How to Deal with Electoral HDS

I have a busy week ahead but want to introduce a fresh discussion topic.

At the end of comments in the previous post I asked if anyone else had noticed a preponderance of young people who dislike Harper but are challenged to give an adequate explanation why. I suspect this is the result of a number of factors including Justin’s ‘dreamy’ looks, rabid media bias, leftwing propaganda preached in public schools, and above all Harper Derangement Syndrome (HDS).

The latter can be observed in many age groups and manifests itself as an irrational, visceral hatred of Stephen Harper and all things conservative.

How do we deal with this phenomenon during an election? How can we even have a civil political conversation with the owners of these closed minds?

I hope you have some suggestions. Thank you.

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Toronto Star editorial by Healey “intolerant” to label Trump evilSandy

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Ballot Box Question: Do you want Wynne in control across Canada?

Sometimes I wonder if Kathleen Wynne isn’t actually the CPC’s secret weapon.

What is it with her over-the-top chicanery? Why is she campaigning so vigorously against Stephen Harper? Is it because he won’t do her bidding?

Negotiations between teachers unions and the Wynne government were at a standstill all summer, but suddenly now two news items emerge within days of each other:

Do the Liberals and the teachers’ unions think we are all that stupid and naive that we would buy into this negotiation charade (last Ontario election notwithstanding)?

So now Wynne is paving the way for the teacher unions to air ads and provide more worker bees and union dues for her boy to gain power.

But Wynne needs to be careful – and Justin should too. When even the Toronto Star becomes apprehensive about the meddling it might behoove the Liberal Premier to dial it down a bit.

Of course the real reason the Star spoke out now is because Wynne is starting to target Mulcair too. It used to be fine if only Stephen Harper was the object of her wrath. Perhaps Kathleen thinks she can control young Trudeau a lot easier than Tom, but the Star obviously wants to hedge its bets.

On the other hand, I’m not complaining. The more Canadians link Justin to Wynne, the more it helps the CPC.

Ontario with Wynne is a disaster – and let’s not even get into what’s happening in Alberta!

So yeah let’s ruin the whole country while we’re at it. Why not? In fact, maybe the teachers’ unions should run Parliament. They’re so smart. They’ve even got Wynne eating out of their hands. Who needs MPs and elected officials anyway? Let the Elite rule – just like in the olden days before democracy.

That is your choice Canada. Either the whole country goes down the toilet, or you can choose the party that will balance the craziness with some common sense.

Look to Ontario and pick your future.

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This is a must-read editorial from the Waterloo Region Record

Wynne should turn down the volume:

 Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has embarked on an unprecedented word of wars with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who is leading the Conservative Party as it vies for the confidence of Canada’s voters after nine years in office.

Her hubris is astonishingly ill-advised, both for her own Liberal government and for the people of Ontario…

And this from an affiliate of the Toronto Star! Astonishing.

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Best Part of Last Night’s Debate

The prep work.


Great debate by Macleans, although I thought Paul Wells allowed Justin to interrupt too often. On the other hand, Wells accidentally interrupted him in his closing remarks. That phony, dramatic pause was a few seconds too long I guess.

Sorry consortium. You are becoming irrelevant.

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As you can see I’m not finding much time to add new posts right now. Life is still incredibly busy. In fact I may need to shut down comments for short periods of time. I do hope to get back into things more intensely in September.

Sandy, Frmgrl and JR are all doing an excellent job keeping up with election news, as are many other Blogging Tories. Great work by the Blue Team! We sure can’t count on MSM to be fair in their coverage.

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The Tribal Dynamics of Elections

A few items from yesterday’s discussion got me thinking about elections and how we handle political discussions with family, friends and acquaintances.

My personal experience is that after a few back and forths it’s fairly easy to assess whether your discussion partner falls into an extreme partisan group (i.e. tribe) on either end of the spectrum, or somewhere in the middle where they are either undecided or totally disinterested.

“I hate Harper!” for example is a good clue that it may be time to switch the conversation to a safer topic like the weather. You could try to find out more information about why they feel that way but it usually won’t do any good. Their mindset has morphed into a visceral stewpot of anger where they’ll just scowl and parrot back CBC talking points.

On the other hand those in the middle who actually do care about politics and the country but are frustrated or confused are certainly worth pursuing with the intention of at least trying to understand what they’re thinking. And sometimes it’s helpful to be honest about your own misgivings. After all, no politician walks on water. They’re all human.

Even if your discussion partner is totally in that other tribe it’s still worthwhile to try to really hear what they’re saying.

As ‘Monkey’ said of his relatives, “I would say I debate rather than educate my family members as most are quite knowledgeable they just have a somewhat different vision on how they think the country should be.”

Indeed. Most people truly do want what’s best for the Canada and our fellow citizens – whatever our individual interpretation of that may be.

And who know? By showing respect for their point of view you may start making a small chink in their armour of confirmation bias.

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Federal Election

Now that the writ has been dropped I feel somewhat compelled to get back in the blogging game.

Do I sound reluctant? Well yes because my time is still limited and blogging has it’s own issues in terms of responsibility and maintenance.

However it will allow me to expand my thoughts more than Twitter would allow, and also give an expanded platform to others for comment.

So please bear with me as I attempt to fire things up again here – if only for a short while. I’m sure there will be a few kinks to work out.

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