Oh Canada. What have you done?

Like Sandy I’ll be shutting things down here soon but first a few thoughts.

1) Let’s be grateful for the service of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all he did to safeguard our country and the economy over the last decade. Nobody can take that away from him or from us.

2) Justin Trudeau and his new MPs are now going to have to undergo a massive learning curve. For the sake of Canada I hope they don’t mess up. However, what gives me hope is the remote possibility that after both a Kathleen Wynne and a Trudeau majority perhaps Ontario may also be ready for a change in 2018 and we can rid ourselves of Liberal government at least provincially.

3) As a Tory said to John Ivison, “This is sad, not tragic.”

We will soldier on.

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With Harper’s Defeat in Canada, Israel Loses a Friend, UN Loses a Critic – CNSNews.com:

Harper spoke about standing up for what is right in international forums, “regardless of whether it is convenient or popular.”

A loss to the whole world.

*   *   *   *

Personal Note:

As regular readers know, I restarted this blog for the Federal Election but have a lot going on with young grandchildren and so on.

Therefore I will allow comments for a few more days and then will remove the form and get back to other activities. Thanks for joining me in this journey. I appreciate all your support and commentary.  We’ll get ’em next time folks!!

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“Vote against Hate”

I just came across JRs post regarding Peter Foster’s column, “Vote against Hate.”

Foster pretty much nails Harper Derangement Syndrome. It’s well worth the read if you can get past the subscriber lock.

If the worst happens I will content myself with watching the rabble turn on Trudeau when he contravenes some of their precious priorities and reality inevitably forces him to make some hard choices.

Meanwhile I urge you vote for Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party – and against hate on Monday.

God Bless Canada.

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Could this be a Game-Changer?

The Dan Gagnier debacle proves you can try to put a Shiny New Face on the Liberal party but it’s still the same old entitled gang operating in the backroom.

Earlier yesterday Justin Trudeau tried to minimize the whole thing by saying Gagnier “did not break any laws or ethical standards, and went as far as to blame the Conservative campaign for stirring up a controversy where none existed.” (CBC)

But later in the day they obviously decided Gagnier had to be cut loose. This morning Trudeau said he took ‘immediate action’.

Sure, whatever.

The big question is will this hurt the Liberal Party’s numbers so close to the election?

The NDP could possibly pull some support away from the Grits with the old phrase, “Liberal, Tory; same old story”.

Certainly Mulcair tried to milk it this morning:

“They’re [voters are] being reminded again that it really is still the same old Liberal party. They can put a fresh face on it. But behind the scenes it’s still the same old gang pulling the same old tricks,” said Mr. Mulcair.

Well I hope for everyone’s sake (other than the Liberal party’s) that this has legs.

The last thing Canada needs right now is to have the Librano$ back in power and firmly entrenched with another entitled majority.

*   *   *   *


Campaign co-chair controversy may curb a late Liberal surge in QuebecCampbell Clark, Globe

Liberals knew about TransCanada work, says GagnierLaura Payton, Macleans

Liberal campaign co-chair started working for TransCanada last springDaniel LeBlanc, Globe:

The Liberals were lucky that news of Mr. Gagnier’s departure hit just as the Blue Jays were winning their first playoffs series in more than 20 years. The hope at this point is that the controversy will be contained by Mr. Trudeau’s reaction.

“When you have to eat a shit sandwich, you eat it quickly,” one tour official said.

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Turkey Talk

It’s said that a lot of voting decisions are solidified around the dinner table at family gatherings so this Thanksgiving weekend is pivotal in that regard for next Monday’s election.

I observed a generational divide in our family with the young adults generally leaning Liberal and their parents and grandparents planning to vote Conservative.

I tried to understand where those younger folks are coming from and found out that some believe Harper is ‘racist’ (citing the Niqab issue and Barbaric Cultural Practices tip line). I asked one with a young family how she felt about the CPC economic benefits for families and she replied that income splitting wouldn’t really help her family because their salaries were so close together.  She was also unenthusiastic about the child benefits because they are taxable and she was worried about how much of it she’d have to pay back when she and her husband file next year.

I didn’t attempt to change her mind on voting because I knew her position was firmly entrenched. This was a learning experience for me to understand the mindset of a Liberal voter.

Her parents and everyone else in my generation are voting Conservative mostly because of the Conservative economic policies and strong leadership.

So that was my experience. What was yours?

*   *   *   *


CPC SoundCloud – Check out the radio ads!

Gail Thorne, Calgary Woman, Votes In Ski Mask As ProtestHuffPo

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Voter Suppression by Demoralization

I’ve got to tell you, when a man shows up in a niqab and is allowed to vote without having to show his face you have to wonder just what other hi-jinks are being allowed by Elections Canada.

And weren’t they just so accommodating?

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Elections Canada resending 5,600 Toronto voter cards after polling station mixupCBC

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