they have a public position and we need to know as much about them as we know about our conservative politicians
    we could publish their addresses also just in case we might want to drop in
    sure hope tax payers enjoy the extra cost of protection needed for our members of the Canadian Government elected and serving Canadians in Ottawa while our public media enjoy publishing their home address and mortgage information
    this is sleaze at it’s best
    how about that adscam ?
    no one reporting on that I am interested in that adscam


  38. bettie says:

    I read your post before going to church yesterday, and wanted to reply… but with all family visiting, etc., there wasn’t time.

    This is a short form of what I was thinking to say: We, as Christians MUST read the Scriptures for ourselves. I just read a book by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (the German Pastor executed by hanging by the Nazis just before his prison was about to be liberated by the Allies… he was 39 years old). One sentence in this connection stands out. He said, “No one can call himself a true Christian if he does not know the Word of God.”

    When people get involved, rules get imposed (which Jesus hated), a hierarchy devolopes, tradition imposes intself, and the simple truth of the Word of God is obscured. So I would encourage us all to read the Bible. I’m not saying to neglect going to church, but not to depend on that totally in developing our Christian life.

    • Joanne says:

      Bettie @ 3:17 pm – Excellent observation and thanks for sharing it.

      Funny but when I was a kid Catholics were discouraged from reading the Bible. We were told that it was too complicated and so forth. You still don’t see any bibles in the pews in Catholic churches today – at least none that I’ve been in.

  39. Richco says:

    Life is much too good to be worrying about anything CTV or Akin’s got to peddle. Perhaps they should coin a new religion of their own making. Maybe THEN Canadians would give a hoot..but I doubt it.

    If Helena Guergis has been wronged the right thing for her to do is step aside and file charges. Leave this all up to the police to deal with and let them uncover the sources and coaxers of what has now become an invasion of her privacy….including the Leader of the Official Opposition who uttered the liar comment outside of the leg. Let’s watch all of the concerned female Liberal MPs line up and defend Guergis against the attack on her by their leader.

  40. Lorraine says:

    Has anybody noticed that the Ontario government ads informing about the economic stimulus programs are voiced over by none other that Dalton McGuinty-Liberal Premier.

    How’s that for non-partisan public information advertising Bob Rae and sidekick MP McGuinty two.???

  41. Richco says:

    fh – adscam is going to continue to get press. I’m guessing most of those who would keep that issue fresh and discussed are taking advantage of either the holiday, the weather or both.

    The best time to raise this again likely isn’t now.

  42. Sammy says:

    Regarding Helena’s mortgage,there is a VERY interesting comment by Joan Tintor over at David Aikins blog about Dalton McGuinty and his mortgage of few yrs back..it says..”After the ’03 Ont.election,the Ont.LibParty purchased a house in TO for Dalton to live in..all that was ever reported about it in the msm was that it was in the Summerhill area of TO,and purchaase price was in the high six-figures”..take a read of the rest..very interesting,and strangely not covered by msm.
    I hope Helena sues some of these morons for invasion of her privacy.

    • Joanne says:

      Sammy – Very interesting about Dalton. I wonder how common that is for a party to purchase a house for the leader?

  43. Sammy says:

    Even more ??interesting?? Jo,is the total lack of interest by msm..hey,what’s good for the goose,and all that!

  44. Sammy says:

    Found the link to Joan’s original post on this Jo! Gotta love a search-engine.

  45. Liz J says:

    I really do think this Guergis pile-on is proof of the desperation of the Opposition Liberals and their media shills. They’re not satisfied with just her episode at the Charlottetown airport so started digging for more personal stuff. She will certainly have some material for litigation should she decide to go that route. Ignatieff has called her a liar so he should have to either retract that or prove his accusation to be true. If it were our PM calling someone a liar the media would be all over it.

    On the McGuinty Toronto house, is he paying the Liberal Party rent or living rent free like the King he has become doing what he damned well pleases with his majority? Nothing like an arrogant Liberal leader with their inbred attitude of entitlements in a majority situation at any level.

  46. frmgrl says:

    It is true that being Christian means that you have a personal relationship with God. Only God knows what’s in a person’s heart and He will judge all of us by that.
    We should not live our Christian life by what any man says. Remember man is fallible. God is not. The Bible is the place to go to where you get the truth and it is the inspired word of God. Reading the Scriptures is very important if you are to know what God expects out of us. The Bible you could say is a manual for living.

  47. maz2 says:

    Liberal Iffy and his O’Harvard buddy: Yawnnnn …..


    O & I: bores.


    “Eloquent No More

    The mainstream media is slowly waking up to the fact that Obama is a bore. No, really. He’s long since stopped saying anything new or interesting, and he talks constantly, at great length. So when he went into a mind-numbing filibuster to a perfectly reasonable question from a woman at a Q&A session in Charlotte as to whether it was smart to throw a load of new taxes into health-care “reform,” not even the Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut could conceal her — and the audience’s — disdain for the Condescender in Chief:

    He then spent the next 17 minutes and 12 seconds lulling the crowd into a daze. His discursive answer — more than 2,500 words long — wandered from topic to topic, including commentary on the deficit, pay-as-you-go rules passed by Congress, Congressional Budget Office reports on Medicare waste, COBRA coverage, the Recovery Act and Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (he referred to this last item by its inside-the-Beltway name, “F-Map”). He talked about the notion of eliminating foreign aid (not worth it, he said). He invoked Warren Buffett, earmarks, and the payroll tax that funds Medicare (referring to it, in fluent Washington lingo, as “FICA”). . .

    Halfway through, an audience member on the riser yawned.

    But Obama wasn’t finished. He had a “final point,” before starting again with another list — of three points.”


  48. Joe says:

    Earlier in the comments someone asked if pedophile priests should be forgiven. The answer is YES. The YES answer deserves a clarification. Forgiveness does not mean what it is commonly assumed to mean. If someone pulls a gun on me and threatens my life and I forgive him it does not mean that I don’t go to the police and report him. It means that I will not allow his action to continue to have power over me in the future. I have more important things to concern myself with the fear associated with having experienced some character aiming a gun at me. That being said I am foolish in the extreme to not have the man arrested so that he no longer remains a threat to myself and others.

    The Catholic Church needs to forgive the priests who are pedophiles by not letting them to have power over the church and have them arrested and removed them from any position in the church. Only then will the church be able to move on with the Gospel of Christ as a Light unto a dark place.

    • Joanne says:

      You’re absolutely right Joe. By ceasing to enable them, they will have to deal with the reality and consequences of their actions. And that is tough love.

  49. maz2 says:

    Why is Liberal Iffy AWOL?

    Why is Liberal Iffy MIA?

    Why has Liberal Iffy prorogued himself?


    “MP won’t be sanctioned over use of Twitter

    Ottawa-Orleans Conservative MP Royal Galipeau will not be sanctioned for using Twitter to report on Bloc Quebecois and Liberal MPs missing from the House of Commons.

    House Speaker Peter Milliken handed down a ruling Thursday following a complaint by Bloc House Leader Pierre Paquette, who accused Galipeau of breaking parliamentary rules.

    Galipeau used Twitter to report the absence of Opposition MPs and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff in particular. A long-standing custom holds that it is unparliamentary to refer in speeches to missing members, as they are often away from the chamber attending committee hearings or doing other work.

    Galipeau argued that the rule should only apply to speeches made in the House and not outside, or on social networking sites, like Twitter.

    Milliken said that statements such as those made by Galipeau are “unfortunate and I would strongly advise all members to refrain from such behaviour in the future.””


  50. Sammy says:

    Re the whole Graham James/pardon mess…I’m wondering where all the Opposition and msm “outrage” is about this?? Compare and contrast how many of them were out in public screaming and howling over Rahim Jaffer’s ‘light’ sentance,yet a CONVICTED pedophile gets a pardon,and the lefty-loons are whining about the Cons Gov’t wanting to politicize a revamp of the parole/pardon system.Gee,makes sense to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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