Still in the game

O.K. So this is me trying to figure out how to write a blog again. Definitely out of practice.

Twitter has forced me to be compact with my prose so I’ll have to attempt to write something longer than 140 characters if I really plan to get back into this for the fall election.

Yes that is the plan. So please bear with me as I dip my toes back into these waters. Perhaps the next time I’ll even allow comments.

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A Sun News Love Story

Being on Sun News meant you rarely had to say you’re sorry or so it would seem.

But that was the appeal of SNN for me – a haven from the politically-correct leftwing-skewed news commentary of CBC, CTV, Global and so many other MSM networks.

That’s what I’ll miss. The audacity of raw truth.

But Sun News was more than the network – It was the combination of efforts by innovative, free-thinking people who created it, worked there behind the scenes and starred in the programs.

And so on Valentine’s Day I bid adieu to Sun, and look forward to seeing Brian Lilley, Ezra Levant, David Akin, Alex Pierson and so many other talented, courageous people in their next reincarnations where I know they’ll carry on the message of free speech and truth-seeking.

*   *   *   *

You can’t keep Brian Lilley down for long:

Update: More from Brian Lilley here:


On a personal note, I’m still swamped by various issues and not able to restart this blog on a regular basis. However I felt that the passing of Sun News was a significant enough milestone to commemorate. If anyone ends up reading this, thanks for dropping by.

So this is au revoir; not adieu. God willing.

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Time for introspection

I think there are a few lessons to be learned after last night’s disastrous election results.

1) Keep it Simple, Stupid! Or as Kelly McParland writes, “Ontario voters prefer to be misled.”  Election policy should contain broad strokes only – a kind of direction.

Perhaps that is because we are so cynical that if someone actually does attempt to tell the truth and not sugarcoat their platform, we automatically assume it’s even going to be worse than what they say, because politicians can’t be trusted don’t ya know?

2) This ties in with #1: Don’t come out early in an election campaign and hand your opponent a stick to whack you with for the duration. It doesn’t matter whether it was “100,000 job cuts” or attrition-related efficiencies. Until we address the issue of Third-Party advertising limits, organized labour will ensure that perception is reality.

3) Even Kathleen Wynne’s pixie dust can’t stop fiscal reality from forcing us all to accept the inevitable pain. It will just be more severe and out of our control than if Tim Hudak had tried to temper it a bit first.

Matt Gurney rightly points out that “While Ms. Wynne may be the premier, it’s the ratings agencies that will set the agenda. She’s just a caretaker. The number geeks own Ontario now.”

4) There is a bit of good news in the Liberal’s majority situation. First of all there will be no election for four years so PCs have ample time to do some serious soul-searching and try to determine where they want to go and what kind of leadership they need to get them there.

Also Wynne no longer has to placate Horwath, so any tough medicine can be meted out as needed without having to dilute it for budget support.

And someday the union bosses will be railing against the Liberals. It’s inevitable.


*   *   *   *


On a personal note, I plan to take a break from blogging again. As regular readers know there is a lot on my plate in my personal life right now.

This thread will stay open for a few days if anyone wants to weigh in on any political issue.

Thanks everyone for your engagement and support during this very stressful and acrimonious election campaign.

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Twitter apology from Del Duca just doesn’t cut it

In one of the most vile, low and disgusting attacks yet Liberal incumbent candidate Steven Del Duca’s team has photo-shopped Time Hudak’s face onto a Joker scene from Dark Knight.

BC Blue has the story.

Del Duca has now issued an apology via Twitter but is that enough? He says it was a “mistake.” But who approved the flyers in the first place? And what are the Liberals planning to do about retrieving them and explaining to those voters who received them?

What will Kathleen Wynne do? This has gone beyond the pale.


National Post is covering the story now.

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The Banana Republic of Ontario

With only a few days to go until the Ontario election, we not only have the OPP union excoriating Tim Hudak, but now the Media Party’s Union as well!

Time for a few quick letters to the editor, folks! And we need every man and woman on board to GET OUT THE VOTE!!

It could very well be our last chance to reestablish democracy in this province if unelected unions get a firm grip on the puppets at Queen’s Park.


*   *   *   *


Well I just had an interesting Twitter discussion with Lorrie Goldstein about this and he made some excellent points differentiating OPPA vs Unifor – One being that Unifor represents private companies; not public servants.

Also he says the union cannot control media content.  So that’s another way to look at this.

Lorrie says the Sun union local rep will be on Byline tonight.

Bad optics though in any case.

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