Citizenship – Right or Privilege?

Last night’s Munk Debate was one of the best ones yet of this election campaign. There were several fascinating topics and discussions but the one that seems to be reaching a crescendo right now is that of revoking convicted terrorists’ Canadian citizenship.

C-24 allows the government to revoke Canadian citizenship from dual citizens who are convicted of terrorism. This does not apply to convicted terrorists with only Canadian citizenship because the UN apparently has rules about leaving a person stateless.

You saw Justin Trudeau’s reaction to that last night in all its well-rehearsed drama. (“A Canadian is a Canadian is a …”)

PM Harper rightly made the point that we already revoke Canadian citizenship regarding people convicted of war crimes but Justin managed to interrupt and shriek whenever any facts were presented and the moderator obviously went along with it.

Trudeau says we should keep the terrorists here and lock them up in prison for the rest of their lives. But seriously, how often does a life sentence actually mean life? As CTV’S Laurie Graham points out here, they often get parole.

So the question is, should convicted terrorists be coddled in Canada or sent back home when they have dual citizenship?


And Justin says Stephen Harper devalues the citizenship of every Canadian?

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Justin’s BFF Kathleen Wynne doesn’t fare too well here: Report ranks premiers from best, Mike Harris, to worst, Pauline MaroisGlobal News

Why a Canadian isn’t a Canadian isn’t a CanadianMichael Taube, Sun

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Your Puppet-in-Waiting

As a few readers noted in the previous post, Justin Trudeau will be absent today when his party’s platform costing is released.

It’s very difficult to see this as anything but an attempt to shield the Liberal leader from tough questions.

One advantage of a long election campaign is that even MSM is becoming candid about the relationship between the puppet and the man who pulls the strings.

And while hiding a weak leader may be effective campaign strategy, I have trouble imagining how that kind of relationship would work if Trudeau became PM. Would his brain-trust be moving into the Prime Minister’s office with him in order to monitor and control his every word and action?

Frankly I find the thought absolutely terrifying.

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ICYMI, this is a fun little game: Trudeau or Zoolander?

This is also most interesting. Doc about one of Justin’s biggest supporters finally going to be aired!  Controversial Wynne film will finally air on W5Star

This one is a total jaw-dropper: In audio recording, Trudeau says Bill C-24 makes citizenship conditional upon ‘good behaviour’ – CTV. And that is just about the kindest headline they could have given it.

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Majority or Nothing

What we learned today is that Justin Trudeau will not support a Harper Government in any manner.

This means that unless the Conservatives receive a majority mandate from the Canadian voters it is unlikely that a minority CPC mandate would survive a throne speech (assuming that the NDP feels the same way which is very likely.)

Those are the facts, so Canadians have to weigh the very real prospect of a government with either Mulcair or Trudeau at the helm, and the other one playing the enabler.

It would mean that some kind of leftwing Government would be in charge for however long their handlers managed to find common goals.

It wouldn’t necessarily have to be a formal coalition but rather some kind of agreed-upon formula that the Governor General would feel comfortable approving.

This is your choice Canada: Majority Conservative Government or take a chance on whatever else happens. It all depends how much you feel you can afford to risk.

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Tom Mulcair says not a ‘snowball’s chance in hell’ he’ll support Harper minorityCBC. The fix is in.

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Globe Debate disappoints

One of the more unfortunate aspects of the recent Globe ‘debate’ on the economy was the lack of exactly that – debate.

Tom Mulcair basically got a free ride after what should have been an intensive questioning on the thin gruel he had just released. Even Kevin Page called the NDP fiscal plan a “Swiss-cheese fiscal costing platform.

Instead the moderator lost control and the whole event descended into chaos punctuated regularly with Justin’s shrill voice interrupting any substantive debate.

Of course some people would argue that the point of this whole process is for the government-in-charge to defend their own record and vision for the future, but even that was lost in the craziness.

Perhaps it’s too much to expect actual information and policy to be properly critiqued during these exercises.

If the winner could be judged on sheer volume and number of interruptions, then Justin Trudeau was the clear choice.

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Economic Debate Night

Tonight’s the big Globe debate on the economy and there are multiple ways to watch as detailed here.

I hope to put up a some kind of post afterwards but in the meantime please use this one to comment at any point during the day or evening. I’ll likely add a few relevant links as I come across them.

The following items are reasonably objective and worth checking out:

A pre-debate economic fact checkDavid Akin, Sun

Reality Check: How do the Liberals’ campaign promises add up?James Armstrong, Globe

Trudeau’s Deficit Claim Contains ‘A Lot Of Baloney’Bruce Cheadle, Canadian Press

Auditor casts doubt on fiscal management claims of NDP candidate in Eglinton-LawrenceJoan Bryden, CP

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The Day After

This is actually a pretty funny read at the end about the ‘egg timer': ‘Old stock Canadians,’ egg timer, creepy set top debate’s odd momentsCBC (Yeah, I know…)  I do take issue with the ‘Old Stock’ Canadian thing though. Media’s really trying to hype this up. Another wafer-chase.

Excellent post by Sandy: Globe debate notwithstanding, 15 economic reasons Canada better off with HarperCrux of the Matter

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